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    Username embroidered on uniform

    yeah nice idea! It would look really nice and would help to communicate with each other, because of the XML logo on the arm and the nick-name on the front of the soldier.
  2. But we need public PvP activity and thats the reason why some well made PvP missions by BIS itself would help the PvP ArmAII commnuty a lot. I knew this endless discussions between PvP and COOP since OFP and way more since ArmA. Because in OFP we PvP players had not much to criticize. The gameplay of OFP was good for both PvP and COOP. However, since ArmA many people stopped playing ArmA or turned back to OFP because of the horrible movements and controls of ArmA. Not only PvP players but also COOP players. In OFP are still more PvP servers running than in ArmA... I really dont understand why so many COOP guys have still a problem with the PvP part of a game... I have never seen a PvP guy who comes a long and tells the COOP guys to play another game... However, thats offtopic... BIS has made PvP missions for ArmA. So they will do it again for ArmAII. We just wanna see this time decent missions without any bugs! Thats all we want. PS: and of course the fluent movements and nice controls of infantry units.
  3. quote from the Russian interview of Ivan Buchta translated by Raphier: link So there will be CTF missions made by BIS. Looking forward to see them.
  4. You say that you dont wanna make missions by yourself, because you think that BIS has to do it? BIS already proved in ArmA that they are not really interested in making PvP missions. The few PvP missions in ArmA were just bad, lots of bugs and not really balanced too. You say that you spent 45€ and so there should be quality PvP missions within ArmAII? I can underline that, but sadly as i said already BIS is not really interested in PvP and i think even if they try they would fail. There is a good reason why BIS dont care about PvP missions within the game and we all know it. The mission-editor is all what we need. Ok you need the players too to test the missions, but that worked well in OFP and ArmA. However, the PvP community will never be as popular in ArmAII as in some other games. We can just hope that the PvP community in ArmAII will be nearly as good as it was in OFP. Many people would like to see the PvP community in ArmAII more popular as in CSS, but thats just wishful thinking. The only way i can think of to get quality PvP missions within ArmAII is by doing it by ourself and sending them in to BIS and maybe they implement them in a next patch. Well made custom missions always spread out and league play is also possible with self-made missions. Just publicize them on the ArmAII fan pages and then you will see them on many servers. However, you are right with the appeal for quality PvP missions within ArmAII. That would help the PvP community alot and would not scare away many possible PvP players from the beginning. But i still think that the clunky controls and the robotic movements are the real reason for the nearly non existence of PvP play in ArmA!
  5. lol...the good old "In RL" argument. ArmA is still a game, so if you want RL go and join the army! Furthermore, ArmA can be similar to BF. Just start the mission-editor and create it. The greatness of OFP was and still is the possibility to create every game-mode you want and which you can imagine. So in OFP it was able to be done, also in ArmA and for sure in ArmAII. BIS already mentioned that the controls of the infantry soldiers will be more fluent compared to ArmA and so we all hope that the robotic movements of the infantry soldiers will be no more existent in ArmAII. The downfall of ArmA with PvP was the terrible movements of the infantry soldiers and if BIS gets rid of these then we will get a great game with ArmAII, even for PvP action. About your statement with the non existence of respawn in RL, just create a mission with no respawn and be happy with it. Many others like to have a respawn and so i would propose you to let us alone with our respawn missions and for yourself just dont go on servers or missions with respawn! I hope thats not too hard for you. I also tried to get some league action going with ArmA, but sadly i failed too. There were enough people for league action at the beginning, but after some patches most people recognized that BIS are happy with the controls and movements of the infantry soldiers and so many people moved on to other games and stopped playing ArmA. Lets all hope that BIS has learned something out of the dropping online player numbers in ArmA and will show us some nice fluent movements of the infantry soldiers in ArmAII!
  6. Frantic


