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  1. I'm working (for old times sake) on a plane, on which I have 2 doors and a ladder. I want the plane to be locked when the doors are closed and when the doors are opened the plane to be unlocked.

    However I can't even seem to get the Open door thing to work..

    My addon knowledge stems from the Operation Flashpoint era, and so do these scripts.. so any help would be nice :)

    So this is what I have:


    	class AnimationSources 
    		class leftdoor		
    			source = "user"; 
    			animPeriod = 2;  
    		class rightdoor		
    			source = "user"; 
    			animPeriod = 2; 
    		class ladder		
    			source = "user"; 
    			animPeriod = 2; 
    	class UserActions 
    		class FWA_AN14DOORSOPEN
    			displayName = "Open Door";		
    			position = "door";			
    			radius = 5;
    			onlyForPlayer = 0;
    			condition = "this animationPhase ""leftdoor"" < 0.5";
    			statement = "this exec ""\FWA_AN14\opendoor.sqf""";
    		class FWA_AN14DOORSCLOSE 
    			displayName = "Close Door";
    			position = "door";
    			radius = 5;
    			onlyForPlayer = 0;
    			condition = "this animationPhase ""leftdoor"" > 0.5";
    			statement = "this exec ""\FWA_AN14\closedoor.sqf""";

    The doors and ladder have been defined in the model.cfg and do actually work in Buldozer.


    _plane = _this select 0
    _plane animate ["leftdoor", 1];
    _plane animate ["rightdoor", 1];
    sleep 0.5;
    _plane animate ["ladder", 1];

    closedoor.sqf is pretty much the same except in reverse..

  2. I recently got ArmA 2, and started looking at some of my old models (the ones I also sent you). Don't have the texturing figured out yet but I've started making some models a bit more hires (Hs.123 for example).. Some should be pretty much ok in terms of model, just need to be able to use the new ArmA 2 features and new textures.. Will see what I can come up with :)

  3. Got some pm's, including from 2 mods.. the full list (not all completly done, all need WORK to get into ArmA II):


    Hawker Hurricane (was released in FDF)

    Curtiss Hawk-75 (was released in FDF)

    Fokker D.XXI (was released in FDF)

    Polikarpov I-16 (was released in FDF)

    Lippisch P.13A


    Henschel HS.123

    Tupolev SB-2

    Ilyushin DB-3 (was released in FDF)

    Aichi D3A1 "Val"

    Fairey Swordfish


    Beriev MBR-2

    Shavrov Sh-2


    Kolibri Helicopter

    Some pictures:










  4. Gnat;1962476']Looks good FW200

    If your O2 is installed normally its actually MUCH easier to save and edit them as TGA.

    Even while you have O2 and Buldozer open/running' date=' any time you edit the TGA file, O2 see's you have updated it and will automaticily covert a copy of the file to PAA and this can be seen instantly in Buldozer. (A dos window will appear breifly as the file is converted)[/quote']

    Thanks! Does that count just with the new Buldozer or with the good old one as well? As you can see I'm still on the old one (need to install the new one though..)

    I have the following still on my HD, these are nearly ready (Main lod done, cockpit done, textures made.. some could use some updating)..:

    Fairey Swordfish, Henschel HS-123, Kolibri helicopter, Lippisch P.13, Shavrov SH-2 seaplane, MBR-2 seaplane..

    Also, I'm the author of the Hawker Hurricane, Polikarpov I-16, Fokker D.XXI and Curtiss Hawk-75 from FDF WW2 and I have alternative skins for all of those.. So that's 10 planes that could be ported to ArmA II incase someone is interested..

  5. Pretty cool, good luck man.

    I suggest you try Blender if you want to get back into modeling. :)

    Found my old hdd.. Reinstalled Objektiv 2 Light (easier than learning a new program) .. And went looking to see what might be updated..

    The following model and textures are from 2006, though I think with some normal maps and specular stuff it would look good even in ArmA II.

    Main body textures are currently .jpg (for easier editing), which O2 didn't like so it looks a bit sad :)



    I also have the following which might be nice as well:


    I updated it a bit during the day.. tomorrow I'll see what else I might have..

  6. Haven't done anything in terms of modding in ages (last things I did were for OFP still.. )..

    But this morning I read an article about the KA-26 helicopter and remembered I had done a reskin and some mods on an old KA-26 in OFP.. I remembered that I had never released it, partially because it didn't have a cockpit.

    So I searched for a cockpit picture and started making a texture.. This is how far I got after half a day's work:


    As soon as I can find my old PC I might try and find out if the KA-26 is still alive :) Then I have to get used to modeling again.. O2 light was a long time ago :p

  7. Can an airsofter explain to me the need to dress up in camo, and sew SAS/Delta/whatever tags to thier uniform? I'm assuming it's a minority within the sport?

    I mean, it doesn't make you any better at airsoft, surely it's pointless and walty? Or is half the fun in pretending you're a soldier? Whats the mindset?

    I wear Soviet Afghanistan gear because I enjoy wearing something different, and because it's quite a nice era to collect gear from.

    It's fun for me to collect the gear (can't have the guns at home or I'd collect those) and then wear it on the field.

    It doesn't make me a better player but it's just fun.


  8. there is no big difference in look between Polish Tantal and East German MPiAKS-74 , Polish Tantal has 3-rounds burst mode (and wood looking plastic or AK-74M-looking plastic instead of DDR brown plastic)

    Actually there are quite a few differences, tantal is more based on the AKM.. the Mpi-Aks74 were clones of Russian '82 Izhmash Ak-74's but with either a sidefolder in the Mpi-km pattern or they had a fixed stock (as Mpi-Ak74).

    The most obvious difference is that the tantals used different furniture as you said, and the long muzzlebrake. Also they used steel magazines (they could use the Russian/Bulgarian/East German etc bakelites and polymer magazines but this wouldn't have been done)



    (Tantal is a civilian one, hence why it lacks the selector)