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    Strange Buildings in game

    Nice find! show us some pictures of that building please.
  2. Frantic

    suggestion for Arma2

    yeah just add: -window , to your ArmA desktop shortcut in priorities at the end of the path. best way to work on missions, in my opinion!
  3. Frantic

    Where to play MP as a newb?

    yeah FPC is a good place to play CTF! Shark Team, SBS and DYN are good ones too. Last but not least is the MCY GAY BAR a nice place too, If a Mercenary is around to do the admin job! :P Look here to see what is played atm, or when a round has started, cause most CTF servers will be closed if enough players have connected. Have fun in multiplayer and give it a bit time till you have found the correct game-style and community for your taste!..there are many!
  4. Frantic

    Fixing ArmA

    I voted for ArmA II. cause BIS are working on Game2=ArmAII longer than on ArmA. ArmA was just a way to make a name for their new game after the loss on the rights for OFP and they needed money to continue their work on Game2. BIS always said that they were working on Game2 next to ArmA. So i guess the team of ArmA was way smaller than on Game2 and they just used a lifted OFP engine with some objects and stuff from VBS1 for this ArmA ( OFP1.5 ). im looking forward to ArmA II even if it takes 3 years, cause im sure they will patch ArmA till the main bugs are solved.
  5. yeah OFP2 has to be better than ArmA, but thats not hard atm...lol But I hope that ArmA II will be the best revival of good old OFP, so OFP2 was just a short time killer during the waiting time for ArmA II. I believe that ArmA wasnt the real new game from BIS, they just needed money to continue their work on Game2=ArmA II and at same time they gave the OFP veterans something new to play with. Ah gaming future looks nice with all the upcoming new online FPS games. but OFP2 wont have the size of ArmA or even OFP, with their racing engine...but i like to be surprised!
  6. Sure, if you disregard that the CTF "community" has left the ship long ago, let´s say about 4 years ago. It´s not a matter of animations, but a matter of people who are simply tired of CTF games. sorry but thats just LOL! There are more people playing CTF in OFP right now than in ArmA and whats the big difference between ArmA and OFP?..right, its the animation/movements/controls of your model. Im not talking about the grafix, cause some time ago before ArmA was released we all were sure that game-play is more important than grafix. Now we have ArmA and its just up side down. ArmA got beautiful grafix but the game-play is just as weak as the grafix are in OFP. Plz dont say: "then dont play ArmA", cause i like ArmA, but i would like to love ArmA even more and the only problem we got now is the fact that in nearly one year BIS wasnt able to solve the bugs of the animations/movements/controls of the model. I think its just too funny to see some guys posting here and saying that the animations/movements/controls are totally fine. This guys have never played other FPS games or even OFP, cause then they would see how robotic, clumsy and very slow the so called "realistic" animations/movements/controls are in ArmA. In my opinion should this current animations/movements/controls stay in VBS2 and not in ArmA, cause ArmA should make fun, cause its a computer game and BIS wants to earn some money with it, but till now they havent sold ArmA very often. Less than 1000 people max online proofs it. BIS just needs to improve the animations/movements/controls of the model and then can ArmA become a hit like OFP was, but if the current situation stays then i dont see a long future for ArmA like OFP had and that would be really sad in my opinion, cause ArmA got the potential of becoming a classic!
  7. Frantic

    servers with big pvp

    MCY server can handle 60 players missions, just give me a download link and i will upload it to our server.
  8. lol we are discussing ways of making CTF more enjoyable... making a mission where the flag is always somewhere else sounds for me more like a Seek&Capture The Flag... and giving random weapons will make it a who got the good weapons and kill him thing... The problem we have at the PvP section are not the missions. That was never a prob at OFP so it cant be the problem at ArmA. If someone is bored of the current mission situation can make new missions very easy with the nice editor. But we cant change the animations/movements/controls of the model so easy. And if someone like Q is going to make new animations/movements/controls then its a thing which you have to download and install by urself and its not within the standard ArmA version. Thats the reason why we ask now, if it is possible to get overworked animations/movements/controls of the model within Queens Gambit, cause then everybody can get it on an official way. We would be happy too, if the bugs of the animations/movements/controls will be fixed within one of the next patches. This thread shows me that there are a lot of people who have the same problems with the current situation of the animations/movements/controls of ArmA and it should show BIS that its one of the main problems out there. Looking forward to the changes made by BIS!
  9. CTF is capture the flag, with 2 flags, one for each side and every side has to try to capture the enemy flag to get a point. Every modification of that will end in a new game mode and not CTF. Im going to make new game-modes in the near future, it just takes time till its finished, but that will be totally different stuff than CTF. I have published a CTF missions pack with 25 CTF missions in it and i tried to make as many different kind of CTF missions as possible. So i guess i already did my part in trying to give a variety of CTF missions to the public. But of course, all of them got the same scripts and so no variety on that way, cause im making league missions and there it depends on different stuff than just fun.
  10. Frantic

