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    (Coop)1-10 Woodland Squad

    yeah good job! Congratulations!!! one of the first custom mission made for ARMA2!!! :notworthy: sorry, cant test it yet, i will get ARMA2 hopefully tomorrow...:pray:
  2. Frantic

    CLY PVP missions (beta)

    Yeah DM VODKA is a must have! Celery, let me place the objects and create the first buggy mission and then you can polish it again. ;) @whisper: we played the ETQW demo and that was enough for us...:p
  3. WTF?!? you are saying that we can see now the steps of guys who moved already through the grass and not only soldiers but we can see tank traps too?!? that would be very cool and would increase the level of reality flash! :)
  4. Frantic

    CLY PVP missions (beta)

    lol...great job Celery!..thats really violating! :D
  5. If ArmAII wont be such a bug-party like ArmA was then MCY will be happy to get a nice public PvP ArmAII server up! You can be sure that the first custom missions on our server will be a DM mission and a CTF mission made by the MCY-mission-makers. Now you will maybe think, "why DM and CTF?!?" -because DM is just fun, is a good training for movements and is a very nice and fast way to get used to the different kind of handguns and rifles. -because CTF was and still is the best teamplay experience i and many others had so far and that was OFP:RES CTF... After having at least one good DM and CTF mission on the server, you can be sure that we will try to bring more game-modes into ArmAII. Which game-modes depends on the gameplay of ArmAII and the interests of our mission-makers. About the PvP missions without respawns... Im really not sure how a mission without respawn should be fun...i was even bored of CSS because of the waiting times...:o...so there needs to be at least a time-limit for a round otherwise the server ends up with just 2 guys left on it searching each other on whole Chernarus for hours...lol Nah...i will try to think about a way to have a mission without respawns and to have fun with it at the same time...wish me luck! :D
  6. Sorry, but i have to disagree on that one. The engine offers nearly everything what many PvP players like me are looking for. I can create a lot of different styles of PvP game-modes with the mission-scripting language and i can create a lot of missions with different scenarios with the missions-editor. Furthermore, ArmA already offered great player numbers possible on a good server, so i dont think that ArmAII will suddenly have lower numbers possible. In addition, clan PvP matches are really a different story compared to public PvP action. In OFP we had clan sizes of max 15 players online and ready for a match and normally the maximum of players were just something around 7vs7. In ArmA we can have double as much players possible on a normal server without having a lag-party and therefor im really curious how many players will be possible on a standard server at ArmAII. However, for clan PvP matches like in CTF are player numbers of 10vs10 big enough, but if you wanna play C&H more than 15vs15 are definitely better and i see a great potential for nice C&H action in ArmAII. Many old PvP players from OFP days fear that ArmAII will be just a better looking ArmA with more weapons and vehicles and no changes at the animations, movements and controls of the infantry units. Personally, I just wanna have that great feeling back from OFP where i really thought that im running over that field or sneaking through a forest and not that robotic feeling of ArmA where i always think that i control a robot. Many PvP players just wanna have fluid movements and instant controls in ArmAII for the infantry units because thats missing in ArmA compared to OFP! The rest of the great features of OFP is still available in ArmA and will be in ArmAII, like a whole world to move on without borders every few meters and the freedom of doing whatever you want on that world or with the engine! ;)
  7. i have the same dream  It would be just great to be able to enjoy every game-mode in ArmAII! In OFP are nearly all possible game-modes available and fun, on the contrary has ArmA only a few game-modes which are highly frequented and nothing else, so lets hope ArmAII will find back to the greatness of good old OFP with all the wide variety in game-modes with many people enjoying them. The potential is there and we will have the chance to find out soon, if ArmAII is just another ArmA or the real successor of OFP.
  8. Frantic

    ArmA 2 Ladder Site Now Open

    yeah ck-claw is right, you can use every mission you want.
  9. Frantic

    ArmA 2 Ladder Site Now Open

    yeah ck-claw is right, you can use every mission you want.
  10. Frantic

    ArmA 2 Ladder Site Now Open

    Good job Melkor! I assume thats an open-ladder system. How about to get an ArmAII IRC war room up, or a shout-box on your site to arrange wars?
  11. Frantic

    ArmA 2 Ladder Site Now Open

    Good job Melkor! I assume thats an open-ladder system. How about to get an ArmAII IRC war room up, or a shout-box on your site to arrange wars?
  12. Frantic

    "Arma" brand impeding on Arma2's success?

