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    Ofp combat photography 2. no pics over 100kb

    Tad bit too dark perhaps
  2. FW200


    We will see in a couple of months what is true .. from what I gathered.. you'd be surprised
  3. FW200

    Ofp combat photography 2. no pics over 100kb

    Mr. and Mrs. Janssen from the Netherlands decide to take a vacation to the beautiful Nogovan mountains... "Look honey , let's camp out there" Disclaimer: Sorry ;)
  4. FW200

    Ofp combat photography 2. no pics over 100kb

    (The uniforms are wrong , I know.. ) Finnish backup airfield in the spring of 1942 Finnish Soldiers guarding the airfield Finnish Pilots preparing to take to the sky in their Fokker's Finnish soldier guarding a Fokker D.XXI @ Nathanz: Sure.. other mod makers can have them if they want.. just PM me..
  5. FW200

    PMC_Euro 25km Terrain + Campaign

    Haven't downloaded it yet but the names for the places sound like they are in Belgium / Netherlands (Vaals is a place in the most southern part of the Netherlands)
  6. FW200

    Why do you do it???

    Because I like to make stuff which I would love to fly around with in OFP (mostly fly , since I basicly only do planes).. and because I like to see the reactions when I post pics from them or when I post a beta on IRC.. Fun , excitement to be able to make what you want (within limits) Fun, friends Nothing much.. nothing actually.. Â
  7. FW200

    Can anyone make?

    From World.guns.ru
  8. FW200

    Ofp combat photography 2. no pics over 100kb

    Nah I'm not really planning on releasing them as they are in alpha stage and not good for release.. they require a lot of work.. I am planning to release 2 of my planes in the future, an An-2 "Colt" for the Nogovan Armed Forces Project and a World War 2 Fokker D.XXI.. E-3A patrolling the North Sea
  9. FW200

    Ofp combat photography 2. no pics over 100kb

    USAAF Douglas C-54 Skymaster flying cargo from a misty Skye Island base..
  10. FW200

    Ofp combat photography 2. no pics over 100kb

    Finnish Fokker D.XXI defending a Finnish Shavrov Sh-2 2 Finnish Fokker D.XXI's turning away.. 2 Dutch Fokker D.XXI's escorting a Fokker G.I "Jachtkruiser" Dutch Fokker D.XXI flying over it's airfield.
  11. FW200

    Guess the name of the game

    IL-2: Forgotten Battles?
  12. FW200

    How old r u?

    17 here
  13. FW200

    Mcdonnell douglas c-47

    Tested it and it's cool ;) However.. one small nitpick.. it's not McDonnell Douglas C-47 , it's just Douglas C-47 They became one company at this date:
  14. FW200

    Dedicated server

    On your question number 1: Yes you need to have Addons folders inside your modfolder... this is also required "at home" so its also needed on the server. 2: Don't know.. someone else might be able to answer this one better than me..
  15. FW200

    Operation farmland objects

    Do you have the download link? Can't find it atm.. but I am searching for it.. //EDIT: Found a pic of it.. an beta was released , his (zippyo's) website is down but you might be able to contact him via email E-mail The plane obviously needs new textures ; I would be willing to help (only the textures though ) http://www.ofpec.com/yabbse/attachments/zip.jpg //EDIT2 ; Found some more pictures at OFP.info but it seems like the model isn't as good as I thought it would be so I think it's better to forget this idea , sorry
  16. FW200

    Ofp combat photography 2. no pics over 100kb

    It was public.. but only for people on IRC (so I would have a smaller test base).. But don't worry .. a final version is coming Antonov An-2 loaded with a Jawa motorcycle
  17. FW200

    Operation farmland objects

    Looks great Someone made a Crop Dusting plane some time ago.. maybe you can redo that ?
  18. FW200

    Custom faces

    I really like them , they are great for missions but I have a question: Could you make some winter ones? so I can use them with FDF?
  19. FW200

    Game physics

    I would love to see rockets turn with you. This is a bit of a fuzzy description so I will explain it with a pic: http://aa.domaindlx.com/FW200/Fokkerturn.jpg I am using a rocket model with 2 modeled tracers to simulate multiple guns firing using the "zuni" principle. However , as you can all see , when I turn the rockets ("tracers") remain horizontal. I would like to see that the rockets turn with the same angle as the plane Â
  20. FW200

    Italian ww2 mod

    Looks really good I'm looking forward to this mod.. It's always nice to see non-regular forces in OFP , I mean , there are a lot of German and American WW2 troops in OFP. A change is always welcome Are any planes planned? If you need some help with them , please contact me. I might not have a lot of time but for a mod like this I'm always willing to make some time.
  21. FW200

    Any dutch troops?

    Yeah , I'm really looking forward to some high-quality Dutch gear.. the Diemaco pack was already great.. Can't wait for some soldiers to go with it! PS: I'm another Dutchie
  22. FW200

    Ofp combat photography 2. no pics over 100kb

    Nah.. Focke-Wolf FW200 is a german plane This is a USAAF plane
  23. FW200

    Ofp combat photography 2. no pics over 100kb

    Douglas C-54 Skymaster flying over the beautiful hills of sunny Trinity (Sorry for the bad quality pics )