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  1. FIN-Nixo

    ArmA Addon request thread

    Hello! I would like to see some new Infantry units. ArmA has now got a lot good and different unit addons. But still there is allways something about them that i miss. So my suggestion for an addon, would be to make a couple of new models, new helmets, sun glasses, goggles, wests etc, and new camo. Us Soldier i know there is CMCD's 1st infantry units etc with the new helmets, even his models could be the base for this addon, i would just like to see new camo, like the 6 color desert (already in arma, but it looks crappy) acu (also in arma, but make it look more real) BDU (same as with the acu) 3 color desert and so on. Hope you understand what i am trying to say. I have tried to do this myself with BIS models but that did not work out that well...
  2. Hello. I have crashed into my worst nightmare. I do not understand the config.ccp things.... I have used the "How to make a stand-alone unit in ArmA" Tutorials Config.cpp in ALL my addons, And addes so that all are in ONE unit, Like Sahrani SF->Man1,Man2,Man3 etc. That is a nightmare cuz now i have like 100PBO files in my mod[addons] folder. I need the help to create a SIMPLE Config with 7 Units. Folder name: nix_ssf p3d names: sf_tl , sf_mg , sf_s , sf_sl , sf_at , sf_r , sf_z All the p3ds are BIS Samples. The p3ds contain only BIS sample equipment. No Own made things, Exept for a bit modified helmet. Please help!!
  3. FIN-Nixo

    Crionyk's addons first release

    Great replacements ^^ Love the RACS. By the way, Could some one send the classnames HERE on this topic. Because i can't open the xlf file. thanks
  4. Woodland Monkey Productions proudly presents Nixo91's (FIN-Nixo) First addon ever. A Woodland/ Urban soldier with m05 camo and urban west. And a Winter Unit. They are currently WIP. Cuz i do not know that much about adding more units to a PBO, etc. Help would be much appreciated. Winter Unit Back http://img352.imageshack.us/my.php?image=snow1xv0.jpg Winter Front http://img407.imageshack.us/my.php?image=snowvk6.jpg Woodland/Urban http://img241.imageshack.us/my.php?image=nikosunitsv1ha4.jpg The Xm8 is not included. WHEN the addons are released (or reskins^^ to be more correct ) AND i do NOT want to scare you. But i do not own photoshop. So all these units are made with a little bit less powerful Photo tools, and mostly with my favourite... PAIN!!! <3<3 But i think they are pretty good^^
  5. FIN-Nixo

    V.I.R.U.S. What happened?

    After reading all comments, I have decided that i will wait 1-2 weeks then i will contact placebo and ask what he thinks about it. If Sled22 has not answered by then i mean. And if i get permission i will release it. And of course all the credits go to sled22.
  6. FIN-Nixo

    V.I.R.U.S. What happened?

    Well, What do YOU think i should do? just release the Weapons and Units, Without the permission of sled22. Since he has not answered, and VIRUS is as good as dead? Or should i just wait untill they answere. IF they answere
  7. FIN-Nixo

    V.I.R.U.S. What happened?

    Yes, maybe. But all their sites are down too. Except the official forums. And it is allmost dead too. V.I.R.U.S. 1.20 was released a long time ago and it still requires ArmA v.1.05. Wich is a bit outdated.
  8. FIN-Nixo

    New Island from USEC

    Hah :P yeah i see it too
  9. Hello all. I just wanted to ask if anybody know what happened to VIRUS mod. The last posted reply on the VIRUS topic was last year. It has been a VERY long time and we have heard nothing from them. I even did send a message to Sled22 a couple of days ago. But he has not answered. I requested the permission to release his navy seals and the weapons as a separate addon. Since alot of people has requested the Xm8. anybody think that i could upload it without the permission of sled. I know that it is his work, but since there has been no updates on VIRUS mod for a couple of months, sled22 is not replying to any messages, and the VIRUS topic is as good as dead.
  10. FIN-Nixo

    New Island from USEC

    That would be awsome ^^ Did you know that The polar bears mostly live on the norhtern Hemisphere :P and Penguins in the southern hemisphere^ Â So basicly they would not be at the same place. But since this is a game... screw the real world stuff. I'll ask the same question. Will there be polar bears and penguins? :P Â EDIT: And snowfall? In FDF mod they had snowfall ^^ That would be super cool. Sorry if anybody asked this already or you have written: yes, i will include snowfall. But i had not got time to read anything. I'm so excited!! ^^
  11. FIN-Nixo

    New Island from USEC

    GREAT JOB icemotoboy! It is about time someone makes a real winter map AND units ^^ Really looking forward to run around in the snow :P Keep it up
  12. FIN-Nixo

    Faster time

  13. FIN-Nixo

    Faster time

    Thanks alot fasad & DaChevs! Everything works perfect!
  14. FIN-Nixo

    Faster time

    Thanks. BUT! one question? Where do i put it? Description.ext?