    The actual name is no longer OFP2, they changed it to Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, short: OFP: DR and OFP: DR brings just one site up: http://news.google.co.uk/news?ned=uk&hl=en-GB&q=OFP%3ADR and Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising brings enough up: http://news.google.co.uk/news?ne....+Rising The only thing what i have recognized about the name ArmA is the fact that many people were not really happy with the state of ArmA when it got released and therefor many people dont trust the name ArmA. The only way to get that corrected is to get good ratings in the tests, so they can put the over 90% signs on the box of ArmAII.
  13. It is totally clear that BIS are trying to make the campaign of ArmAII as good as possible. It would be dumb to not try it. I played the campaign of OFP together with my brother and that was the headstone where the love to OFP began for me. And the second thing after finishing the campaign was the mission-editor. With this great tool i was able to create a lot of funny COOP missions for playing them together with my brother in LAN. It was way later when we got an internet-connection which was good enough to try out the online area of OFP and that was the start of non-stop OFP playing. At my start of playing OFP online i played everything, COOP and PvP and i have to say that both aspects were just great. Furthermore, i still think that there is for everyone an aspect in OFP where you are able to find the way of gaming you like the most. For me it was the thrilling feeling of having a flag on the back and the bullets were flying around my head. That was the reason why i joined a clan to play PvP in a more serious way than playing public PvP only. I guess it was in 2003 when i came to the online multiplayer of OFP and all the missions we played were just user made content. I had played the standard missions of OFP already enough in LANs and therefor the new custom missions were just great and it was very easy to find out which ones were good, because the good missions were the most popular ones. After another year of constantly playing OFP online i started with my own CTF mission creating, because i wanted to have more high quality PvP missions and the most easy way to get what you want is to make it by yourself. In the end of 2006 there came ArmA and i started right from the beginning with mission making, but sadly most of the old OFP players stopped playing ArmA one after another, because they were totally upset about the movements and controls of the infantry units in ArmA. These days there is nearly no PvP in ArmA left and it is just such a shame that this has happened. BF, CoD and all the other FPS games out there are really no alternative for the gameplay of OFP and it was a shock for us to see that ArmA cant offer the same gameplay as OFP did. On the first view its not really clear whats the big difference between OFP and ArmA, huge island, a lot of vehicles, many online players possible, mission-editor and so on, but at the end it was really just the clunky controls and the robotic movements of the infantry units which scared many OFP fans away from ArmA. I already said it a few times in this thread and i try to explain it again. In a game where you are most of the time traveling on foot, it is really important to have well polished controls and fluid movements, otherwise it can destroy the whole feeling of the game itself. So im still totally looking forward to ArmAII and its well overworked infantry animations and movements! I still believe in you BIS!
  14. Nothing against Hexenkessel! You can blame Celery and me for the existence of Hexenkessel in ArmA, it took me 6 hours to place all the buildings just like in the original mission of OFP. However, Hexenkessel was very popular in OFP and it was fun to create this slaughter mission in ArmA too. Every mission makes the variety bigger and that is something nobody can be upset about. We all wanna play in ArmAII the kind of missions we like the most and the mission-editor helps us to make that happen. Im really hoping that BIS will release a well polished game and not another disaster like ArmA was... Im still missing some fluent animations and real controls of the infantry units in ArmA. So i hope i will be able to enjoy ArmAII with well overworked movements and a great repertory of missions of all kind of game-modes!