    it would be very nice to have such a feature, but i doubt something like that will be implemented. We have to make it by ourself. The scripts will help us to create an own spectator, but i dont think we will be able to create something like a replay function with the scripts...
  7. There will be PvP in ArmA2! The question is only, if it will be any good or not... In ArmA the PvP part was strong at the beginning, but ended up in being very little. Now i think there are just a few servers left with DM and Berzerk missions. Compared to OFP and the many PvP servers there, ArmA has nearly no PvP at all. Most PvP players recognized that the controls and movements of the infantry soldiers were just not good enough for PvP games, so they stopped playing at all or tried out other games. Now we are all waiting for ArmA2 and i hope the controls and movements of the infantry soldiers wont be as clunky as it was in ArmA. A good PvP community in ArmA2 wont disturb anything. It would even help to have more games sold and so more money for BIS. I prefer PvP, but i also like nice COOP missions. However, im definitely going to make some PvP missions for ArmA2, but only if ArmA2 will have smoother controls and movements for the infantry soldiers. And as far i heard, BIS already said that they overworked it. Here a little quote: So im really looking forward to the release of ArmA2 and im also looking forward to have a lot of fun with self-made PvP missions! Â
  8. Frantic

    COOP vs player game modes

    Celery you are totally right! I think that everybody should play the game-mode which he likes the most. OFP and ArmA are the perfect games which allows you to play every game-mode you can think of, just create it by yourself if its not available yet. I like both COOP and PvP. However, COOP can never give me the thrill of a hard PvP clan-war. So PvP is way more important for me than shooting AI!
  9. Frantic

    (FPC) Server

    another CTF server hitting the dust... looking forward to the FPC server in OFP2 again!
  10. Yeah that is the problem! My clan just stopped playing ArmA because of that. We are waiting for ArmAII and OFP2. Maybe one of these games will have a proper PvP gameplay and community then.
  11. Frantic

    Multiplayer mission

    ask your question there: http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....SF;f=71 maybe someone will help you then!
  12. Frantic

    A few Questions For A New Guy

    no panic...hehe...you are not the only one here who wants that! However ArmA is build for big areas with lot of variety in vehicles and infantry with a huge comparison to reality. I guess that´s a reason for the "un-smoothness" of playing infantry in ArmA compared to other popular FPS games. ArmA = simulation BF2 = arcade (even with project reality)
  13. lol at least one who likes that mission! Even me who converted this mission from OFP into ArmA doesnt like it! nah its just funny like some people write here..."Just seperates the boys from the men."...rofl...all clear here... its sad that this thread went into some strange talking again after some serious workaround ideas. looking forward to see some ideas which were mentioned here getting real!
  14. you missed the point. ArmA isnt as popular as OFP was. ArmA wasnt even able to hold most of the OFP fanatics. ArmA has only a few players left compared to other 1 year old games. Look at the server list and you see how popular ArmA is! Look at the leagues and you see how popular ArmA PvP is! now you see what we are talking about. I guess BIS wanna make money with their product and so they want that many people plays it. In my point of view, ArmA was just a place holder and a way to get some money to continue the work on Game2 which is ArmAII. BIS already said that they were working on both games (ArmA and Game2) at the same time. After they lost the rights on the name OFP they needed to establish a new name and they just overworked the OFP:Elite engine with a few Game2 features. Thats it! They still continued their work on Game2 and gave the BIS fan community something new to play with. Nothing more. just hoping that ArmAII will be as great as OFP was!
  15. Frantic

    CTF ??

    Okay. Now that the people have voted (with their proverbial feet), what you gonna do, cry on the fkn forums for the rest of your days? The bitching is getting sillier than a mad half hour of Haxinkessel its the same silly like the COOP dudes are talking bad about the PvP players. And we are not crying, we are just saying our opinion to the questions asked. Look at the threads and you will always see a guy bashing at PvP before someone says anything against COOP. And most of the time its a thread about CTF. By the way, I like every game-mode. back to topic: The reason why there are so less CTF servers is clear...clumsy movements. The only active CTF servers i see are: FPC and BANDA. SBS went off to RB6 i guess...
  16. Who is talking only about PvP here? We are talking about ArmA and the clumsy movements are the same in PvP and in COOP or even in singleplayer. The only thing why there are more COOP servers than PvP servers is the fact that the clumsy controls are not so easy looked over at PvP compared to COOP. Human counterparts use every mistake you do to get you down. And of course you can even play a COOP alone or just with 2 users. We are just talking about the topic title and as far i know is that here a forum and a forum is there to tell your opinion. So please stop telling us to go away otherwise only yes sayers would be left and BIS will release an even more clumsier game than ArmA was and are wondering why only the same people buys and plays their game. Most of us old OFP lovers are gone to other games already, but we still like the idea of ArmA with all of its freedom to do whatever you want. So why should we stop our hopes that BIS will make all correct with ArmAII?
  17. Frantic