    CTF mission creation

    Hello Apache[LOL] do you mean a CTF tutorial? or a person who can explain you the CTF script? with best wishes Frantic
  11. How many CTF missions have you played? only Hexenkessel? i have made bigger sized CTF missions too with lot of vehicles, but thats not what the CTF players wanna play. CQB CTF was a lot of fun in OFP and in ArmA its the most often played CTF mission style too, but the animations/movements/controls of the model are disturbing it. Its clear that on bigger areas you wont realize the problematic of the animations/movements/controls of your model. Just go and play DM and you will realize after some time that there is a lot wrong with the animations/controls/movements of your model. When i read that Queens Gambit will bring new islands with big urban areas, then i can just say, OMG, cause with the current state of the animations/movements/controls of your model its just a waste of time to make missions in such a CQB area. Dont understand me wrong, i will buy this expansion for sure, cause i still like ArmA, but my heart is bleeding when i see that this game has failed at so many points. Not only at the controls, ArmA has still a long way till it becomes as good as OFP was. Nah, as usual i will just wait and see what BIS will do...im playing ArmA since the beginning and i always thought that the animations/movements/controls will be overworked for sure, but now its nearly a year ago since the release and many unimportant stuff has been changed, but the most important part, the animations/movements/controls of the model, are still the same. Q has contacted me a while ago with the idea of changing the animations/movements/controls by himself, that would be an idea, but at the same time he would have made a cheat, cause you can go with your modified stuff on public servers too and you will have a big advantage over the others with the standard controls. I think he decided to wait till the tools comes out, cause then he would be able to combine the new movements with an addon like a new model, so nobody can use this as a cheat. We can be happy that ArmA is so modification friendly. For example: Celery already "repaired" the weapons with his little realism mod, where he has made the weapons as accurate as they were in OFP with just a little script. But i would like to see all this stuff done by BIS and not by the community. Cause then people who play ArmA for the first time would be able to enjoy it and they would tell others to buy it too. At the moment its just up side down, many new players dont like ArmA and they tell their friends to not buy it.
  12. aha...great...but the problem is not CTF only, its every game-mode which is PvP and not Player VS AI. I have the same animations/movements/controls everywhere in ArmA, so its not one specific game-mode which got problems, all PvP game-modes have the same problems, even COOP has it too. I have made enough different CTF missions (over 30) in ArmA and i think next to COOP, CTF got the most variety of missions...so it cant be the lack of enough different missions. Look at Evolution, its just one mission which is played all day long since some months now. The problem we have is the fact that everybody who plays PvP more often comes to the conclusion that ArmA isnt made for PvP, cause of the animations/movements/controls of your model, which are clumsy, robotic and very slow. Yeah i know ArmA is a simulator and not an arcade game, but in my view was OFP a simulator too and it was still fun to play.
  13. Frantic

    Linux Dedicated server

    we have canceled our linux server already...and the WIN server is burning our money now.
  14. Frantic