  15. Thats right Celery.Thats what I am saying. If those missions were official the things would be different. (Tequila Sunburn my favourite   ) sorry but that are ArmA missions, you wont seen them in ArmAII, only if ArmAII has Sahrani implemented. And i really dont think it will make a huge difference if a mission is official or custom made. Only if a missions is really good, then more people would be able to play them from the start. But if its like in ArmA with its terrible PvP missions within the game then nobody will remember the official missions and will just continue playing well made custom missions. The OFP/ArmA community likes self-made content and if something is good then it will be played! Some of my CTF missions are still played in OFP and ArmA and you can be sure that some of Celery's DM missions are also often in use. Nobody will be angry obout BIS if they implement some bug-free, well-made official missions in ArmAII. Many old OFP veterans still remember the greatness of ArmA's precursor. The freedom of every game-mode possible in OFP. Thats what we wanna see reimplemented in ArmAII, because we love the variety and its just a great thing to have all possibilities of every gaming-style available in one game. You all know the missions-editor and with its powerful scripting-language all game-styles can be created with it. Thats why we would like to see a huge improvement of several things in ArmAII compared to ArmA, like reacting controls, fluent movements and no longer the feeling to control a robot instead of a soldier in war. Some well made PvP missions on the ArmAII disc wont hurt anyone and it will help the online community to have some fun with PvP missions right from the start! Variety is the key word and OFP was known of its huge variety in missions and addons. Game2=ArmAII is the real successor of OFP and thats why many OFP veterans hope that more people will be able to enjoy the quality of a game which provides you with lot of different game-styles, game-modes, missions and content, just like OFP still do and hopefully ArmAII will do too! I think when i compare the time of playing BIS made missions to the community stuff i played, then the community will win with a huge gap in between. So some BIS made missions will be good for some time, but i dont think they will last forever. I would suggest the possibility to post missions in a special missions-thread and the community can vote which missions should be made official by BIS, so BIS can still decide if they wanna overwork those missions or not and implement them in a next patch. Thats the only way i can think of to get missions official. However, it would still be a great thing to see high quality missions made by BIS just right from the start in ArmAII.
  16. @Ptolemaios: There is really no reason to get upset about a thread in this forum. The thread title says: One question that MANY fans care about. PvP... Everybody can clearly see that this thread goes about "MANY fans" and "PvP". Maybe a thread title with a more clear statement would have helped to let the thread ontopic, like: Request for more official PvP missions I really have to apologize that we do not only discuss the question about more official PvP missions by BIS in ArmAII in this thread. Furthermore, i have to say that we already reached a point in this discussion where we already found out that ArmAII will have PvP missions and that there will be a mission-editor for a good reason. However, this thread already moved over to a more interesting point. The question why there is so less PvP in ArmA and what can help to have more PvP in ArmAII? I posted already some suggestions about this problem of some active discussion partners in this thread. Here a quote of it: The majority of the active people here in this thread thinks that the controls and movements are the major reason for the missing PvP part of ArmA and are hoping that there will be an improvement to be seen in ArmAII. I cant speak for all, but i think that most of us dont wanna see ArmAII transformed into an arcade shooter like many other FPS games out there. The people who loved the PvP style of OFP are not interested in bunny-hopping games. We all love the freedom of modding and the creation possibilities of it and of course the nice scenario and environment which no other game is able to deliver. I think on that basis everyone can see that we just have a valid point about the controls and movements in ArmA and that we just wanna see an improvement of it in ArmAII. The reason why the people of the PvP part of ArmA are mostly concerned about the controls and movements of the infantry units is the fact that in PvP you need to be faster than your opponent otherwise you are dead and therefor you need controls which react and no stop-and-go if you run from one cover to another. I really dont think we have to get into detail about the concerns we have with the controls and movements in ArmA. Everyone who takes his time to just try out the controls and movements of an infantry unit can clearly see the unpolished parts of it which can really disturb your gaming experience. It should be clear that an improvement of the animation and controls wont hurt anyone. It would just make ArmAII to a better game for all of us. PS: I got an idea about the PvP missions problem of CyDoN and Ptolemaios, how about to make missions by yourself and send them in to BIS, maybe they will make them official and implement them in a patch? Or another idea, how about BIS are looking after the most frequent missions online and overwork them and release them within a patch then? Just some thoughts.
