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    Bonaire island

    Very nice A possibility for a campaign would be a Falklands kinda idea. You know, a country invades Bonaire and we (the Dutch) don't take that and go there to take it back or so . Keep up the good work, us Dutchies enjoy playing with your very fine addons
  2. FW200

    Beriev Be-32K

    I believe its another model FW200 edited to make it look better and that he textured The plane you are talking about in FDF is probably the Fokker F-27. They do look similar so its an easy mistake to make Yep i make i mistake,,jejeej,,,cos' it is very similiar...the plane... saludos.. Yup, supah is right, I edited a model released by HiJacker, this is how it originally looked:
  3. FW200

    Beriev Be-32K

    Nope You can add them if you like offcourse, a good source would be the WW2EC C-47 which has some nice scripts for this (ask permission first though, always better to do that )
  4. FW200

    Real life photography/photo editing

    My mother's Moto Guzzi Lodola Gran Turismo from '61 Closer look at some of it's internals Other side, blaim the sun for the odd colors Pics around 500 or 600 kb each, watch out 56k'ers
  5. FW200


    I've never ever done it.. But it seems like quite an exciting experience and like ozanzac said.. one of the things on the "to do before I die" list
  6. FW200

    OFP Community Census Project

    Well only the post count is correct here (570 or so). Don't have any warning levels, I'm negative towards Bush, positive towards the EU as a superpower and not at all religious... So I guess I am a freak
  7. FW200

    OFP Community Census Project

  8. FW200


    Landgraaf, The Netherlands Small Map showing location
  9. FW200

    A-10 Thunderbolt II v0.5

    If you want your plane to be attackable by enemy MG gunners, your best bet would be to download Gimbal's planes (old addon,still good ones though) http://ofp.gamezone.cz/index.php?showthis=826 If I recall correctly you have to use these threat values from the cpp to make your plane attackable..
  10. FW200

    Bou's Anyone?

    Well I usually do external (you do NOT want to see my cockpits, they are fugly ) but I'm willing to try anything BTW. Your textures do not have to be rembrandt, everyone is still learning.. hell I'm sure even Marfy still learns
  11. FW200

    Bou's Anyone?

    Looking good, my offer to retexture some of your stuff still stands you know.. I love "light" planes in OFP, twin engines ones etc.. They are just great
  12. FW200

    Invasion44 MOD

    I can assure you it's not from a different game, Marcel spend a lot of time on it
  13. FW200

    Airsoft & Paintball and those in between.

    Currently saving for my own VDV Uniform (VSR Camouflage) and a Custom built Ak-74M There is just one issue... I need a job or I need to win the lottery..
  14. FW200


    My parents have a couple of bikes and I am planning to get a Motorcycle driving license before I get my car license  We have: Moto Guzzi Lodola 235 from '61 (ours looks better though) DKW RT250/H from '53 Yamaha SR500 Moto Guzzi SP1000 I most likely will drive the SR500 once I get my license We used to have a BMW R27 and BMW R-69/S but we sold those sadly Â
  15. FW200

    Opf engine based photography 3 -no pics > 100kb

    I made an entire sea battle with carriers , Divebombers, LST's , Corsairs, Zero's .. you name it.. but my photo shooting skills suck so I only have this one Addon: WW2EC's D3A1 "Val" divebomber
  16. FW200

    Autumn Nogova

    Nogojev is Kolgujev redone with resistance objects. That's why it's named Nogo (from Nogova) Jev (from Kolgujev) Very nice island btw fighter. Would you be planning on any snow versions?
  17. FW200

    Gun Flashlights

    Hmm, looking amazing but I have a couple of questions: What if you don't hold a gun and press L? What if you are holding a gun which doesn't have a flashlight in RL or so, will you still get the light? I hope you will continue development on this project.
  18. FW200

    Where Are You From

    I'm Dutch, 17 years of age and I live in the lovely little town of Landgraaf. I still go to school but I hope to finish it next year. In my spare time I build 3d models and textures for them for our beloved game  . However, although most of my projects are nearly done I lose interest in my projects and then I won't finish them for some reason. This leaves a lot of unfinished projects on my HD, some of which might be interesting for other modders. Ah well, maybe I'll throw them on the internet  I don't have a frickin' clue what to do after I finish school, not even what direction to go to (Computer science, Economics, Science , etc etc). I already threw the idea of the army away considering I'm a bit thin and light and stuff like that PS I spend about half of my spare time going to these forums and checking for new stuff etc. However I almost never post since I usually don't have anything valuable to add.
  19. FW200

    BIS Forums Top 100 Games - Finished!

    1: Operation Flashpoint -No explaining needed. 2: Red Alert 2 -Best of the series and very good against friends. 3: Il2 Sturmovik -Amazing flight model and physics 4: Monkey Island -All 4 of them although 4 isn't as good. 5: Halo -Fun with a couple of mates. 6: Star Wars: Knights of the old republic -First RPG I ever played, I loved it. 7: Unreal Tournament -A lot of fun, we still play the original ones at LAN games now and then. 8: Metal Gear Solid 1 - Finished it 6 times, absolutely great game. 9: Wings -Old flying game I had on my Amiga 500. 10: Settlers 1 -Old strategy game on my Amiga 500)
  20. FW200

    Damage models

    The word you're looking for is depleted
  21. FW200

    The best war movie ever

    -Apocalypse now -Memphis Belle -Battle of Britain -Full Metal Jacket -The Longest Day
  22. FW200

    Ramp Animations

    Best tuts can be found here: http://ofp.gamezone.cz/_hosted/brsseb/tutorials.htm Check the last tut for anims in vehicles and buildings.
  23. FW200

    Ask a mod

    Well I mean to set it at a lower value like 10 or so, long enough for people not making mistakes with the technical errors and short enough to prevent people from getting annoyed
  24. FW200

    Ask a mod

    Hmm actually you got a point with the counting bit, IIRC on some forums you can set the minimum amount of time between 2 posts (10/20 secs or so). Doesn't ikonboard have such a function? that would prevent these unwanted "spammings" and thus reducing the workload on Moderators
  25. FW200

    Ask a mod

    I noticed there have been some problems with people making too many reply's posts due to technical issues (I had it before as well), is this matter being looked into or not?