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  1. I am trying to create a local server to play with some friends the Mike Force Mission but I do not see it listed on the missions available for the scenario as host. However I see a lot of servers with the Mike Force Mission.

    Can somebody provide some light about this? How to create a server with the Mike Force mission?



    Disregard, I just found out the mission in the Steam workshop and subscribed to it.

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  2. Bump.!

    Any help or suggestion where to look for would be very welcomed!!! 

    It is very dificult to build the FOB base without previsualization of the objects vehicles. I have already lost some vehicles because they spawned touching another vehicle o constructions. Do you know where to look for the code line that controls this so I can activate the previsualization like in any other KP LIberation maps?


  3. I am experiencing a problem in some edited KP Liberation scenarios. When I am trying to build any vehicle or object I cannot see the usual "preview" of the object before build. Usually in most KP liberation scenarios I can see the object/vehicle in green colour before purchasing/building it. Now I just get a green circle like in the picture where I was trying to buy/build a car.





    Any suggestions or ideas of how could this be fixed so I can get the vehicle/object preview before purchasing/build?


    Thanks a lot


  4. We are experiencing some problems with the T-14. it does not happen always but it can happne in any scenario, from a Liberation mision to the Eden editor. When we try to kill the T-14 it becomes bugged and "swallows" without explosion anything you can throw at it.

    Then it produces a error message:  Hardkill triggered (UNLIMITED TEST MODE)


    If you want to test this, simply place yourself with a Javelin and one enemy T-14 and fire at it.

    We have tried to destroy them with other tanks, with laser guided artillery but if you get this error message the tan becomes indestructible.

    However this does not always happen and sometimes we do not get this error message and we manage to destry the tank although lest say this happnes only 30% of the times wer tried. Rest it is alwys the error message and indestructible T-14

  5. On 5/3/2020 at 12:48 PM, furia said:

    Hi guys, on the release notes of 0.96.5 there is a remark about statistics  


    Where can I find the server log and those statistics? ARMA 3 has a very wide folder structure and I cannot find anything called server log. Any help is appreciated! Thanks

    And if anyone can answer this one I will really appreciate it. 👍

  6. Hi, I would like to ask if there is any definition written somewhere that describes the impact in the campaing of the parameters "Enemy strengt" and "OPFOR aggresivity".

    I have read some oppiniions about itin the net but when I try these parameters on the campaing I do not get a clear picture what is practical the effect.

    Sometimes I get patrols of vehiclñes outside the sectors that it is really cool since does not provide a "sanctuary" outide the red circle, but other times nothing happens.

    One time I placed enemy strenght to strong and OPFOR aggresivity to moderate, and I had a huge flow of battlegroups reinforcing our targets and simultaneously attacking our FOB.


    So in order to balance the "enemy" to the numer of players that we normaly play this campaing (In our case between 5 to 10) it would be really nice to have a better idea of what to expect from the enemy when selecting one of these optional parameters.


    Thanks a lot for this awesome missions !!!

  7. Hi guys, on the release notes of 0.96.5 there is a remark about statistics  


    Added: Statistics will be posted additionally in the server log after winning the campaign.


    Where can I find the server log and those statistics? ARMA 3 has a very wide folder structure and I cannot find anything called server log. Any help is appreciated! Thanks

  8. Hi all. I am already enjoying a lot this mods and using them in our team coops.

    However I am having a problem with the M1A2 FCS.

    I am aware how the FCS on the M1A2 tank works in RL and I have read the FCS notes on the M1A2 vehicle on the RHS page and complied with them.


    Fire Control System

    The FCS includes a rangefinder that can be activated with the key to lock target ( by default T ) and displays the distance to the target in the crosshair, if kept unmoved it will be locked in a second ( displaying a little square in front of the distance ). FCS can also calculate the lead for moving target, in such case player can notice that turret moves independently to gunners sight, this is when FCS induce lead.

    Lead is the term used to refer to putting a gun in front of a target which is moving perpendicular to your vantage point. When you lead a target, you essentially need to fire in front of target at the point in which the round and target will meet. 

    Important to note is that when firing at stationary targets, it’s best to dump the lead ( by default G ) so any mouse movement will not cause the FCS to calculate lead and moving the turret, thus causing a miss. During movement it’s also best to not exceed speed of 45-50 km/h, because modern tanks FCS stabilization systems can keep up only up to this speed, otherwise FCS accuracy will drop significantly.

    The rangefinder only works at distances from 200 meters to 5,000 meters for the main gun, and 200 meters to 1200 meters for coaxial machine gun.

    The first image show a distance tracked and the second locked.

    The key N switch to thermal vision modes. Zoom can be activated with + and deactivate with -.


    However when I try this to work I do not manage to get any "lead" on the FCS so on a moving target the rounds always hit behind the target since it applies no lead.