  17. Finally i found a way to convince you that i dont wanna harm ArmAII. I hope you understand now that it would be no danger for ArmAII to make the controls and movements more fluent. I wanna enjoy every aspect of ArmAII. And in the game you are the most time on foot and thats why i think that the controls and the resulting movements of it should be as good as possible. As i posted already, BIS said somewhere that the animations will be more fluent in ArmAII and i guess not many can be upset about this. Lets hope that the released ArmAII will be a great game and many people can have fun with it, even the OFP fans who prefers PvP game-modes.
  18. Ok, it looks like that we have now a few different opinions about the subject "why is there so less PvP in ArmA?". -CyDoN thinks its because of the lack of BIS made standard PvP missions. -ethne thinks its because ArmA is not designed for it. -Michael_Wittman thinks its because of the cheaters. -Akira BAADAKKU thinks its because of the missing OFP players. -I think its because of the unpolished movements and controls. (sorry if i have someone misunderstood, but i think that were the main statements of you guys) Its great to see some different views on ArmA about PvP. I try now to find a common assumption which we all can accept and underline. We all dont wanna have CoD, BF, CS controls, like bunnyhopping game-style. We all enjoy the "realistic" game-style of OFP and ArmA. We all love the modability of OFP and ArmA. We all love the open scenario of OFP and ArmA. We all enjoy to play OFP and ArmA together with nice people. We all wanna see a nice polished ArmAII. I hope everybody here can accept this 6 statements and see that we all wanna have the same actual. And for those who are still thinking ArmAII cant please everyone, thats just totally normal, because everybody has a different taste. However, OFP was able to please every game-mode and was made by BIS! So why not ArmAII?
  19. ?!?...of course are mods more interested in modding otherwise they wont be mods... And the mission-editor will help to have enough new missions to play with. So why do you bother about PvP then,if you never leave your closed home server? I never said that. And i cant care less about such stats. You dont get it that for some people playing against real humans makes more fun than just shooting AIs. Who said that its directly designed for that?..nobody! However,in OFP it was possible and lot of fun and why not in ArmAII? lol...you really have a prob with PvP and "pwning"... I never said anything about owning or other childish vocabulary. oO..?!?..where?!? Till now it looks more like another arcade game and nothing more... Sorry, but its obvious that you dont read what others write if they have a different opinion than your own. Its sad, but you have just your fixed view about PvP and everyone who likes to play PvP is for you another headless chicken which wanna own the world. Sorry again, but there are people out there who likes every aspect of OFP and are just unhappy with the current situation of ArmA and are just hoping that ArmAII will be a great game again with every gamemode and gamestyle available! And thats what i wanna see in ArmAII: people who have fun playing COOPs and PvPs!
  20. Cheats are in every game. But you are right that it was very easy to cheat in OFP and i think there was no change in ArmA... However, the cheats which destroyed the fun of gaming were mostly cheats which destroyed everything, like bomb rain or multiple object appearing. Those kind of cheats just destroys a round and not the whole online gaming. Cheats with which you get an advantage over the others are not hurting anyone only the person who uses it. Speed-runner, aimbot user, teleporter, immortal, ESP, ect... Some of those cheats were easy to detect and some of them were impossible to detect. I know that since a long time and we still were able to have fun in public matches and clan-wars. At the end of OFP league gaming, every league-mission had 3 spectator slots and in every match was one or more referees watching with a running Fraps. So there are ways to have fun with PvP in a modable game. Its clear that every player wanna have fun playing a game and the only thing which was really different between OFP and ArmA were the movements and controls of the infantry units in my opinion. And i heard it so many times that old OFP players stopped playing ArmA just because of the movements of the model in game. And at the end i came to the same resolution. I think Q tried to mod the movements of ArmA back to OFP style and Celery made a mini mod for having the same aiming and shooting feeling of OFP in ArmA. Furthermore, Celery and me created several missions and included a little script inside the mission to disable speed-runners and object-deleting...but all this effort was just too late, many, or i would even say the most, of the old OFP PvP players had already moved on to other games or went back to OFP. Some of them are still playing OFP and just for the curiosity, some