    CTF ??

    of course here the CTF mission packs MCY mission pack: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=1442 Gc mission pack: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=809 FPC mission pack: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=2184
  18. ?!? it seems you are having a day dream... ArmA is just a small piece compared to OFP Many mods went off or to other game engines. Most of the PvP OFP clans went to other games. Many people are still playing OFP instead of ArmA. You are right that ArmA is flexible like OFP, but it lost a lot of the old OFP community. and to say that so many people keep playing it. just sounds wrong. more accurate and suitable for ArmA would be so many people stopped playing it. im wondering why?
  19. No, do blame the player for messing up the game with awful missions. Why is ArmA unplayable in PvP now when it was playable back in v1.0? Because of Berzerk and Evo. That's why. We need new, well planned and thought over missions. Where gameplay is chosen over scale. No, the game is just not good enough for PvP. It wasnt playable in 1.0 and its the same in 1.8/1.9. New maps and missions brings something new but it wont bring masses of PvP players. Look at the number of users playing online, thats nearly the same number of players playing still OFP and at OFP are even more PvP servers. So what can be the reason for it? Grafix are better in ArmA, the netcode is better, bigger area, higher player numbers possible... However all this good stuff cant help because of the clumsy movement possibilities. Playing as an infantry soldier is the most common state in a war game and so it should have good controls and movements, otherwise you wont have the right feeling to it. OFP got the most intense atmosphere of all games i played so far and with ArmA i never got any of that feelings, because of the fact that i was always wondering what my soldier is doing instead of just reacting in a native way after pressing a button. I was always protecting ArmA´s movements and controls at the beginning. I always told the complaining users that they just have to get used to it. However i was wrong. Like you see at the number of online playing users, nearly every PvP player left ArmA only a few are left. ArmA is a pure simulator. It even has an army of robots which are trying to be humans.
  20. This game is made for COOP and not for PvP. I only dont understand why there are PvP missions within the game. BIS should release ArmAII with the subtitle: Cooperative battles at its best! And maybe write at the backside: Dont fear human counterparts, there are only dumb AIs! That way nobody will be wondering why there is such a small PvP community. Whatever, i had fun with ArmA for half a year and now im having fun with better PvP games. Its just sad to see a game with such a huge potential being played by such a small number of players. Some PvP players have written the main problems often enough and nothing changed. One guy even tried to mod ArmA to solve the problems, but sadly without success, cause only BIS can solve the problems. Normal players dont own a motion and capture studio. ArmA is the best war simulator out there and i guess war shouldnt be fun even as a computer game. So BIS made all perfect.
  21. OFP was great for PvP, because of its fast movements. ArmA is great for COOP, because you can control your soldier like a robot. ArmA controls are the worse i ever seen in a game. My clan left ArmA, because of the missing PvP part of the game. Slow controls and terrible animations made it impossible for us to have fun with this game at PvP. We have moved to CoD4 which has great controls and nearly perfect animations. Thats the way PvP should be made. You need to have control over your soldier to have fun with PvP, but sadly BIS failed at this. I´m just hoping that they will correct the mistakes which they have done at ArmA with ArmAII. greetings Frantic
  22. Frantic

    [MCY] MercenaryS -GAY BAR- goes offline

    yeah...its a sad story with ArmA. However we had a lot of fun on the Gay Bar with it. im looking forward to ArmAII and till it comes out im enjoying CoD4!
  23. Frantic

    CTF Fleischtorpedo

    but the rest is good, well written Celery! i think fleischi is even worse than Hexe!..however its a lot of fun too! So have fun with it...it was definitely fun to make this lill CQB slater mission!
  24. Frantic

    What made OPF better?

    Yeah whisper you are right! ArmA is way better in MP than OFP. But i think that the controls are more accurate in OFP than in ArmA. I am still hoping that BIS will improve the infantry handling!
  25. Frantic

    DAnti-Cheat System

    yeah great job Doolittle! looking forward to more updates!