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    Red Hammer Studios

    The T55 pack is coming really close to its release, the crews need to be finished. We are going through intense online testing and we have got a teaser picfor you: This pic shows a Iraqi Enigma tank (T55 mod) with working squad.xml picture and text.. You can also see the randomized arabic numbers on the turret..
  2. FW200

    You want cas? you got cas

    This one will replace the one you've seen before since its more 'nam like .. now I will stop taking over Footmunch' thread  Sorry Footmunch
  3. FW200

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    OMG That one is beatifull... Its my wallpaper now Thanks
  4. FW200

    You want cas? you got cas

    I dont need approval.. I could release it right now.. but I don't want to do something against the will of the author.. It's important for me.. And it shows that I respect him.. So I will wait until he contacts me BTW I only changed the textures.. I suck at scripting so I won't even attempt it
  5. FW200

    You want cas? you got cas

    I won't release anything without his permission btw And im sure he is also working on these camo versions..
  6. FW200

    You want cas? you got cas

    I made a small reskin of the Skyraider I hope Footmunch doesnt mind me posting this:
  7. FW200

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    Skyraider being watched at (with a remington) during a bombing run on a NVA position.. (Reskin made by me btw)
  8. FW200

    You want cas? you got cas

    Great work Footmunch!! Love the speed you're working at !! (10x faster than me ) Keep up the good job Â
  9. FW200

    I'm a dragunov

    At the Dictator Quiz I got this: #1 George W. Bush, 44th President of the United States  #2 Fidel Castro #3 "Papa Doc" Duvalier #4 Josef Stalin #5 Adolf Hitler The Tank quiz results: #1 Challenger II #2 Challenger #3 Leopard II A6 #4 Leopard #5 M1A2 SEP Gun quiz: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
  10. FW200

    Skye virus 3.0

    Ok.. played it with a friend of mine and solo later on.. It was fun.. though it was over too fast... I maybe have some suggestions: - When you go into that garage to get the radio part the doors must close and the red effect (which is really creepy) must kick in and zombies must come from a couple of directions or so - Put a bicycle in it  - Also put a motorcycle in it - Make the Radio Parts REAl radio parts.. maybe just simple objects or small boxes but at least make something.. its more real that way.. - Make it so that sometimes bad stuff happens.. like a blown tire or so (random) - Make some of the cars broken down.. like sites where they crashed. - Some burning cars would also add effect Well that was it.. I loved the mission
  11. FW200

    Normal ww2

    The WW2 Community (including Russian authors) have decided this some time ago: British/American >> West Germany(and Allies) >> East Russia/Resistance forces >> Resistance
  12. FW200

    Messerschmitt bf-109

    Would that method involve l/r raketa  ? If yes.. we need to talk If no.. we STILL need to talk
  13. FW200

    Messerschmitt bf-109

    BraTTy and i are already on the same team ww2ec so i think that he will help me out in the best of ways. I'm working on a Spitfire MK IX at the same time with the Messerschmitt. So my goal is to release them at the same time with atleast 2 missions to cover both sides. I think FW200 is doing a FW190 so i will wait and see about that. Nope The only WW2 plane I have in progress is the Fokker D.XXI Finnish Fokker D.XXI Dutch Fokker D.XXI's Anyway.. back to topic This is the 4th BF109 ive seen in progress: Sixth BF-109G6 AIA BF-109 Skinmez' BF-109 And another one , but I'm not allowed to tell the name of that modmaker Let's wait and see which one will be the best.. the more the merrier right Â
  14. FW200

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    A high speed chase between a Jaguar and a Su25..
  15. FW200

    Corsair f4u released !!

    the BF-109 is still in progress and it will be a beauty.. I have been following its progress and Sixth is making it wonderfull.. The Mustang has been cancelled.. there were tons of bugs which I couldnt solve..
  16. Look under drawings.. its THE best site for blueprints (if they have your plane that is) http://www.airwar.ru/indexe.html
  17. FW200

    Is a decent tank too much to ask?

    Chances are not good enough, as he said: "without having to install a ridicolously big Addon pack like FinMod or BW Mod". Hmm good point
  18. FW200

    Is a decent tank too much to ask?

    Good Enough ?
  19. FW200

    The Forgotten Battles

    Ok I've got it running ok now I've started a game with the Finnish AF and on my first mission (normal realism) I shot down 3 DB-3's and a I-153 Â Â The B-239 is a pretty cool plane.. the guns are a bit useless but ramming is also a nice trick (same way tovarish does.. I ram with my vertical stabilizer against the wing and it comes of and I can fly on to my base )
  20. FW200

    The Forgotten Battles

    I borrowed it from a friend to see if it runs here and I like it .. It runs and looks like crap on this comp but if it works good on the other comp im going to buy it!! I have been having fun with the bombers and I've found out that im a really crappy fighter pilot.. Il try to tweak my settings some more and I hope to find you people on a online server some day //EDIT- Can someone borrow me some money for a new and better computer??
  21. FW200

    Finnish defence forces mod 1.0 released!

    Congratulations FDF mod on a job extremly well done!!! This is most impressive!! I'm hooked on the missions even though I havent played a single player mission in about 6 months.. This mod is a definite keeper
  22. Ok.. I also have a question.. How about Finnish Swastika's ?They didnt have anything to do with nazism so are they ok? Like in this picture Or I could do like in IL-2 Sturmovik.. using the modern Finnish Airforce sign.. IL-2's Hawk 75 in Finnish Colors I prefer the first option for realism's sake..
  23. FW200

    Visitor released

    I said it before but ehm.. We LOVE you BIS!!! Thank you very very much
  24. FW200

    Visitor released

    I said it before but ehm.. We LOVE you BIS!!! Thank you very very much
  25. FW200

    How good are you at foreign languages?

    ik = I goed = good ben = am