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  1. FW200

    Nogovan police units v1.1

    I think I can say that he already has a van in progress for the pack Now I hope DM won't kill me
  2. FW200

    New weapons for ADF

    I don't think turkey has any type of abrams... Their newest US tanks are M60 IIRC. True.. but they have chosen the Yatagan (Tailored version of the Oplot) as their MBT though.. Excuse me for another Oplot/Yatagan pic However.. I must agree that "old" Leo2's are a good choise.. ...
  3. FW200

    New weapons for ADF

    Interesting read.. suggest you read it completly ;) Armor Article
  4. FW200

    Nogovan police units v1.1

    Now get ontopic.. This mod isn't dead.. I can assure you... as soon as DeadMeat finds the time to finish his new stuff (some of which I supplied) then you will find out.. period.. Waffendennis.. if you want to fight with people .. do it using PM's please...
  5. FW200

    New weapons for ADF

    My point is that the Oplot is better armored.. ERA-5 is much better than Chobham armor since ERA-5 can withstand those "amazing" Du Shells from a Abrams.. Nice article about ERA-5 Official site about Armor Protection of the T-84 here (about the same as the Oplot) And read Sigma's post about the Oplot >here<
  6. FW200

    New weapons for ADF

    It does offer more protection.. (has ERA-5 and various other systems) and Electronics.. well.. It can be fitted with anything you would like
  7. FW200

    Redressing the balance

    the psd's link seems to be corrupted.. missing 18bytes or so? Further.. nice work
  8. FW200

    New weapons for ADF

    Oplot MBT Considered by many to be the best in the world.. It's a development of the T-84 with a lot of systems improved... the T-84 is an update of the T-80UD.. The Oplot also has a 120mm gun capable of firing NATO Rounds.. The Turkish version is called the Yatagan.
  9. FW200

    Red Hammer Studios

    Hold on.. They will come... and after the long wait (sorry for that guys and gals) you will be rewarded
  10. FW200

    Project to unify airplane addons

    I'm a plane builder and I am very much interested in this project... I would certainly use it if it fits into my aircraft (Depends on the time period of the planes I'm making).. so I ask you to continue this most interesting development
  11. FW200

    Bas island - working title "lost island"

    Could you guys please stop filling this thread with off topic remarks and go ontopic please? I'd hate to see this thread closed
  12. FW200

    Csla 2 news

    I love it Nice job.. downloading the trailer now...
  13. FW200

    A-1 skyraider

    It's looking good.. I'm also on the Nam Pack Air Module team.. and we have a nice Skyraider skin (although Footmunch hasn't seen it yet) but this one would be awesome to include as well
  14. FW200

    IM:UC Mod Thread

    Sounds interesting When will you reveal this aircraft? My guess would be the Tu-22 Blinder btw
  15. FW200

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    had that planed stalled or was it in freefall or something when you took that pic? Its just it looks a little odd when you look at the trails.... Well.. I just flew straight into the sky.. and then shut the engine down and pressed "s" for the airbrakes.. and let me fall to the rear.. then it turns itself.. and you can continue flying..
  16. FW200

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    Right here A bit down..
  17. FW200

    Swedish foreign minister attacked

    I wish her family and the entire country a lot of luck and strength.. and I hope they will get the guy who did this..
  18. FW200

    Nogovan police units

    To carry prisoners or so but on a small Island like Nogova.. I don't think it is of much use..
  19. FW200

    Arms trade

    So they decided to buy one of the best (maybe even the best) MBT in the world.. the Yatagan (Turkish name for the Oplot MBT) Which is an upgraded T-84 except with a 120mm Cannon( which can fire NATO shells) The T-84 is an update of the T-80 btw http://armor.kiev.ua/Tanks/Modern/T84/oplot_1.jpg http://armor.kiev.ua/Tanks/Modern/T84/oplot_2.jpg http://armor.kiev.ua/Tanks/Modern/T84/oplot_3.jpg http://armor.kiev.ua/Tanks/Modern/T84/oplot_4.jpg
  20. FW200

    Junkers 52

    You kinda left out Evis' P-51 Anyway.. nice Junkers It's a great plane (or target)
  21. FW200

    Red Hammer Studios

    Anyway.. rest assured.. you won't be dissapointed.. it is great to have tank battles with resistance T-54/55's... And the crews are one of the best units I have seen made for OFP..
  22. FW200

    Military dune buggy

    You picked the nice ones from the ones that I sent Only.. my winter buggy had snow tires.. can't see them on your pic
  23. FW200

    Pearl harbor

    Maybe a modern day version instead?? And some points you made aren't realistic.. like there were no kamikazes at pearl harbor.... A WW2 version could be made using various addon's like Bratty's Zero and GFX707's MG pack.. the LST could be good as a battle ship.. maybe setpos some MG's on them?