    Games Convention '07

    lol will be Game2 the test version for their VBS3 then? like ArmA was and is the test version for VBS2...
  15. i think some guys are misunderstanding the animations thing. you can name it movement or controls of the model too. cause the animations of the models look really better than in OFP, but the movements or the controls feel really not as good as it was in OFP. Its just the way how you control the model which is disturbing often. Here some examples: - sprinting against a rich: The sprint animation stops and a walking animation starts. No smooth middle part. - stopping during sprint: Sometimes you stop immediately and sometimes your model makes 3 more steps. But if u press a lean button your model stops always without the extra steps. - reloading: You can move your head during reloading, but after you finished reloading the view moves back to the position when you pressed the reload button. - going into crouch position: If you press crouch once, your model returns to crouch after walking, but if you sprint it doesnt. - throwing a nade: try to throw a nade in every position, like in laying position, crouch position and stand position, its always different and it takes far too long. - moving side ways in crouch position: its kind of luck how far your model will move when you go side ways in crouch position. that are the most important in my opinion and the once which came to my mind now. I will never say that BF2 got better animations than ArmA, but the handling of your model is far better. I know that BF2 is an arcade game and not a simulator and i know that jumping is not good. But the way how you can move your model in BF2 is by far more realistic in my view, cause the model is doing what i press at my key-board and its not like in ArmA more a luck thing. Its clear that the COOP players dont have such probs with the current ArmA controlling, cause its not so important what your model does if the opponent is just a stupid AI, but at PvP its the most important thing to have full control of your model. The animations/movements/controls are the most important thing of a computer game and ArmA has totally lost in that case. OFP was good cause the controls were really nice, it was fast and intuitive. Look at the server list and you have the proof. Nearly no PvP servers running, COOP is dominating. OK i dont have a prob with COOP, but PvP gives me personal way more fun than shooting AIs.
  16. i think he means the animations of the ego-view and not the animations you see at the model.
  17. Frantic

    Influx of Bad Gamers?

    its not down.
  18. Frantic

    Does anyone elses game crash online?

    yes...but its crashing randomly...so sometimes i have no probs and sometimes it can happen twice within an houre...havent found out why. some guys have mentioned that it can be cause of some troubles with TS and ArmA, but dont know if thats the reason for the crash to desktop.
  19. Frantic

    minor hot fix for 1.08

    i dont have that prob...was able to join a server without any probs! i think its nice that BIS shows that they are still working on it. they can bring out every week a hotfix till the Queens Gambit release. The traffic lights are annoying as hell too...i cant believe that a tank cant drive over a traffic light ...can the traffic lights been hotfixed too please!
  20. Frantic

    My arma Multiplayer Rant

    it works for me u just need to use the server number of the player instead of his ID. so use #userlist or P for finding out the server number of the player you wanna ban and then use this server number for the #exec ban ...
  21. Frantic

    The Essential DM Collection

    cannon rage is a blast for sure! chopper rage is way better in the air over Paraiso than on the boring hill side... looking forward to anchor rage!
  22. Frantic

    My arma Multiplayer Rant

    Two? and free?
  23. Frantic

    why there still so many bugs in this game

    @defqon there is already a thread for the thoughts and feelings you have about ArmA and which you show us here. http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....t=63342 There are 47 sides where you can find for sure some companions in misfortune. One thing i dont understand are the bugs which were not there before the 1.08 patch, like the ladder-bug and the nearly indestructible traffic lights. But BIS will solve it for sure, not today but maybe tomorrow!
  24. Frantic

    Who makes CTF maps?

    BLI are making CTF missions, but they are banning every other mission-maker on their server, so watch out!
  25. Frantic

    Less and less CTF players.

    so the most played missions and game-types are crap?..so i guess you think that all players, the majority of ArmA players, are playing only crap missions?..so you think that most of the ArmA community is just crap? Evolution is for sure not a crap mission, its instead of that a really great mission with only one problem, that its overplayed. BerZerk missions are the most played PvP missions, often with the most population, so i guess they cant be so crappy at all. And if you think that CTF is crap, then i can just apologies for that, cause i made the majority of CTF missions out there. But i can confirm that many of them are really crap. In my opinion you are just wasting your time here, if you are not willing to give your work to the community, so that we all can have fun and enjoy ArmA with it. You are talking down here to the people who are supporting ArmA, who are willing to give the ArmA community what it needs and wants, not always with success but we try it at least. Your missions seems to be really great if they are not worth it to make them public and you seem to be a really great guy, who has not shown anything but to talk down to everyone else. So stop wasting your and our time with writing promising and insulting posts and publish your missions! We are all waiting here for new missions and game-types, cause we love ArmA and wanna have new stuff to play on it. But this thread here goes just about the fact that there are not many CTF players online at ArmA, so it seems you have chosen the wrong thread for your post. Next time please take your time and read the title of a thread. sorry for the long text. back on topic: Im still working on the new Gc CTF missions, but i think i will have it soon. I have overworked nearly every mission of the first 1-06beta pack. Here the newest versions: Gc-Mappack-v1-06beta2 But only one has 15vs15 player-slots, the others are under construction. I have to make a new version of ClearCut for Gc, then the pack will be ready for league action with 10 missions in it. Lets hope that will bring more action to the CTF servers. with best wishes Frantic