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    - addition of ammunition into infantry static weapons (MGs, GLs, ATGMs, mortars, T21) from personal inventory (take ammo from backpacks or ammo boxes and go into static weapon; since 2008)

    - bandage for healing (since 2008)

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    - and backpack with two 20l canisters refills fuel ;-) (since 2010)

  2. 9M113 Konkurs is magazine, no weapon. You must build AT firing emplacement and go in with 9M113.

    Bayonet is fake. It's prepared for further mod version.

    Heavy barrel is heavy for fire from hand ;-) It's part for

    - you must have UK-59 tripod backpack, UK-59 heavy barrel and ((Meopta ZD 4x8° scope and UK-59L) or UK-59L with scope).

    Bipod is for Sa-58P - take Bipod in your GEAR and open Action menu.

  3. If you define new magazines / features for weapon, it could happen that CSLA mod will rewrite your definition. The same problem is between CSLA and ACE: ACE rewrites CSLA definitions because BI OFP / ArmA / ArmA-2 Engines are not able to merge definitions of one weapon from two mods.

  4. I wonder if this mod can be used together with other mods or if its a closed mod and how do I do if I want to merge this mod with another? I have been around since the OPF days but never figured out how to use CSLA mods except as separate mods and exe installs has always haunted me when it comes to CSLA as I am afraid it will change the main game.

    A bit of help on these questions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank in advance


    CSLA mod is compatible with all modes, that don't modified BIS classes (espetialy classes Throw and Put).