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  1. you guys are making great advertisement for a cheater site. they are for sure happy about this thread. can a mod plz close or delete this thread?..we have already enough of this crap. http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=65493
  2. Frantic

    Who makes CTF maps?

    @ Gorgi Knootewoot: dont use the scripts of _ Pongi _´s map, cause that seems to be a very old version of the MCY CTF script. Here are the newest available ones. http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....ns+pack looking forward to see more new CTF map-makers, maybe some of the old OFP veteran map-makers will come back... if your gonna use scripts of another existing mission, then dont forget to give credits to the maker of the scripts, cause thats a hell of a work too. if your gonna make a modified version of an existing mission, then dont forget to give credits to the original mission version maker. just this two lill things are needed, if you dont have the skills to make ur own scripts, or mission. i think that this is just fair for the time the scriptor or map-maker has invested in making the scripts or mission.
  3. Frantic

    Grass off on dedi server

    http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=64666 look there, maybe that helps.
  4. Frantic

    mp] CTF_Chantico_Flag_Fight --{released}

    hi _ Pongi _ map uploaded to MCY server. a lill hint: http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=65064
  5. Frantic

    Food for thought

    nice one Nutty_101...but it would be better if you wont talk too specific about the way how you wanna get rid of the cheaters, cause we need it working! would be shit if the cheaters already know a way to solve it...
  6. Frantic

    Food for thought

    nice idea, but will be only helpfull for noob cheaters who dont know how to change a IP.
  7. Frantic

    Who makes CTF maps?

    yeah wanna see it! im still finalizing my Gc v1-06 maps and i have found some nice old unfinished maps on my missions folder, so there will be released new CTF maps made by me in the near future. im going to make nearly all of my MCY CTF missions pack to 30players sized missions, so 15vs15 will maybe increase the CTF server numbers. :P
  8. Frantic

    stupid ladder glitch

    yeah this bug is there since 1.08
  9. Frantic

    Queens Gambit Packshot Design Competition

    *tacky image removed* heres mine Consider yourself lucky this didn't earn you a perm ban - Fubar
  10. Frantic

    Queens Gambit Packshot Design Competition

    its just funny that they dont have the money to make the design by them self. for the next expansion they should ask us to make the missions and addons included.
  11. Frantic

    How to ban?

    just create a ban.txt in your main ArmA folder on your server and write the ID in it which you wanna have to be banned. for banning a player during gaming you need the ban.txt in your main ArmA folder and then: use #userlist or press P to find out the players server number, its standing infront of the players name and then type: #exec ban "and the players server number", and then the player will be banned immediately.
  12. Frantic

    Who makes CTF maps?

    yeah Celery is right. Its up to you other mission-makers out there now, cause i have stopped my work for CTF. I have invested a lot of time to create 25 CTF missions. Maybe other mission-makers thought, "why should i make CTF missions if Frantic makes every week a new one?"..i just thought it would be fair if i tell you all that i wont make any new ones. Im sorry Dudester if im hurting your feelings, but maybe i find the urge again to finish the other CTFs which are half-finished on my harddrive. Im looking forward to see the CTF missions of you other mission-makers. BTW: EDM is making CTF missions, it just needs the editorupdate1-02 to play it.
  13. Frantic

    Who makes CTF maps?

    I have stopped making new CTF missions. Its funny that everybody thinks that i have made only CQB missions. Never thought that Everon, Monte Yorito, Smash Tiberia and Ortego Overkill are CQB. At the beginning of ArmA i tried to make as many different kinds of CTF missions as possible. But after seeing only the CQB missions played on servers i stopped making larger or medium sized CTF missions. I have used the Gc CTF ladder as testing ground to find out which kind of missions people want to play. Cayo was played by far at most, so i took the normal decision and created more missions in that size. Soon i will release my last CTF missions pack (it will be the 1-06 Gc missions pack) and after that my support for the CTF community in ArmA will be over. Im going to create new game-modes and will just support my clan with it. Public gaming in ArmA is close to be impossible with all the cheaters, so i see no sense in making any public missions anymore. Lets all hope that a big wonder will happen and everybody will play CTF again.
  14. Frantic

    What would you like to see?

