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  1. Frantic

    Turning off Voice Over Net

    VoN is disabled with that. So you cant use it or hear others.
  2. Frantic

    Turning off Voice Over Net

    add this: -disableVoN=1 to ur ArmA desktop shortcut, at target under properties, at the end of the line like: C:\ArmA\ARMA.EXE -disableVoN=1
  3. Frantic

    Gameplay Vs Graphics (3 months on)

    ArmA needs a lot of improvement at the gameplay side, mostly the infantry part of ArmA.
  4. Frantic

    How many play this game?

    here two sites with the activity of ArmA: http://stats.swec.se/server/list http://arma.valuenet.nl/logic/
  5. Frantic

    Zboard for Arma!?

    yeah me too...and i already spilled a lot of beer over it and it sill works! Cherry owns!
  6. Frantic

    Less and less CTF players.

    so if you dont bother joining a CTF mission with 5 peeps on it, then you wont never get used to the movements...and no wonder that there are so less CTF servers if everyone is just joining the CTF servers with many peeps on. Before Summer there was always at least one CTF server on top of the list with the most players on it. Now is Summer and most people are enjoying real life! I have read a lot of peeps opinions about the ArmA movements and when ArmA came out nearly everyone of the old OFP CTF community was saying the same like you. But now the old CTF veterans who hasnt given up are still playing ArmA CTF and we all have fun with it. You should search for Highlanders really funny thread here at BIS forums, where he was complaining about everything. But now hes still playing ArmA and i think hes even enjoying it. Its just that we have played too long OFP, we all thought ArmA will be same like OFP with just better grafix, and thats the reason why many peeps are upset about ArmA, cause they all need to learn their way of gameplay new, instead of playing ArmA the same way like they did in OFP. But ArmA isnt OFP!..and OFP2 wont be like OFP too. It will be way more different from OFP like ArmA is now. I cant type and say it often enough: JUST GET USED TO THE MOVEMENTS OF ARMA!!! it is hard but at the end its fun.
  7. Frantic

    Zboard for Arma!?

    i can only tell from the experiences of a friend: Dont buy a Z-Board if you wanna play ArmA. My friend was able to play with it 5mins then he changed back to his old normal cherry board. and be sure, he wasnt saying anything good about this Z-Board...lol
  8. Frantic

    Latest Deddy?

    here the thread: http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=64666 But, since you are talking about a self hosted server, hosted on your own machine, im sorry, cause i cant tell you anything, cause im talking about a Dedicated Server on a root-server. so you should maybe change your question...cause your not talking about dedicated servers...imo.
  9. Frantic

    Latest Deddy?

    im not sure what you mean...is your DS on your PC or on a root-server? cause on the root server is only one ArmAProfile as long as i know. yeah there is a way to deactivate grass on the server, just search here in this multiplayer forum part.
  10. Frantic

    Latest Deddy?

    just edit the arma.profile with the settings you need.
  11. Frantic

    Less and less CTF players.

    Sorry, but you are wrong. There is a CTF mission even within the game, so forget your OFP play style and just get used to the new movements of ArmA. CTF was and is a lot of fun to play online! But i have to agree to Delta, cause the JIP really disturbs the CTF public gaming with the possibility to join and leave at any time. Best would be to do it like in OFP, just wait till you got enough players on the server for a round and then lock the server and play this round with the peeps connected. Best would be that nobody leaves during this 30mins, but if a side got too less players, then just unlock the server and let the slots of the quitters filled up with new players.
  12. Frantic

    What would you like to see?

    What would you like to see? -More kind of units. Most important: Wood Camo Uniform for BLUFOR and RACS and Desert Camo Uniform for OPFOR! one model would be enough. -better movements for infantry controlling. -new big island.
  13. Frantic

    Less and less CTF players.

    hmmm...since 1.08, it really seems that its hard to fill a CTF mission with players... But im still enjoying it...its a new gameplay but im already used to it. I was whining too at the beginning and it needs still a lot of updates till the infantry feeling at ArmA will be any good. But i guess thats just a matter of time, there will come an expansion pack like Resistance for OFP and then the rumble for us infantry maniacs will start! BTW there are some people who are making CTF missions, me for example. Here my release thread of the [MCY] CTF Missions Pack. Link Evolution will be soon or is already overplayed, so just give it some time and then the numbers of Evo servers will drop. We have already removed the Evolution mission of our server. Here a small list of CTF servers: -XiF -MCY -painfactory -MS -GGX -NHS -BLI -BLH -16RD -Shark -DYN there are for sure some more... the sad thing is, that only one of these CTF servers is full with players on the evenings...
  14. Frantic

    Why the fascination with Evolution?

    lol...funny to see, that even the coop players get bored of evolution. evolution can be really fun if you dont play it all day long, and if you play it, then together with some m8s on TS! public evolution is not really fun...you see everytime, like on the Berzerk missions or others too, some people just play ArmA like on other known online games, they do not care about other players, teamkilling as part of the fun. but ArmA isnt dying as all the whiners do write everywhere! OFP wasnt a boom of a start too. We all have our hands on a really nice game, where we can build our own kind of missions and the way how it should be played! Wait for the "expanison-pack" like with Resistance at OFP, such a thing will come for ArmA too, and then we will have the numbers of players and self made community stuff we want and need! OFP was and ArmA will be a long time of fun!
  15. Frantic

