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  1. furia

    Salvage trucks

    This explains. Thanks a lot!! :)
  2. furia

    Salvage trucks

    You mean using a script? I cannot see any action menu regarding attaching for instance a gun even if the gun is touching the truck.
  3. furia

    Win 7 x64 build 7100

    Copy and Paste is wonderful, isn't it? :p
  4. The idea is great and could be very interesting to use in some missions. However let me add some issues you may want to take a look at: You need an "Observer" slot on the airplane, like the one avalaible in the UH-1Y, an observer that has a "FLIR" or something alike (as the UH-1Y) and that can zoom and lock targets or use a laser designator to help gunners to aim. Also on the real AC-130 the guns operate from the left side and the airplane makes left pylon turns over target. You may consider adding a countermeasures system such flares. For me the external model is not as important as the functionality. It must be a simple add on to use and place in the editor and it must be operable like any other aircraft. Adding the "observer station" inside the aircraft would allow to coordinate the fires and to search for targets, even infantry ones. Said this I have to say I love this add on idea. Keep up the good work and THANKS for your work!!!!!
  5. Hi, thanks. I am using the East UAV and it is unarmed. My needs are more simple. East starts mission controlling one UAV. If UAV gets destroyed then it is lost. I will try to adapt your script to this. THANKS A LOT for your help!!!!!!
  6. Interesting!! Should I create an specific script for this or I add this script line to the init line of the player or to the init file?
  7. I have been searching the forums about this but found not a specific answer for this trouble so I would be very grateful if somebody can help me on this. I know this question may sound silly because all the answers I saw about this were related to create mobil markers attached to a player or markers created ingame... Mine is very simple. I need to create on the editor some markers that will give the players Intel about the mision but since the scenario would be for two different human teams BLUEFOR and REDFOR, I need to make BLUEFOR markers invisible to REDFOR and so. This makers are not sophisticated, just things like the location of the REDFOR starting base that BLUEFOR should not know and so. Any help would be most welcomed!!!!
  8. How do I define which markers are west and wich markers are west and which ones are east?
  9. :confused: What are those F2 "framework Markers" ????? How do I use them or place them? :eek:
  10. furia

    Fed up of Morons

    This is the the soundest post I have ever seen on this forums. I wish more people think like this on this community and we surely would have more fun and interesting gaming. Kudos Walker !!!! :cheers:
  11. furia

    FLIR v1.0

    Does this FLIR finally work with the stock MV-22 (as in the real life one) ? If so I would download it inmediately.
  12. This may sound absurd but for some reason all the MP missions I created cannot be found on the usual mp mission folders. If I open my own server the mision is avalaible on the missions list and you can actually play it, but I want to send it to some friends and I find all my MP folders empty. As curiositry if I save the mission sittuation the save file can be nicely located on its folder and the server can restart the mision. I have read that Windows 7 may have have some "troubles" with .pbo files but I was not expecting this. I made a full search on my hard drive with the mision name but I only got the un-pbo folder and other files related to this mission except the .pbo one. I searched either on the MPMission folder located on the Bohemia Interactive\Arma 2\MP Missions and of course I also searched on Documents\Arma2 Other Profiles\username\MPMission and so... I am missing something???? :j:
  13. This is exactly the problem and this is exactly where my pbo files are. Thanks a lot. Seems this problem is also reproduced on Windows 7 and I am sure it will bring some headache to the people wondering where their mission are. Thanks again
  14. In that folder I have the Edited mision version, that is the one I made in the editor with the misionsqm and the description.ext I am looking for the pbo one that is produced once I say "export to multiplayer" :j:
  15. furia

    a minimap!

    LOL where did you got that?? Of course maps are used either on paper or in digital presentation on the MFD. Nobody is flying without a chart, specially the military :bounce3:
  16. furia

    FLIR v1.0

    The MV-22 has one in real life and the ARMA2 Models shows one on the aicraft nose. Would be a great addittion. :cool:
  17. But, it is possible to screip that the AI detect your troops and send a mortar barrage against them? I mean instead preconfiguring "targets", but that an actual AI spotter directs AI arty vs actual enemies. I need this for a coop mission I am working in.
  18. I am stuck at Fix wing training in Boot Camp. I complete the traning mission nicelyin 14 minutes getting 3700 points and getting the message that I have qualified for the Fix Wing aircrafts but when I select continue, I get back to the Boot camp scenarios and I see that Fix Wing training is not checked. I repeated 3 times the training with the same effect. So I went back to my last checked training, helicopter and I repeated it again. This one keeps checked in green so I select again Fix wing training, I again pass the training nicely but despite getting a nice score and a messag saying I qualified, then I do not got that training "chcecked". Did anybody had that issue before? Is there a way to fix it? :j:
  19. furia

    Helicopter "climb reserve"...

