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  1. FW200

    Ka50 pack by hawk

    Would it be possible for you to also take a look at the BIS Su25 and equip it with these kind of scripts? That would be really nice
  2. Damn I'm all sad now...
  3. FW200

    3Dsmax Plugins

    I'm ok with anything.. as long as we get Objektiv 3 or Objektiv 4 ;) I mean.. I learned everything I know about modeling in it and I can't work in progs like 3dsmax etc. So I hope that you're saying a plugin for 3dsmax BESIDES the use of Objektiv.
  4. FW200

    Hawk's nimitz class aircraft carrier

    Although I like the Nimitz, I would prefer it if you would make a Russian Kuznetsov class Carrier instead of making another Nimitz So we can balance stuff a bit and make Carrier vs Carrier fights ;)
  5. FW200

    Opf engine based photography 3 -no pics > 100kb

    French Hawk-75's on the airstrip on a sunny morning. German BF-109's about to wake everyone up. Bombs falling from Ju87's. To be continued (or not probably) WW2EC's Hawk-75/ P-36 pack Armoured Spearhead Version 1. Trenchfeet's Me-109 DXDLL Running FDF 1.3
  6. FW200

    Does OFP need an LCAC?

    Got an idea: How about a normal car/tank class.. and then just use a script which setposses a roadway under the vehicle so it can drive over water? then just add some dropped blueish smoke for water spray and you're done
  7. FW200

    jpegs as textures

    Just open the texture loading window, go to the correct folder and enter the correct texture name ("mynicelittletexture.jpg" or so). JPG's are ok for testing but not for released addons, they are baaad.. Want to know why? search around a bit
  8. FW200


    Thank you very much, I had already used such a method for my Hawk-75's but this tut has learned me some new things, for example I still had the kulomet gunsmoke ;) Thank you once again Mr. Klink
  9. Picture not made by me Sadly I have a crappy GFX card, still.. nice work Kegetys and feer!
  10. FW200

    Very Important Announcement from BAS

    Mine would have to be the littlebirds I just love those cute little choppers.. parking them behind buildings and then jumping up and shooting at passing tanks. Oh and I loved the Deathroll
  11. FW200

    WW2 Mod Alliance

    I'm in WW2EC and I did not know about the Alliance until Gavin himself told it to me so it is safe to say WW2EC was not asked.
  12. FW200

    Opf engine based photography 3 -no pics > 100kb

    Another one of my shameless advertisements: Finnish Airfield with Curtiss Hawk-75's and Dornier Do-17Z's Watching over a Finnish pilot's shoulder at a Dornier Do-17Z Finnish Pilot overthinking everything calmly whilst his beloved Curtiss Hawk-75 is waiting to be flown out again Addons used: Curtiss Hawk-75 Pack (WW2EC , Unreleased) Dornier Do-17Z Pack (WW2EC , Unreleased)
  13. FW200

    Very Important Announcement from BAS

    Sad to hear... That's all I can basicly say about it, thanks BAS for your Addons, Islands, Missions and Campaigns..
  14. FW200

    UEFA Euro 2004

    Finally.. all this football stuff is over  //EDIT: Sorry for all of the hardcore fans , and congrats to Greece offcourse...
  15. //ARG Ikonboard gave me an error.. damn double postings
  16. FW200

    Retro Gaming

    Nice. I remember N&S. Very fun game. Although capturing the trains were always a bitch  Sadly I don't have Desert Strike. But then again.. over half of the disks I got weren't working. There is a 2nd chance however.. someone offered to borrow me a 100 games so I could copy them from him. Does anyone know how to do this? I have enough empty disks and I have 1 disk station for the Amiga (so no extra ones available) PS: My fav of the Amiga was always Wings
  17. FW200

    Retro Gaming

    I would like to talk in this thread about a thing called Retro Gaming which is basicly going back to your roots and playing old games on old consoles etc like Atari's or Commodore's. Here is a little story about my Retro Gaming console: A couple of days ago there was a country fair here in the village where I live.. and there is always a scout group there with a lot of old stuff like electronics and toys etc. This time I saw a Amiga 500 in it's box there and I asked the man how much it cost. He then said I could take it with me for 2 Euro's.. I couldn't believe it, a complete Amiga 500 console for 2 Euro's. In the box (original) was the console , power unit, Amiga 520 tv converter and a original 2 button mouse. Disks were sadly missing. The entire console was kinda yellow and it had some filth on it. I cleaned everything up and to my amazement it worked like a charm. Ok, I could do nothing but look at the nice bootup screen since I didn't have any disks but atleast I got this far. Today at school I was talking about how I didn't have any disks with a couple of friends of mine and suddenly a girl from my class said that she had some boxes filled with Amiga disks from her Dad. So I'm going there tomorrow and see what kind of disks they are and what programs and games they contain, I'm already looking forward to playing games I used to play like Settlers 1, Wings and Theme Park. So this is my little story, now about you guys, what are your experiences with "Retro Gaming" and/or the consoles you used to play on? Added are some pics of my Amiga 500: The entire set (except the TV) for 2 Euro's The Amiga itself, a bit yellowish perhaps.
  18. FW200

    Retro Gaming

    Have to take a look, playing North & South atm
  19. FW200

    Retro Gaming

    Ok just got 4 large disk cases filled with Amiga Disks for free ;) By the look of the layer of dust it hasn't been used in a long time.. First tests show that my Amiga is indeed working Will report back later on tonight with reports on Settlers 1 etc ;)
  20. FW200

    Guess the Helicopter!

    Kamov Ka-50 ?
  21. FW200

    Hunt the intruder - out-flank him

    I would have to say smaller Russian Transport planes.. we got an An-124... but nothing smaller than that (like an An-26 or so) I've made a Beriev Be-32K but the model isn't too swell.. you can have it if you want to work on it (although I doubt you would want it)
  22. FW200

    How to make 2+ weapons on 1 vehicle

    How does it handle with bumps and going uphill etc?
  23. FW200

    Nogova 2004 released!

    yes Batdooog it is  I just made it to test out how the pathway loads worked and if I could make the geometry etc work properly.. the model is also pretty low poly (760 faces) and the textures leave something to be desired. If someone wants it.. they can have it.. just like about everything in the list in my sig..  //EDIT: I will personally visit and kill the next person to call me FW2000
  24. FW200

    Nogova 2004 released!

    Nice idea I know that FW2000 has one maybe something for the next version  Theres also Colonel. Klinks oil rig: http://www.dc3d.co.nz/Utopia/rig2.jpg With animated lights on the helipad. More pics here Well mine isn't really an oil rig, what it is.. well look for yourself: I think it would be better if you would use Colonel Klink's one, however if you want me to fix this one up I will do that. PS: It's FW200 not 2000