guys have created a working anti-cheat mod for OFP. Now you think, this tool wont last long. However, there are no new cheats in OFP because its too old and so their anti-cheat thing works fine. To some it up: I never had a big problem with cheaters. The controls and movements of the infantry units of ArmA are the reason why i stopped playing ArmA or play it just from time to time. And the same goes to many other people out there who loves the idea behind OFP and ArmA but cant stand the clunky movements of the ArmA soldiers. In my view was ArmA just a 1.5OFP with some new features of Game2. BIS used the OFP fans to test some stuff in ArmA which they are going to implement in ArmAII. So ArmA was just so well made that the people could use it and nothing more. Along the way, BIS was able to earn some money with it and so they were able to continue their work on Game2 = ArmAII. Thats how i think about ArmA and i really dont believe that BIS wont improve the movements and controls of the infantry units in ArmAII. Now you are maybe wondering why im still discussing here if im convinced about the fact that there will be better movements and controls in ArmAII. Its just because of some people here who really think that the actual movements and controls are good and should stay like that and because of the nonexistence of PvP in ArmA and of course, because this thread goes about PvP and i really care a lot about PvP in ArmAII. I even have a bad information for you ethne, here a little quote out of an old preview or interview: sorry, but i dont know the source anymore...:rolleyes:Animations more fluid means for me that the movements will be more fluent too and thats exactly what many people and i are waiting for! ArmAII PvP will be the best!
  21. So thats your argument for the nearly nonexistence of PvP in ArmA? That people are just thinking the controls are clunky but in reality everything is good with the controls? So you say that all the old-school OFP PvP players are wrong and that there was no reason for them to stop playing ArmA? Please explain a bit more why the PvP numbers are so low in ArmA now.
  22. It seems that you just dont wanna read what i write. Its clear that there are nearly no PvP servers left in ArmA...believe me there are still some, you just havent seen them...I always see one or two if i look at the server browser screen. I explained already why there is so less PvP in ArmA, so no need to go into details again. It looks like that you dont see where I and others are coming from. I played a lot OFP and was really happy to have a game where you can have fun with nearly every game-style you can think of. PvP, COOP, SP, everything was fun to play in OFP. Now in ArmA there is nearly only COOP left and the only reason for that are the clunky movements of the infantry units in my opinion. Its really strange that some people seem to be happy about this progress. OFP was great because of the big variety you were able to find there. (COOP, PvP, SP, campaign, mission-editor, mods, addons) Now in ArmA there is just COOP. Thats in my opinion a sad thing. I like to play COOPs with the right people, but i also like to play a DM or every other game-mode. It is really sad that ArmA compared to OFP missed the biggest profit of OFP. The freedom to play what you wanna play. OFP was a really big playing field. At one day you could have an intensive thrilling clan-war, at the next a chilling COOP and on another day just funny brainless public PvP. In OFP you were able to have that all. And that attracted a lot of people, therefor the high selling numbers. Now a question to you: Have you liked OFP and do you like ArmA now more because of the "great" improved controls of the infantry units? I have written that before and will do it again: Everybody will profit with more fluent movements and better controls. There will be no harm at all to your loved COOP. There will be just more people playing the game. There will be also more COOP server then, so there is really no reason for you to defend the robitic-style movements and the uncontrollable controls. BIS has changed the controls and movements in ArmA compared to OFP without a good reason. Now i hope that they will solve the obvious problem of ArmA in ArmAII, because they wanna earn money with it. And the numbers of sold ArmA copies are really nothing against the numbers sold of OFP!