    I would like to see a proper Anti-Cheat-System!
  15. Frantic

    Online Player Population Graphs

    nice...never thought that, cause its feeling different during the ArmA multiplayer gaming every day. its always good to get disabused.
  16. Frantic

    ArmA is just ... disappointing

    ArmA is getting more and more disappointing for me. If i start a CTF mission in the evenings it doesnt take long till the player numbers reach the 20, but if that happens, then the cheaters are not far away. Today was one of the worse days ever. Every CTF mission got blown up by one guy today. After banning this one guy, it took 15mins till he came back with new nick and id. I stopped playing after the 3rd time of blown up buildings on the mission, was watching a film and then i thought: lets see if something is still on at ArmA. I found a full CTF server and 5mins after i joined and played, guess what happened...a guy with the same nick like the blowup-cheater from before connected and has blown up the buildings again. Thats really annoying! Its no longer possible to play any public rounds, cause there is always someone coming to blow up the buildings on the mission. I see only one chance now and that would be to play on passworded servers, but with that way, we end up with player numbers of 5vs5. I even have started OFP after all that bad stuff and there were more running CTF and other PvP servers than in ArmA, with full servers and no cheaters. ArmA got far more cheats now than OFP ever had. BIS really needs to do something against this cheats or ArmA is a secondhand game before the expansion pack comes out. I really hope that its not already too late for doing something, but if its taking longer than there wont be anyone left to buy any expansion pack.
  17. Frantic

    Online Player Population Graphs

    N1 jerry, now we can see how the population of ArmA drops every day.
  18. Frantic

    Less and less CTF players.

    whisper is right. I would be more than happy to have the old OFP style back, but that wont happen. It wouldnt surprise me if the animations and movements of the infantry in ArmA will be a lot overworked, cause the current state of it is not really satisfying for every infantry player in ArmA. I dont see a reason to whine about that, cause the game is playable and (at least for me) enjoyable. And i dont know any other game which can give me this level of fun which ArmA gives to me. Celery has made a nice improvement for us already, with his mini-realism-mod. It makes the weapons as accurate as it was in OFP. Im using it in the newest versions of the Gc missions and it feels so much better. At this example you see that ArmA is a platform for us, which we can use for modifications in any way you can think of. Its just up to us what we are willing and able to make out of it. So i dont see any reason to just whine and stop playing ArmA, cause OFP was not a great game too at the beginning, it was just a new type of game which has still no real competitor on the market. If i remember well, then the golden days of OFP has started with Resistance. OK, dont ask me why BIS hasnt taken 1.96 and just improved the grafix...thats the question we all asked after playing ArmA the first time. But after the long learning curve of the movements, i can say that its still fun to play with it. I really dont like the people who are just screaming and whining and are doing nothing to improve the fun of ArmA. I think its no big loss that all this people are leaving ArmA like rats do if the boat sinks, cause ArmA isnt sinking and a rats free boat isnt bad either. You can be sure, that i was waiting for some nice improvements of the infantry movements and animations with each patch, but till now the main target of BIS seems to be somewhere else and not on the basics of a game, which is the infantry. I dont expect that they will improve it, so i can be just surprised if something happens. And in the mean time im having fun with the possibilities BIS gave me with ArmA!
  19. Frantic

    Matching Question

    Hello Tom_Anger Your are searching for matching types for the TeamWarfare League i guess. So i would like to see a league with Attack&Defend missions, cause its a nice game-type but sadly no one is making missions for that type. The game-types you mentioned in your post can be translated to the common ArmA types, like: Conquest = Capture & Hold Advance & Secure = Attack & Defend Team King of the Hill = Capture & Hold with one holding point Domination = Sector Control The ArmA engine gives us the possibility to create any game-type we can think of. Like Celery mentioned Capture & Kill, that was an own creation of S-0S.bay for OFP and it will be remade for ArmA by me, if i find time. You have to think of that the most clans do not have more than 10 players mostly. In the Gamez-Club league the most matches are played with 5vs5 - 7vs7. So the game-types should be playable for this number of players. I am following the TeamWarfare ArmA forum part and what i have seen there was, that most people would like to see huge battlefields, but a match on a battlefield like whole South Sahrani sounds imo a bit boring with player numbers under 10vs10. To reach bigger numbers like 20vs20, there would be the possibility to have 4 clans fighting. So 2 clans work together against the other 2 clans. But im not sure if thats possible or working. TeamWarfare is a American league site, so you can even make a CTF and C&H league there, cause matches between Europe and America had always time and ping problems. Most important for a league is the support from a mission-maker. You need to find at least one guy who has the urge to support your league with missions and he has to be willing to modify and overwork his missions if needed. Otherwise it happens like in ESL, where the mission-maker gave up, cause of the non stopping criticism at his work. Im wishing you all the best with your project and im looking forward to see new PvP missions, or even better new game-types for ArmA. greetings Frantic
  20. Frantic