    I think this has to do more with specific joystick setting and the particular way you take off rather than with the game physics. On this game you do not need 100% "power" to take off, unless you want to make a rocket take off. Like in a real helicopter you apply power gently until you are airborne and then you gently pick up speed untill you reach translational airspeed. Usually on my joystick that means no more than 80% "power". However I agree with you there is something wrong with the rate of climb/pitch rate/ power settings. If for instance you make a max speed shallow dive using high power settings, you need to start the dive recovery very high since the helicopter does not respond well to pitch up commands on this settings, and the nose pitch up rate is slow and the application of max power just complicate the things even more so your recovery is so slow that unless you started it high enough you end up in a colorful explosion on the ground. Trying to think positive, this could be related to the helicopter reaching Vne (Velocity Never to exceed) but despite there is no indication on this and we do not suffer the dreaded uncommanded left roll, I guess it is not related. Pitch up authority and lift generation is not very goog at high speed, no matter how much power you are using, and that should be reviewed, although on the meantime, it is just a matter to get use to it and fly accordingly to every aircarft speccific flying characteristics.
  20. I am becoming curious about this issue. After reading some vehement posts with people so irritated with the flight model I would like to know what exactly do you mean? Compared with what? What are the unacceptable issues that bother the people so much or that must be addressed right away to make it more real? I have read about blackhawk having terraing following radar but as far as I know this is only installed on Pave Hawks. Other models just have the Radio Height Hold navigation mode that consist in mantaining the selected radio height your radio altimeter in your tail is reading. This works nice on flat surfaces like deserts or sea and so but not on mountain areas since the radio altimeter just reads what it is BELOW you not ahead from you. Anyway I am very curious to know a bit more in detail what exactly should be changed that keeps so much people concerned because everybody talks about flight model but nobody gives details. I already mentioned one flight model issue on my previous post on this thread. Can you guys state what are the other specific issues that concern you so much?
  21. I am a professional helicopter pilot with an ATPL rating and more than 16 years flying career and I am not as dissapointed as you are. At the time I am writing I am just in Italy passing my annual competence checkride in the AW139 in a state of the art full motion simulation. And even this multimillion dollar simulator has its "issues". Reproduccing helicopter flying on a PC is a very tricky bussines and ARMA is trying to reproduce the flying of many different models of helos. In real life the flight model of a UH-1Y and a Kamov are very different. I have much fun flying helos in Arma, of course there are things that should be improved like the tendency to sink due high G load, hardly recovering from a fast dive no matter you pull back full cyclic and all full power... but belive me this are "small issues". In real life every helicopter flies different and has its different techniques and procedures. Just learn to fly ARMA helos the way they are. I see many skilled pilots on multiplayer games on public servers and I bet most of them have never flown a real helicopter. They just learned to fly the ARMA helos the way they are. That is a nice challenge. :cool: IMHO other dedicated flight simulators like the Flight Simulator saga are much far away from reality regarding Helicopter flying than ARMA. The actual main trouble is the throttle control being "digital" instead analogic and I belive this would be addressed for the next pach. This is a general public sim for people looking for a fight and a combat. Flying a realistic helo model would force players to dedicate a lot of time to study complex procedures (in the real thing we do not start engines with Q ;) ) Enjoy ARMA, it is a great combat sim that has the SUFFICIENT aeronautical inmersion to allow you to apply "AIR POWER" and "AIR SUPPORT" into a excellent combat sim. However if you like it more real you can always join your local Air Force, or Flight School and spend the next years learning to fly. As a cheap option you can buy Black Shark sim, that from what I heard is quite "realistic" for a PC sim. :)
  22. furia

    Osprey VTOL STOL

    This is also the "real deal" and of course the AV-8B should be ABLE to make an on the spot Vertical Take off. 5Fh6SqNQsHQ The reason for using a short run instead a pure vertical take off is related to the significat difference on the fuel burned on each manuver and also important, on the maximum take off weight. (Harriers as most fighters are very limited on fuel) Since this is not a super realistic flight simulator, I would prefer to have the option to make VTOL with the Harrier. By the way, why the F-35 can do pure VTOL in ARMA 2 while the Harrier no? Is there any reason for this?
  23. Now we know where BIS got the actors to make the soldiers annimations. -jBKKV2V8eU :D:D:D
  24. furia

    RH heli sounds 1.01

    I am a profesional Helo pilot and I have actually flown two varianst of the helos you have posted here and I just have to congratulate you because the sounds are just perfect. They are really good ones :cool: and very inmersive. Thanks a lot!!! Downloading now!!! :D
  25. Yeah I saw several of those, the most "funny" one is related to the aircraft gear up and down. The person or software translator that did the translation made a literal translation of the spanish word "marcha", that is related to the Car different Gears and has absolutely nothing to do with lowering an aircarft landing gear. I have seen anothers like this but this one made laugh a lot after wondering for 10 minutes why I was not given the option to lower the landing gear of the 130. I thought it was related to my speed so I reduced to near stall speed but not to avail. Then I thought, what is this a bout "marcha" on a 130???? And voila LMAO the landing gear came down I think would have not been so dificult just to contact some Spanish known players to ask them for a review of such menus. I do not know how big is your Spanish market but I surely belive it deserves as much respect as any other, by means of a proper translation. Just an additional note. I have set my game in English so I can understand what I do.