  23. Why should ArmA not appeal to PvP players? I prefer PvP, but i also like COOP and other game modes. You can be sure that there are COOP players too who are not really happy with the current robot style movements. I really like your argument that the PvP crowd will be bored after one or two weeks because of the maps...lol First a map is like an island and secondly there is a mission-editor and with that we can create as many missions as we want, so we will never get bored because of too less missions. That was never a problem of OFP and not of ArmA and wont be the problem of ArmAII. Why should the PvP community not profit from mods? I remember to have played in a league with one big mod which got the most realistic gameplay i ever seen. I think it was called Wargames...not sure about the name. It was one of the greatest PvP experience i ever had. So please dont think that mods and addons are just for the COOP lovers. We all benefit from people who are willing to do something for free. I have never seen a mod which is exclusively for COOP... You can really believe me that everybody will profit from a well made ArmAII. We all know that ArmA was rushed and was more a money-pig for BIS, so they were able to continue their work on Game2 which is ArmAII. So i really dont see a reason why they should not improve the controls and gameplay of ArmA in ArmAII. BIS wanna sell copies of ArmAII and the best way to do that is to have a well polished game and fluent movements and nice controls are the most important part thats the basics. In OFP we loved the gameplay and not really the graphics. We always said: Gameplay is more important than beautiful graphics. Since ArmA it looks more like: Graphics > gameplay And in my opinion is that not really the best way to do it...
  24. sorry, but you really dont get it, ethne! We already went away from ArmA. And we were nice people, our server was always a nice place to have some fun and we always tried to keep the server clean of all the childish behaviour we mature players dont like. Furthermore, we supported OFP with mods, missions, leagues and several servers. We continued our support in ArmA from the beginning. We have some very ambitious members who made a lot of quality missions and as i said already we had a well visited server mostly for PvP. However, after 1 year of waiting for a patch which should solve the problem with the "robotic movements" in ArmA we moved on to other games, because nearly nobody was left of the old OFP members of my clan to were willing to continue to play with ArmA. I think we were just 3 guys left and so we had to close our server and without a server we couldnt continue to test new missions. We tried out other games like BF or CoD of course, but we played OFP for such a long time and therefor we really missed the good old OFP feeling in the other arcade games. It was just such a big disappointment to see such a great game like ArmA with such terrible controls and movements of the infantry units. ArmA is the only PC game i play from time to time. At the beginning of ArmA i always said to everyone who was unhappy with the controls that it needs more time to get used to it. Sadly, i nearly was the only one who thought so and one day i realized that the controls are just not good. However, long story short: I loved OFP, i like ArmA, but i wanna adore ArmAII and the only thing which it needs are fluent movements and controls where you really have the control over your alter ego ingame. BIS are going to release PvP missions within ArmAII thats a fact and it cant be a big problem to create this time missions without bugs, i think thats not too much to beg for!
  25. sorry, but this statement is not really constructive... The robotic movements of the infantry units in ArmA is really nothing to be proud of. Even COOP is no fun to play for me with this controls and the resulting robot-moves. A more fluent gameplay does no harm at all to everyone. Believe me, ArmAII like ArmA wont be attractive for those people. And online public play always happens on a server and the server where i mainly play on is my own, so people who get on my nerves or people who destroy the fun of others can be kicked or banned very easily. It seems that you are really against public PvP in ArmAII. Thats really sad, because the minority of all the people who could have fun with ArmAII and public PvP are the nerving guys and because of this few individuals is your opinion that nobody should have fun with public PvP in ArmAII?!? If i am right with this assumption then it just shows me that you must have had bad experiences with public PvP in the past. And im feeling sorry for you, because i had really a lot of fun with public PvP in OFP and ArmA. Ok, way more with clan-wars. However, i can also say that i have seen a lot of bad people destroying COOP missions too. There are always some poor souls out there with PvP or without. So its really not correct to say that the PvP part of a game is the reason for childish behaviour. I always thought all OFP and ArmA fans wanna see a great game with ArmAII. And everybody hopes that BIS will earn a lot of money with ArmAII to be able to support ArmAII as long as possible and therefor they need to sell as many copies of ArmAII as possible. And the best thing to do this is in my opinion to learn from the failures done with ArmA and the major failure was the movements/controls of the infantry units. BIS just have to make them more like in OFP and i think nobody will be disappointed. The COOP and the PvP community will be happy. I really never thought about the existence of people who thinks that its fun to play as Robocop!