    Open Warfare CTF Northen Exposure

    uploaded on MCY server. but plz look at this thread for the future: http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=65064
  21. Frantic

    ArmA AntiCheat for Servers and Map makers

    How many players were on the server and how was the frequency of joining and leaving players? I would like to have it on my server too, but till now i have only read that its good up to 7 players and more players will lag the server... so im waiting for nice reports about that till i put it up on my server and my missions.
  22. Frantic

    Less and less CTF players.

    just type: #lock or #unlock
  23. Frantic

    Less and less CTF players.

    I defend this game, cause i enjoy ArmA. I have played BF2 and still play from time to time CSS, but both games dont give me the level of fun i have with ArmA. About yesterday, we were not only seeking another server, we were able to find another CTF server very easy. Im really thinking that you dont play ArmA often enough to say what you write here. If you were playing yesterday then you would have seen that the DK players were just hopping from one CTF server to another. And about the "missing" MCY players, times changing, members come members go...so its just normal that not everyone is able or want to play online games for their whole life. OK, it would be great to just see CTF servers on the server-list, but CTF is just one game-mode of ArmA. Like in BF2, big C&H missions with lots of players on it are real fun. And there are the nicely made BerZerk missions, which many peeps seems to like in ArmA. If you look on the numbers of players which were able to play together on one server in OFP, then you would see that in OFP a server was full with 20 peeps on. Now in ArmA we can have 3times more players on one server without big probs. So its no wonder to see less servers, but we have way more players on each. Why start another mission if you can just jump on a running mission. Public CTF gaming was great in OFP, cause you had an intensive 30mins round. Now in ArmA we see it so often, that during one 30mins round the half of the players are changing cause of JIP. Dont understand me wrong, i like JIP, but its forming another mentality of gaming, than it was in OFP. I dont see less and less CTF players, i just see more and more COOP and C&H players than i saw in OFP. @Manu: I know!
  24. I am proud to present to you the official release of my [MCY] CTF Missions Pack! It has 25 Capture the Flag maps all over Sahrani both for CQB and a little more open action. The maps use a flagtouch system that gives a flagtouch point if someone takes and keeps an enemy flag for more than five seconds, so if the flag scores are even, the flagtouches decide which team wins. The maps have a big selection of weapons and in most of them you can select almost every weapon in the game so you can try out each and every one in a real situation. No addons are needed to give everybody the chance to play it. Grass is turned off as a map setting to let people with middle range computers play without a horrible fps. You can shoot everyone you see on the map, there are no annoying spawn protection or jail scripts. The spawn area is where the ammo crates are and when you move away from them you become a legal kill. You can't cross the enemy team's no entry area signs that keep the spawn protected from enemy fire. I wish you all a lot of fun with it and please report all bugs you can find on it. Ideas and suggestions are as usual welcome. Big thanks goes to Celery for helping me with the scripts and giving me mental and physical support during the long developing time! And thanks to all who helped me testing the maps. Gamez-Club download link: >>DOWNLOAD<< Armaholic download link: >>DOWNLOAD<< with best wishes Frantic
  25. Frantic

    Less and less CTF players.

    So the reason for the lack of CTF servers is me?..cause im against stupid spawn-protection like prison-script or punishment-script for shooting someone behind some signs. Cause i like to be able to shoot everyone i see. If thats the case, then im really sorry that i havent included a spawn-protection-script at my CTF maps, which we removed back in OFP days, cause without the punishment-script we gained 10-20fps more on the server. Im really wondering where this idea comes from, that the spawn is the zone marked with signs. Who came on this idea that the spawn is the no-entry-zone? As long i know is the spawn just the respawn-zone and nothing more and on my missions its normally not possible to shoot one at the respawn. The problem with the lack of CTF servers is in my opinion the JIP function. In OFP you were not able to hop on a running CTF mission, so you went on another server and started another CTF mission. Thats the reason why we see so many servers with Evolution on it, cause many peeps wanna play Evolution from the beginning, so they dont join a running Evolution mission but start a new one instead. PS: If you like a script for spawn-protection then just include it in your missions. MS are making own CTF missions and so its no big deal to put it into it. Sorry, i have forgot the name of the MS missions maker, but he told me that he has made the CTF script by himself, so he hasnt taken mine and so he can include this prison- or punishment-script by himself.