    next patch - us uniforms

    Do you know what BDU stands for? Battle Dress Uniform. It's a cut, not a color. Why does BIS need to model a uniform cut/camouflage pattern out of history? BIS made enough units to cover their needs in single player and campaign. All the sides are distinctive (which is hard to do with 3 sides) and match their home turf. The German players "need" Flecktarn units, the French players "need" French units. The users of a winter island "need" winter uniform units. What makes your need any less arbitrary? I can tell you that we wouldn't even need one model. There are about 10 or more unique models per side to make all the proper units. I can tell you 99% of servers are running no mods at all, which was very unlike OFP in the final year(s). I can tell you BIS could spend the next 3 months making all sorts of uniforms for every occasion, not get anything else done, and it still wouldn't be good enough and people would be making custom reskins anyway. What BIS needs to do it release the damn O3 or whatever it's called modeling tools so people can release proper units that are 10MB instead of 70MB. Working without the tools has really made reskinning a bloated inefficient process that makes very large mods. Im talking about proper uniforms for wood land on BLUFOR and RACS side and desert for OPFOR. And i dont see a point why it should be impossible to have a old BDU in ArmA, we need just one model for the west side, to be able to have nice PvP fights on North-Sahrani. And as long as its impossible to download small Addons within the mission.pbo, do we need it from BIS. I wanna have a full server with new players on it and not just a few people who got the Addons.
  16. Frantic

    next patch - us uniforms

    we dont need Addons, cause then only a few can play the maps using this Addons. We need only one model on BLUFOR or RACS side with a BDU uniform and a desert camo for the OPFOR side made by BIS. Then every new ArmA player can play the maps and dont has to download Addons before he plays first time multiplayer.
  17. Frantic

    Stop Camping.....arghhh!

    I only know this bad behaviour ( shooting one during or short after he respawned ) named as spawn rape. In Bf2 it is normal to shoot one after he plopped into your view, cause he respawned at a place which you can see. For me its the most annoying thing in online-games to get shot during respawn. I have to got the possibility to choose my way after I spawned. That constantly spawn raping annoyed me really lot ( right after the bunny hopping ) in BF2. So its up to the mission-maker´s taste of gameplay and yourself´s if you like a specific map-style or not. The mission-pool is growing every day, so i think everybody can find his kind of game-play in ArmA! If not, then try to create it by yourself!
  18. Frantic

    Hacks & Cheating..

    cheat accusations are really senseless, if you have no proof about it! @lockie1976: please remove this link on your post. @Maddmatt: stop writing stuff about others if you cant proof it, please. @Matt Rochell: dont blame others please. You guys should know it better, with all the posts you did are you making really nice advertisement for the cheater community. Mentioning the name of the cheater community is really not good in my opinion. best would be to delete this whole thread, so no others can find it and get interested in cheating, cause of the stuff mentioned here!
  19. Frantic

    [MCY] CTF missions pack

    its really hard to make balanced maps. problems: -the uniforms, BLUFOR with their ACU uniforms is just disadvantaged in green areas -the vehicles, BMP got better weapons against the M113; M1A1 got better armor against T72; BRDM got better armor against Hummer; Stryker is totally useless with the bad driver view -the choppers, LillBird has no counterpart -the airplanes, is there any on the SLA side? so its nearly or total impossible to make total balanced maps in ArmA yet. my personal favorites are: -Cayo -Chantico -DeadLight -Everon -Mercalillo -Modesta -KubaLibre -Rashidah -SanTomas -Somato -Tandag im going to put some advertisement instead of the coop warning on some of my maps...so watch out for the new versions...it will take a while till i release a new version of my mappack, but im going to make one. if someone wanna have some addons advertised, please post here and i will see if i can include it!
  20. Frantic

    ArmA:Armed Assault vs ArmA:Combat Operations

    look at the movies, most of the films have different names in each country, mostly cause of the language, but why should it be different with a game?
  21. Frantic

    [MCY] CTF missions pack

    thx for the input fasad. The coop warning just survived the many updates I did, cause many coop players hate CTF, so they are warned and cant complain when they play it...and the CTF template is based on the OW Hexenkessel map, Celery and I made some months ago. Maybe I will make a new text in some future versions...or Celery will write a new funny text... The sun effect is just so nice and make a nice atmosphere im my view, but its not a big deal to change it. Cayo exists as a Gc version with normal sun, so the MCY version will stay with it. First Strike got overall very low FPS cause of the day time, but again I like the atmosphere the lights are making. I made a heavy fog version of Kuba Libre and it wasnt fun at all...so I had no interest in making another one with one level of heavy fog. But Back Fire got an increasing fog level. Maybe I will make another foggy map in future... Rainy map is a nice idea, cause nearly all of my maps got a too nice weather ambience, so a bad weather map would be a bit of a change. Night map...hmmm...I was never a big fan of night, have to test it how it feels. Random weapons dont make sense in my opinion. Never thought about the VON feature, cause I have it disabled since the beginning and most servers have it off too. Only Kuba Libre is a smaller map, but I am already working on another small map. Thx for looking at the maps and telling your opinion, much appreciated!
  22. Frantic

    Info on upcoming 1.08 patch

    the best thing is, to not wait for the patch, cause then you will be surprised when you see its released!
  23. Frantic

    Hacks & Cheating..

    are you sure? there was one in OFP, so if there isnt one in ArmA yet, it will come for ArmA too sooner or later...
  24. Frantic

    your ArmA squad.xml online

    nice stuff. is it possible to use an own picture? Edit: ah yes...saw it myself...
  25. Frantic

    Hacks & Cheating..

    ur banning the players ID, which is normally 8 numbers long. But u use the number which the player got on the server to ban him. Its way more easy to write 1 or 2 numbers instead of 8 from the real ID. It would be interesting how long can be the normal BIS ArmA IDs, cause i saw yesterday a player´s ID with 12 numbers. Anyone knows something about the normal numbers of ArmA IDs? that way the cheater take revenge on players who kicked them, so they get them banned on other servers.