    "T" only lases the target and after some seconds provided the little dot indicating a valid fire solution is available but the gun does not lead.

    "G" also does not appear to dump lead or actually do anything


    Any guidance or suggestions would be welcomed!!



  9. 1 hour ago, reyhard said:

    Depends pretty much on how you are using it


    What do you mean? There are usual CROWS control used? Do you have something... unusual in mind?


    HI, thanks for answering. What I mean is that in this particular vehicle the usual keyboard controls such 0  (Num Key) does not produced the full screen optic sight like most other vehicles with this type of weapon. If I press 0 while sitting as vehicle commander, nothing happens and I can only operate the gun through the small screen.

    At the same time typical controls such N or + or - do not have effect that you have when you operate with the full screen “sight” screen.

    I am not sure if this is an intended feature or I am just not operating this properly.



  10. On 3/31/2020 at 10:02 PM, furia said:

    I have experience what I think it is a bug now. Whe you try to spawn an infantry units no matter the size of the selected unit, you only get 1 single soldier that is the team leader. Rest of soldiers do not show up.

    Well we probably have to disregard this above since yesterday everything was working good on this area in Livonia when I started a new game. I had this issue on a saved game in Tanoa so I will explore it today again to see if it reproduces.

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  11. Tested 2.05 today. Virtual Arsenal works great after a save. Camp Tents work great however the new  action to join a players group is not working or does nothing that we can appreciate. Is it intended to operate as a normal ARMA 3 group where the leader sees all soldier icons below?


    I have experience what I think it is a bug now. Whe you try to spawn an infantry units no matter the size of the selected unit, you only get 1 single soldier that is the team leader. Rest of soldiers do not show up.

    Another thing I have seen in OPEX Livonia version 2.04 is that when using the Spanish FFAA mod the spawned soldiers use desert cammo clothing that maybe its not the best option on the green forest of Poland. Base personel dresses in Woodland but spawned units in desert.


    Thanks for all corrections and keeping OPEX as magnificent as it is. Me and my friends are playing daily and enjoying it a lot

  12. Hello Gemini.

    We have played the mission today several ahours and we had a great time. Thanks a lot.

    I have one question. Is it normal that when launching the mission first time and with the Virtual Arsenal activated, once the mision is saved "Save mision and player" when you launch the mision again the virtual arsenal is no longer available. Is this a feature or a glitch?

    I have tested it in Tanoa and Stratis and happens the same

  13. Ok I was missing to activate the Set Camp. It works perfect. Thanks.

    Today I have played in Tanoa with my friends for a few hours however something unexpected happened. While at the beguining there were almost no civiilians in the village near the base, we did some questioning of some civilians we manage to find and then we started to find enemies in large numbers.

    At the end of the mission the we killed about 90 enemies and with a drone I saw there were a lot more still alive roaming around in large patrols.

    I calculate there would have been around 100 more in the area of the villages near the main base.

    I have never seen that many enemies before in that scenario. Is this an exception or we should expect that level of enemy intensity in one area in a regular way? We were saved by a drone and some arty support but it was tight and exciting 🙂

    However the problem came that I guess due to the ammount of units and fight we got a severe drop of fps to make it it very hard to play.

    Other than that we got a great time!!

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  14. Gemini thanks a lot for the update! Awesome support!!!!


    I have one question related the respawn tent. After the last update indeed I can find a Portable tent and I have managed to deploy it, however I do not get any oprion to respawn there even when playing alon. The tent is planted there but when I respawn it is not offered as respawn location. What I am doing wrong or missing?

    I load the tent into a backpack Go to the middle of the island, open inventary and double click on the tent, the soldier deploys the tent with an annimation. tent is deployed and I got offered the option to "sleep/rest" there for some period of time. If I kill myself when respawning I can only do it at the Field Hospital.

  15. Hi Gemini.

    Until now I have only used the vanilla Camp Tent since I cannot find the Gemini Tent neither in the Uniform box or in any of the other boxes in the armory, neither in the Virtual Arsenal.

    I have tried in several maps, like Tanoa, Kujari, Kunduz.. but no Gemini Tent.

    I do have installed the mod „Gemini Items for OPEX“ and I do not know if this may be relevant, we do use the FFAA Mod with CUP Weapons and the Supplies in the mission administration are set to unrealistic so we can use the CUP Weapons with the FFAA uniforms.

    When. Using the Vainilla Tent,  everybody can see the tent being deployed but the system does not recognize as spawn, just as a tent. 

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  16. Gemini !

    Thanks a lot for the fast answer and for the clarifications 😎


    You are right about the fastrope, easier to implement with a mod.

    Now I understand the teleport Thanks.

    I will continue playing and testing things but in any case the mision as it is now is superb and fully operational offering great playability.

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