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  1. Looks completely fine to me
  2. You could make an array of the all the vehicles, then use forEach. Note that the below example will hint the editorname of the vehicle. _who = _this select 0; _vehicle1 = _this select 1; _vehicle2 = _this select 2; _vehicle3 = _this select 3; _vehicles = [_vehicle1,_vehicle2,_vehicle3]; { if (canMove _x) exitWith { _who doMove getPos _x; _who assignAsDriver _x; [_who] orderGetIn true; hint format["%1 is good",_x]; }; } forEach _vehicles;
  3. Untested, maybe works maybe not :) Add to init.sqf: if (isServer) then { myNewTime = random 24; publicVariable "myNewTime"; }; waitUntil{not isNil "myNewTime"}; skipTime myNewTime;
  4. fincuan

    Dragon Rising has been released

    He posted the pic on the DR forums saying it's his
  5. fincuan

    Dragon Rising has been released

    Recognise the game in viiiper's desktop background? http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g244/viiiper/IMG_7409.jpg Source :)
  6. [_vehicle] execVM "ahfold.sqf"; or _vehicle = _this;
  7. fincuan

    P:UKF Weapons Pack.

    It'll inherit it automatically, hopefully not affecting the GL-part(I had a funny scripting error in the modd first revision which sent 203s flying at the same velocity as rifle bullets: ZUP and off goes 203 to a few hundred meters away. That's fixed now though) The config I posted should account for all UKF-wepons that need "fixing" to their proper muzzlevelocities(whichever those are lol). The L96 uses its own mag so it doesn't need to be touched at all, and I assume the GMPG is similar to M240s in terms of muzzlevelocity. If anyone comes up with good values for the weps feel free to post them here, preferably with sources. I just took mine from Wiki and confirmed them with a few other sites, so they are by no means very comprehensive.
  8. fincuan

    P:UKF Weapons Pack.

    Not big at all within reasonable engagment distances when we go from say 930 to 940 or 970. It's when you go to the extra-short carbines that the difference starts to really show, ie. Ak74U(~730 m/s) insted of AK-74(~900 m/s).
  9. fincuan

    P:UKF Weapons Pack.

    FYI if anyone is using my muzzlevelocity-mod and wants realistic muzzlevelocities for these weapons: Copy-paste this to your Arma2\userconfig\fnc_muzzlevelocity\fnc_muzzlevelocity_weapons.hpp //Add non-stock weapons here. These entries will be included in config.cpp // //Caliber Baseweapon Muzzlevelocity(m/s) //US Weapons //5.56x45 M16A2 930 //7.62x51 M240 900 //Russian Weapons //5.45x39 AK74 900 //7.62x39 AKM 710 //7.62x54 PKM 850 // //Formula: //(muzzlevelocity of my weapon)/(muzzle velocity of "baseweapon" for the calibre) = muzzleVelocityFactor // //Example: //You know your weapon's muzzlevelocity is 880 m/s and it uses 5.56x45 Stanags. //Looking for the table above we see that the baseweapon for this calibre is the M16 with a muzzlevelocity of 930 m/s. //Thus: 880/930 =~ 0.946 // //In the config it should looks like this: /* class MyWeapon: M16A2 { muzzleVelocityFactor = 0.946; }; */ class ukf_L85A2_susat: M4A1 { muzzleVelocityFactor = 0.968; //900 m/s }; class ukf_L85A2k_susat : ukf_L85A2_susat { muzzleVelocityFactor = 0.941;//875 m/s, an estimate as I found no proper sources for this }; class ukf_L86A2LSW_susat: ukf_L85A2_susat { muzzleVelocityFactor = 1.012; //940 m/s }; If you think my values aren't correct you can of course always calculate your own with the above instructions :)
  10. Put "mip-map detail level" to the highest setting in your graphic's cards settings and make sure "Alternate pixel centers"(if using Ati tray tools) is unchecked.
  11. Lmao :) I actually lift weights when playing Arma. I've got the set right next to the PC table, so whenever there's a few minutes of spare time ingame I get my ass off the chair and excercise. If the situation doesn't allow getting off the chair and headphones then it's grip strenght time with a few different devices. Highly recommended, makes gaming a bit more useful
  12. A switch-type trigger synced to the "Dismissed"-waypoint should do it. At least you can complete several other waypointtypes using one.
  13. Yeah pretty much. My refresh-rate is 60hz and v-sync is not enabled in any settings(Ati or Arma2), but apparently there's a bug in the ATI-drivers I'm using that forces it on in Arma2 and also changes the refresh-rate. Strange... ---------- Post added at 11:45 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:08 PM ---------- Ok new results, hopefully a bit better this time. Frames were counted using diag_frameno and time using diag_ticktime. The results make a bit more sense this time, and again they are really close to each other. FSM running for 90 AI: Average fps over 60 seconds 49.256 No FSM: Average fps over 60 seconds 49.2759
  14. Voted :ok: I just cursed that "feature" literally 5 minutes ago.
  15. My bad with the wording. I meant to say the performance hit of FSMs is negligible in the game compared to not running any scripts or FSMs at all. I haven't actually compared them against .sqf. Thanks for the heads-up on the deadlocks, taking a look at them right now...
  16. Yeah, they must be defined at each script-file. If you want to use the same defines at many places you can put them in a file, let's say defines.h, then at the start of each script you want to use them put: #include "defines.h"
  17. No doubt you could find some performance difference in a "lab like" stresstest, but according to my experiences the difference is negligible in a real mission unless it's a really really heavy FSM. Here's the results of a 60-second FRAPS benchmark in a mission with 30 AI + one player running this FSM. Test mission and FSM can be downloaded behind the link. At the start of the mission I turned to look at the ground to minimize graphics affecting the result, then started the benchmark. edit: Invalid results
  18. fincuan

    Error Compiling Pixel Shader

    this way: -mod=mod1;mod2;mod3 No semicolon in the end
  19. fincuan

    Command Options Greyed Out!

    The button to the left of "1" selects them all.
  20. fincuan

    Dragon Rising has been released

    Oh that's good to hear. I guess I'm just too used to being on forums where they are used.
  21. fincuan

    Dragon Rising has been released

    That comparison was made before DR was released. I can easily see how someone might end up with that conclusion if he completely swallowed CM's bullshit
  22. And another one... or just scare tactics? It should be well known by now that you won't trigger FADE by editing a bunch of .pbos.
  23. This will name if after the "editorname", the name you gave the unit in editor. Is that what you're looking for? call compile format ["%1_triangulation_direction = getMarkerDir _triangulation_line;",_this select 0];
  24. Indeed, and the kneepads too!Which are of the wrong type though. Looking good as always, had missed those. I'll try to get my Acog-stuff scanned, as it's on paper, and sent to you.