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  1. Things to try:

    Don't use latest NVidia driver (I tried it and performance was much worse).  I'm using 361.91

    Don't install 'NVidia Experience' crap

    Make sure you don't have 'Vertical Sync' on


    Has to be said, your system is very unbalanced.  You have a very strong GPU but a weak CPU so you will get limited improvement from the graphics card update.

  2. I guess as stated its down to budget and units sold but if you consider hours played and support dedication then its a different category.


    Its completely unique in the military sandbox genre.

    I've been playing since 2001 so looking at hours played its AAAA to me ;)

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  3. I just upgraded from a GTX580 to GTX780 and I can set graphics a bit higher but viewdistance and number of enemies is still dependent on CPU so I wouldn't go too crazy with the GPU unless you upgrade the CPU as well.


    The GTX780 is a good match for an i7-2600k running at 4gHz

    Up to 50fps in demo missions.  (4k viewdistance, not all set to Ultra but looks good to me ;))


    (Multiplayer is more dependent on your bandwidth and server power)

  4. Most questions answered already but here are mine...

    Hi all,

    Very new to ARMA and have some question I haven't immediately found the answer to.

    1, the fatigue system - that white bar which sometimes goes orange ? How's that's work?

    The bar shows how much 'stamina' you have.  The more equipment you carry the shorter the bar = less stamina.

    Walking uses less energy so it goes down slowly.  When it goes orange you are using maximum energy so it goes down fast. ie running uphill.  When depleted you can no longer run/sprint.  Good time to stop and have a look around.  (ARMA is one of those games where running around all the time will get you killed ;))

    2, weapon bi pods try pods , do they work ? Read somewhere caps lock to operate them? What's does that stance silhouette signafy ? Does it mean I can rest the weapon or does it mean it will simulate the effect of it rested?

    You can rest a weapon even without a bipod but it will be a bit less effective.  Resting on objects can be a bit difficult but you can test it by resting when prone. (lying down) You will see a bipod symbol on the stance indicator when weapon rest is available.

    The stance silhouette shows your current stance because there are quite a few.  Hold CapsLock and W for up, S for down.  You can also use with A and D for side stances.  (very effective to lean around corners)

    3, when I'm playing on line, other can 'spot' enemy - looks like default text - enemy infantry man 100m etc , how do you do that?

    AI automatically call out enemies spotted.  (Can be turned off in difficulty settings)


    4, I know how to bring the compass and watch , and Ctl and m for gps, Is there any other aids I can use like that? I'm sure I've seen a ARMA 3 video with a sniper bringing up some kind of wind and range device, bare in mind I only learnt L for the laser light yesterday.

    Wind gauge is from a mod/addon.  (probably ACE)

    L also activates the torch if fitted instead of the laser.

    B for binocs, laser designator or rangefinder. Depending which you are carrying

    Any other literally beginner tips would be great - and yes I have searched forums I've read the first 20 pages of the Q and A with no answer to any of this ..

    Many thanks in advance

    Keep at it.  Its daunting at first but this detail is what makes ARMA so rich with gameplay.

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  5. Yes its been broken for a long time


    I posted a bug report before it went offline and still wasn't fixed.


    In fact there are 3 problems:

    1) Zoom you mentioned

    2) With dual mode sight, switching to scope centres view as well. (this is very annoying)

    3) Mouse sensitivity is higher in the deadzone which makes it harder to use. (especially with mouse acceleration ON)


    I've had to stop using it since then :(

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  6. The series (OFP>ARMA) may not be perfect and you have to get used to the 'quirks' but it still provides unique gameplay unlike any other game.

    I've tried many of the other fps combat games but they all got repetitive and boring very quickly for me.


    So yeah, ARMA will keep me happy for another 15 years ;)

  7. I have another question, I've recently started to get into tactical shooters like Insurgency, and I am having a blast with them.  I look at Arma 3 gameplay, and it looks really fun, tactical, and super realistic.  But I don't understand some things about the game.  Is there real multiplayer in which you and your team of "real players" go up against another team of "real players?"  It seems like it's always against the AI.  Is it strictly co-op against AI?  Because I am not into playing against the AI in any game really, but if I can play against "real players" I might pick it up.  Also how many players can there be on one map?  Can there be 100+ players altogether or more?



    As domokun said, yes there are PvP and TvT games ranging from capture the island (CTI) to King of the Hill (KoH) 

    BUT... you should consider playing against the AI.  The AI are much better than most other games and still quite challenging.

  8. Yep, have to add my congrats to the team!


    The island is a work of art.  Truly immersive with the sound scape.

    Spent my first few hours on the campaign mission wandering in a daze and getting killed while looking at everything :D

    (Pity the AI can see through more vegetation than we can)


    I haven't even tried all the new equipment yet.


    Definitely worth the wait.

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  9. I really hope that ARMA becomes more compatible with future VR headsets without all the faf.


    Not quite on the same level of immersion but an in-between is what I've been using for a couple of years...

    TrackIR and a Samsung 3d TV.


    Head tracking works great with TrackIR and the Samsung does a 2d->3d conversion which is fake but still works well enough to be convincing.  (I still don't know how it does it)


    This means playing at full 1080p and an added benefit of this method is that ARMA runs at normal fps.


    (I think other manufacturers of 3d TVs like LG have this 2d->3d option as well)

  10. Thermals are OP because the contrast between a living object and a static object is extreme. Everything that moves stands out from the environment like a sore thumb. This might be the case for cold areas, but during daytime in hot climate, this should not be the case.

    Exactly this.


    The thermals aren't implemented realistically so its like a 'Battlefield' perk.

    Because of the above vehicles are over effective as well but at least they have a slight disadvantage of being easier targets.

    May as well equip everyone with thermals and play in B&W.


    Of course its free choice how people want to play but I certainly won't play PvP/TvT with them available.


    If BiS fix the daytime environment temperature/signature then it will be more realistic and enjoyable.

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  11. Agreed.

    There should be noticeable reduction in ambient light when overcast.

    To me there's too much ambient light (Non directional) which makes everything too bright.

    I am still of the opinion that the overcast weather from before the visual upgrade was better when there was rain. It gave a more menacing feeling. At the moment, even with rain and lightning slider to maximum position it still looks like the picture on the right, which would be, for me, a situation where the weather was cloudy but no rain/lightning.


    Other than that and the previously mentioned issues with nights, I feel that this update shows how much this game is improving. Keep it up!



  12. Nick, Its obvious you have to increase the terrain detail above LOWEST.


    The position of trees, rocks, AI etc are based on the hires ground so that everything is in the same place for all players.


    Lowest setting of terrain has to truncate a LOT of data but the objects still have to match the higher res positions for all players.