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    Online coop campaign?

    We tried a few missions from the beginning with a couple of friends, and it seemed to work ok. Some small problems here and there, such as only the host seeing slides shown in a briefing, but overall both the game and the campaign worked really well. There isn't really a separate coop campaign, it's the same campaign and same saves in both coop and sp. What this means in practice is you can continue an already started sp-campaign in coop, then move back to sp for a few missions, then coop again, etc...
  2. Having Catalyst AI at "High" caused exactly the described behaviour in Arma1 with my two X1950 Pros. Lowering Catalyst AI fixed it so that it only flickers for a few seconds when entering the game, but other than that it works fine.
  3. Mine was at the same page with the download links, right below them on the bottom of the same "box". Not particularily easy to spot there, but at least it's in bold :) edit: Right here(circled with red)
  4. fincuan

    Arma and Windows 7

    +1 64bit Win 7 RC1 here, and no problems with Arma. Performance seems actually a bit better than with the 32-bit XP I had before.
  5. Sounds like a great plan, and by the look of it entierly doable with scripting. Why leave out the zombies though? We already have such unit as an addon for Arma, even if we can't get the different types as in L4D. For those of us who don't play L4D zombie smacking would provide a nice change from the usual terrorist- or SLA-smacking :)
  6. fincuan

    TrackIR or FreeTrack

    Freetrack for me, thank you very much. TrackIr is excellent, there's no way around that, but it's about time NP gets competition. We don't use one single brand of joysticks or keyboards either. This intercommunity bitching is what I don't get. If someone is happy to pay 160€ for the head-tracking, not my problem. If another one wants the same for less, go ahead. The ability to choose is what counts.
  7. It's also good to have "ACE_Config_Men" in the replacement-files RequiredAddons to make sure it's loaded after ACE and really overrides it.