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  1. FW200

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    Fokker D.XXI's on a lonely field in May 1940..
  2. FW200

    Bas stuff

    Look at all the major OFP sites.. im sure the have them.. like http://ofp.gamezone.cz/ or one of the many others //EDIT The urls on www.ballistic-studios.com dont work for the moment
  3. FW200

    Dkm mi-28

    THE MI-28 is a single seat attack chopper The Mi-28 is a 2 seater Chopper with a cargo space for 2 more in a case of an emergency (like friendly bailed out pilots )
  4. FW200

    Dkm mi-28

    Great  Really.. Can't wait till its done Should be a good one Nice Job DKM-Mod And Co-pilot & Chavez cant wait till we see some pics of the BM21 & G22 Artic Warefare magnum Â
  5. FW200

    Seb nam pack 2 (full) or 3

    Psst we (WW2EC) never released a Hellcat.. we did release a Corsair and a Helldiver
  6. FW200


    Good addon Flies well.. Nice scripts.. I DO have some issues.. I looked in the PBO (Nasty habit of mine ) And I've noticed this: -He left the model unbinarized (thus making the P3d/Pbo larger) -The model has only 1 resolution lod... -Textures dont fit everywhere (nose as an example) -He used a combination of a couple of plane textures (including small parts with JPG texs).. I wonder why he didnt combine those into one 1024x1024 texture But besides these points its a great addition to the OFP airforce Nice job
  7. FW200

    Greece3 completed!

    Well why not Its the best Island out there for WW2 missions Ah well then il just use the flat land...
  8. FW200

    Greece3 completed!

    Could you add a small dirt airstrip somewhere? Like near that southwestern village.. There is a big flat piece of land there.. That would be nice for WW2 missions..
  9. FW200

    Enhanced bis model

    ;) Nice initiative Matthijs (and Frandsen) Good Job BIS for the model too!!
  10. FW200

    Red Hammer Studios

    Ok And if you happen to have any nice pics of them or so.. send me the link or the pics
  11. FW200

    Red Hammer Studios

    I know it derives from the MiG23 ;) Greetz, FW200 PS. You didnt mention the changed engine inlets ;)
  12. FW200

    Ask a mod

    <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">http://redstar.ofprc.net/images/rhs_forum_banner6.jpg[/img] Like this ? Or did you mean something else?
  13. FW200

    New c 47 sky train by me .....

    Looks good But one q though.. Did you use double sided faces? Keep up the good work!!
  14. FW200

    Red Hammer Studios

    Yup MiG-27 Greetz, FW200 @ Soul.. there that wasn't much info was it :P
  15. FW200

    Red Hammer Studios

    Yup.. I don't know the exact details but if a tank is in combat mode the units jump of at once
  16. FW200

    Red Hammer Studios

    Screen 1 Screen 2 I believe these weren't posted
  17. FW200

    Help whit some scripting

    Maybe make the mass larger?? A mass of 800 is too little I think.. The UAZ Demo model has 1000 already.. so make yours around 1200 I think it will be better then..
  18. FW200

    Red Hammer Studios

    Yes Poet you are right Some people can't see it.. but its ok.. they will find out.. BTW.. Suchey made us some nice new Avatars and Banners.. What do you peeps think about it?
  19. FW200

    Red Hammer Studios

    OK Everyone.. Relax.. Please.. SGA + RSS are one team now.. ok? Both teams have had a lot of input and SGA also had a lot of good addons in progress.. Except they haven't shown em.. Now I've seen some of them I have no doubt that this merger was a good thing.. I suggest that we won't look back at RSS + SGA but that we look into the future of RHS.. of our upcoming releases.. our W.I.P projects.. And all the good that will come.. Offcourse you can always ask questions There is no problem with that.. And please please dont start discussing about the grammar.. not everyone has English as their first language.. Â
  20. FW200

    Red Hammer Studios

    Lol.. Just download O2 .. follow some tuts :P and then you can also model !! Then learn to make textures and some basic cpp and you should be able to make some nice addons too
  21. FW200

    Airsoft & Paintball and those in between.

    Thnx both but most of them live in Brabant,Utrecht etc And I live in Limburg (that part between Germany and Belgium) I'll register at that airsoft forum Thanks again..
  22. FW200

    Airsoft & Paintball and those in between.

    I live in The Netherlands and I really want to go Airsofting someday... so im looking out for people in Belgium who do Airsoft.. Someone of that kind here??? Anyway.. I think it would be pretty cool to try out my OFP tactics in real life.. The gun I would like to have is an Ak47/74 or one of its variants... It looks good
  23. FW200

    Ballistic addon studios

    Nice Work BAS Can't wait until they're done Keep up the great work!!
  24. Cool This is a great development
  25. FW200

    Red Hammer Studios

    Hammer & Sickle Studios (HSS) Hammer & Sickle Addon Studios (HSAS) Red Storm Studios (RSS )