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    Scopes and ballistics

    and more: TS30-A2 3-9x36mm Illuminated Reticle for SPR SUSAT Leupold MK4 4.5-14x50mm for M107
  2. fincuan

    Scopes and ballistics

    I posted some pics in the first post, and here's more: PSO-1 for AK74/AK107 Same reticle calibrated for VSS is also included PSO-1 for SVD Same scope for the KSVK with proper reticle is also included Leupold Ultra M3 10x40mm for M24 and DMR
  3. fincuan

    Scopes and ballistics

    Yes the reticles are calibrated for the ballistics-part, so it's pretty much mandatory if you want to shoot straight. It's not required though because the scopes "work" without it, the marks just aren't accurate. SightAdjustment is "extra" and not required in any way, but just pretty damn useful.
  4. One more from me: After a few months of use it just broke at the lower "joint" when I adjusted it. I returned it to the shop and got a new one, which broke, which I returned to the shop and got a new one... etc... After the third one I just started repairing it with duct tape, which has worked well so far. It is VERY fragile and not durable at all.
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    It has zero effect on AI, 0, nothing at all. It only affects the player.
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    What Inko said. It doesn't only slow down the bullets though, but also speed up if necessary. This is the case with for example PKM vs. PKP, where PKM is the "base weapon" for 7.62x54 machineguns, but PKP has a slightly higher muzzlevelocity irl. They both use magazines with PKM's values, and PKP bullets are just accelerated slightly after leaving the barrel. All this is done to the bullet's actual speed at the moment when it's handled. Even if for some reason the addon "catches" the bullet slightly late, when it has already slowed down, the adjustments will be made correctly instead of resetting the speed to its original value.
  7. fincuan

    RE: The Freetrack poll

    Wow, this came completely out of the blue. Thank you BIS, a VERY nice surprise
  8. fincuan

    Is Fade Permanent??

    And addons and mods coming in the form of .pbos won't enable fade, so no worries there.
  9. fincuan


    LMAO, that's stock Arma2 behaviour :) In all honesty I never even used that feature myself. How useful a feature is it if even the author doesn't care about it eh?
  10. fincuan


    New version 1.02 uploaded. Possible performance improvements included, the ability to use this on AI removed and support for UKF weapons included. I also wrote better instructions on how to include other custom weapons in the mod, and these can be found in the mod's userconfig-files.
  11. It works with the latest beta for me, but only when I'm in the mission. For some reason the map is stock Arma2 during briefing, but switches to this improved version for the mission.
  12. fincuan


    That means you don't have Extended_Eventhandlers for some reason. I use the same mods you listed above with CBA 2.0 and everything works fine.
  13. fincuan

    Sunday 100 man MP event?

    Then there's Tacticalgamer's bi-weekly sunday events which, although not quite having a 100 participants, still usually score in the 60s and 70s. One such was featured in PCGamer, and if you check the threads in TG's AAR-forums you'll find quite a few pics, videos and write-ups from various events and missions.
  14. I just quickly scanned through those, but at least I see why your waitUntil didn't work: wrong syntax. Example how it should be: waitUntil{((vehicle player) isKindOf "Air") and ((vehicle player) distance epad) < 300}; It'll just hold there until the condition is true, at which point it continues. No then, do or anything else. I'm still a bit confused why you have vehicle player here if it's the player who's calling for the chopper. At that point the players should be on the ground and not in a vehicle which isKindOf "air", no?
  15. Your code only checks the condition once. If I understood correctly you'll to want to run this for some time before the chopper gets even close, then launch the smoke. If this is the case you'll probably want to use something like waitUntil{condition to throw smoke}; *code to throw smoke here*
  16. Well first of all why not use BI's own FSM Editor? It's the same they've used to create all the stock FSMs and much more up-to-date than the one you linked. For the rest I think this answers them the best: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/FSM_Editor_Manual Let's also rip off a few links kju posted in another thread: (Original post): new-to-arma-2-threads new-to-arma-2-fsm-an-introduction new-to-arma-2-fsm-scripted-fsm-by-xeno new-to-arma-2-fsm-a-sample From a non-programmers viewpoint I find FSMs much much easier and quicker to work with than "normal" .sqf-scripts when complex if-then and switch structures are needed. Physically seeing things on the screen just helps a lot more than staring at code :)
  17. setDate does work in MP and is local as far as I know. The above snippet could easily be adapted to use setDate: if (isServer) then { _date = date; _t = random 24; _hours = floor _t; _minutes = (_t - _hours)*60; newDate = [_date select 0, _date select 1, _date select 2, _hours, _minutes]; publicVariable "newDate"; }; waitUntil{not isNil "newDate"}; //Add time passed since mission start to accomodate JIP players setDate [newDate select 0, newDate select 1, newDate select 2, newDate select 3, (newDate select 4)+(time/60)];
  18. This, or define _a outside the scope, which the OP did. Both work equally well in this case and even without "private[...]" at the start you won't lose the variables when going inside the "nests".
  19. Please do provide an example script, because I for one have never seen such behaviour and would be interested to see it. edit: 20 nested ifs and still working... _testvar = "Yay! We reached the bottom!"; if (true) then { if (true) then { if (true) then { if (true) then { if (true) then { if (true) then { if (true) then { if (true) then { if (true) then { if (true) then { if (true) then { if (true) then { if (true) then { if (true) then { if (true) then { if (true) then { if (true) then { if (true) then { if (true) then { if (true) then { hint _testvar; }; }; }; }; }; }; }; }; }; }; }; }; }; }; }; }; }; }; }; };
  20. I see no reason why the above snippet wouldn't work in multiplayer, especially if you are the host. Weird things normally happen if you're a client on a dedicated- or player-server, but if you're the host things should work exactly the same as in singleplayer 99% of the time.
  21. To continue that a bit: _foo = "bar"; if (damage player > 0.5) then { private["_foo"]; _foo = "baz"; }; hintSilent format["foo = %1", _foo] This would always hint "foo = bar", because the _foo inside the inner scope is private to that scope, and is thus different from the _foo of the outer scope.
  22. fincuan

    Dragon Rising has been released

    You two seem to have an Arma2 <-> DR "missing in translation" situation. The headbob-option is only in Arma2, not DR,
  23. Uff.. So many nice mines there I sense an oncoming accidental tk-fest :D In ACE this was everyday occurence with claymores on public servers: Someone on side channel: All beware I have placed a claymore with a tripwire at xyz location. It is also marked on the map. STAY CLEAR OF IT ... 10 secs passes ... Mine placer spots a friendly running towards the tripwire and starts screaming on direct:"STOP! THERE'S A MINE THERE! STO..." POOF