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  1. FW200

    Hunt the intruder - out-flank him

    How is the you-know-what kit doing ?
  2. FW200

    Airsoft & Paintball and those in between.

    You would probably be better off waiting for this: http://www.icsbb.com/news/e_news_main.asp?id=36 This is an -74M variant though, and I like the looks of black Ak's so this one is perfect for me
  3. Check this I can't use SetObjectTexture. Oh yes you can ;) Just make a couple of small faces in the model (so you can't see them) on which have your texture applied. This way when the game starts the texture is loaded and will not appear blurry when using setobjecttexture I used setobjecttexture on my Hawk-75, it has 1024x512 textures and it did them without a problem so it will also work on your TV
  4. FW200

    Briefing book

    Double click it
  5. FW200

    Why still Operation Flashpoint

    ok I sent something
  6. FW200

    AEF-Campaign: Train Trailer

    How about my question to MP use? Will we be able to use it in multiplayer? Can imagine a lot of things we can do with it
  7. FW200

    AEF-Campaign: Train Trailer

    Amazing..... It's like watching my brother's model railway system, he's got exactly the same engine (only in red ) Will it work in MP?
  8. FW200

    Attention Addon makers

    Indeed, I also mailed asking for more info and still haven't received a reply
  9. FW200

    Hunt the intruder - out-flank him

    Very nice new beta PS. I honestly can't remember what I wanted to PM you about
  10. FW200

    Engine Sounds.

    And perhaps an Be-32K sound?
  11. FW200

    Flashpoint Community Hardware Specs.

    I prefer the application, however I must say, my current comp is not up to spec and I am planning to buy a new one if BIS should decide to release OFP2 or any new expansion to OFP1. So in other words, any info from me would be outdated
  12. FW200

    Beriev Be-32K

    I don't know the original plane, but does the landing gear retract that way without opening any landing gear bay doors? If it does, then having them would make this addon perfect along with your other listed changes, FW200 Done @ Donner, I'll try some stuff
  13. FW200

    Beriev Be-32K

    -Flaps Added -New Cockpit underway -Rudders fixed Anything else wanted?
  14. FW200

    The Iraq thread 4

    Good luck , hope you get back safe and sound
  15. FW200

    Hunt the intruder - out-flank him

    Psst Footmunch, your PM folder is full I can't send any more PM's
  16. FW200

    Today, Halo 2 has gone

    Damn that sucks...
  17. FW200

    Beriev Be-32K

    Sure, would be easy. Been thinking about updating small tidbits (adding another civi version, cockpit textures, flaps, rudders etc..) However seeing the number of replies to the thread, not sure about it...
  18. FW200

    CV-22 Osprey

    Unfortunatly, a helicopter class can only have 2 props/rotors, unlike plane class vehicles. Ofcourse, coding the aircraft as a plane would solve this, but I'd prefer to have helo movement over scripted vtol movement. Darn, you are right, completly forgot that I blaim it on the fact that I just about only build airplanes
  19. FW200

    CV-22 Osprey

    Another idea... -Make 2 sets of animated props (one in the down position and one in the up position, using the vrtule 0,1,2,3 thingies). -If you want to animate them from the top to down position, the upper pair dissapears and a static blur appears (so it's not turning but atleast it looks a bit better). - Then when it gets at the bottom, the static one dissapears and the lower one appears. - This is untested so I don't know how it will look honestly. You could disable doing this with the engine off so you don't have to animate the props themselfs and only have the blurred props rotating. Just an idea
  20. FW200

    Today, Halo 2 has gone

    I played it (in a MP LAN) and it was quite nice, much like part one offcourse, but also some fun changes. However, I had most fun with coop in part one so I hope the SP game is just as fun as it was in part one
  21. FW200

    Opf engine based photography 3 -no pics > 100kb

    Beriev Be-32K FDF 1.3
  22. FW200

    OFP chat room

    Not here it isn't There are quite a few OFP channels on quakenet , ranging from clans/groups and newssites to mods like BAS and RHS. Get online on #ofpec and we'll hook you up with some nice channels..
  23. FW200

    Object not showing in viewer

    Yes I had that often as well... I think it depends on the computer, there isn't really a solution that I know. I just try to prevent my models from reaching my "buldozer poly count"
  24. FW200

    The Forgotten Battles

    In MP I usually fly on a server which has exterior viewing enabled, and some extra planes enabled ;) I fly: B-25H and IL-2 3M I painted it like the Su-47 Berkut prototype. Don't have a pic of the B-25H atm though. I picked these planes because I'm a lousy fighterpilot and I rely on tailgunners to kill enemy planes. The -25 is very nice when it's empty (no bombload) and I usually hug the deck and let fighters chase behind , then I fly a bit sideways so almost all my gunners can open up