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    Any other (ex) Battlefield 2 players?

    lol...bf2 is really only a game for a short time...but ofp is and arma will be a game for another long time to have a lot of fun with! the best thing on ofp is and will be hopefully in arma the same, the constant flow of new user-made stuff...maps, islands, addons, mods... and ofp can be fast...just play some cqb ctf! CTF will be in ArmA from the beginning too...saw some ctf pics of the E3-demo. BF2 is really only a arcade-fun game, it suxxs alone, but can be really good fun with someguys on ts. But u cant play it as long as OFP, cause u will get a headache after some time, of all that arti and jumping/spawning players!
  2. Frantic

    German GameStar slaps Armed Assault

    GameStar has only proven that they cant write articels with informations in it. this articel is just Petras opinion, and its sad that the chefredakteur has not modified or deleted her articel. she must have been very overworked when he came to the IDEA-box. On the one hand i can understand that she was not really happy what she saw there. One poster on the door and not even a guy from BiS there. i would be unhappy about that too. But i would have tested the game a bit longer than only 35mins to make an objectiv articel about ArmA. Most game magacines r just not good. But i think ArmA will become popular cause it will be the only game out there with such a huge amount of addons and maps just from the beginning. We will see soon a new article on the GS-site when the first Multiplayer-demo is out! and then another journalist will write a better articel than this from Petra! GS is not the only site in the internet where u can get informations about ArmA, so dont worry about this crap articel.
  3. Frantic

    Kill yourself!

    i dont think that every bullet i shoot into the ground is hurting myself. i never injured only my legs by shooting into the ground. I always died but never got injured. i thought that every bullet is flying somewhere till its stuck at another place. but a function to shoot urself with the gun into ur head would be really nice. Would look great if ur going to shoot someone and he just turns his weapon around and shoots into his own head...lol
  4. Frantic

    Kill yourself!

    i killed myself often enough with just shooting into the ground. its realistic that at least one bullet out of 30 bounce back and hits urself. i hope it will be working in ArmA too, have loved to kill myself, and with nades is the danger to kill not only urself!
  5. Frantic

    What do you *HOPE* will be in ArmA?

    i really hope the animations will be different than in OFP, cause i still see on the ArmA screenshots the corner-camping-bug, where the soldiers hold their weapons next to their head, instead of looking through the scope!
  6. Frantic

    Fours Days, Ten Players, Tom's Place

    YEAH...God save the LANs!!! have a nice time together with m8s playing OFP is really a wonderfull thing! but sadly really rare these days...all my m8s play other games now... ARG...i wanna be there too!!! have a nice time lill dutchies!!! u will have it for sure!
  7. Frantic

    detailed CQB sized maps - a discussion

    lol u guys r funny the most important thing will be: how many players will be able to play it without lag! so if u can have a 30vs30 map...then it wont be a CQB map. But if u can have only a 10vs10 map without lag, then there will be for sure many CQB maps! i only play CQB maps, cause i like to have much action during the match...the normal player number is now from 5vs5 till 8vs8...so why should we play a huge map where u r mainly trying to find an enemy to shoot at? im really looking for some nice actions with 30vs30 players with vehicles fighting for a C&H map! and about the thing to have CQB maps too...there will be enough CQB maps cause i will be there to make enough nice CQB maps, cause i love them!
  8. Frantic

    Join in progress (JIP) and possible problems

    sorry...wasnt able to read all posts, but i have a few thoughts about that too! JIP is really nice, cause the long waiting times would be over then! There should be a possibilty to aktivate the JIP for admins. if both sides r even, then u have to wait till 2guys wanna join, so the sides still stay even. if some guys disconnect, then the server should balance the teams by himself. But players with same tag shouldnt be draged to other side! only a few thoughts about JIP!
  9. Frantic

    ArmA Progress Updates

    very nice pics and news! jubel jubel freu freu
  10. Frantic

    What do you *HOPE* will be in ArmA?

    -Punkbuster -Netcode -50vs50 matches -total ofp addons compatibility -many new players thats all!
  11. Frantic


    i heard ArmA will come out Summer 2006 but i prefer a game which is finished instead of every week update! take any time u need BIs, we wanna have a great game!
  12. Frantic

    What will do to your OFP when you have ArmA

    i will burn all my ofp stuff on many dvds and then uninstall OFP! After that i will install ArmA!!! and i hope i dont need to install OFP again after that! hehe BIS can take all time they want for ArmA, i only wanna have a nice game! Better they wait a bit longer, so we all can buy us the new graphikcard generation which is made for big areas and long distances!..no longer the graphikcards which are only made for small areas and close quater battles like CS:s, or BF2, which is also not really big areas, if u look on the view distance! Frantic waiting for the über game!
  13. Frantic

    Mission Editor

    hmmm...one thing which would be really great is: if u can see and move the object which u put into the mission. It always takes so much time to review the mission to see where the objects stands. It would be so nice if we have an editor with free view on the map, maybe with optional wireframe with or without textures. with a free camera to move on the map and modify the objects, like move it, would really help to make nice maps without ugly bugs like a tree stucked in a house! The script language is nice, ofcourse it would be easier if there would be another way but then we maybe cant create new game-styles. I really would like an improved mission editor, but im sure it will be in ArmedAssault! im really waiting for it, i wanna make as many nice maps as possible! im still making maps for OFP for a few ctf-leagues for example, so the most time i needed to make maps was to put objects on it and to move them till they r at the correct position. So with a free view with all editing objects would really help me much! with best wishes Frantic
  14. Frantic

    ArmedAssault Maps

    so i wanna start a specific Mapmaker topic here!! so what i´ve heard and read here i think the game will be 100% compatible to ofp1 with all his addons and maps! if thats true that would be really great and bring a lot of old ofp1 players back and maybe many new too! other intresting things r the script of the maps! will they be similar to the current ofp1 ones!? or is there a modulator for making the ofp1 maps working for ArmedAssault? i hope the map editor will be a bit better then the one of ofp1! i was able to make maps on it, but it would all be a bit easier with live seeing where and how u place objects! so i hope to start a nice discussion here and maybe get some nice answers for my questions!! with best wishes [MCY]Frantic.bay
  15. Frantic

    Armed Assault - should the name be changed?

    hehe...sorry...too many stuff to read here! i vote for: OFP:aa
  16. Frantic

    Armed Assault info for modmakers

    wow...nice...that OFP:AA game will be great!!! if its reall true that the game is compatible to ofp and all maps r running on it too, then we will have a lot of fun there! btw: i nearly made 30maps the last 12months...lol and think of the big maps without lag, if they have worked on that! and the joining during a running game will be great too!..if u can only join to make it even or u have to wait for a second to join! im really looking forward to it!