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  1. On 04/05/2018 at 12:46 AM, oukej said:

    Well... the falling trees are not physically simulated - we tried that at some point early in the development but it was unsustainable on Arma scale.
    So they are sort of animated. And as such they wouldn't care much about physical forces. If they had collisions... Arma'd
    Sorry :(

    Collisions isn't the main problem.


    The gameplay issue is that fallen trees have NO viewblock for AI so they see and shoot as if nothing is there.

    This obviously makes it extremely frustrating to fight AI after a few trees have gone down where we cannot see them but they can perfectly attack you.

  2. 11 hours ago, Misconduct said:

    I desperately wish people would stop talking about the "IRL" issues in Arma, so pointless.

    Is there any way to make this awesome idea work?

    I desperately wish people would stop dumbing down ARMA into a kiddy shooter.  ARMA is unique because its more real so if you want to do stupid stuff then go play something else.


    I do agree with firing launchers from open vehicles where it should be possible in real life.

    I also wish backblast was reintroduced (along with rotor blade collision for players)

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  3. 13 hours ago, krycek said:


    If we're talking about infantry I agree, they know a few more tricks, better reactions in interiors and compared to A2 a big step forward. If we're talking about driving and other crap they're sharper as a sack of bricks.

    True but I think coding for driving is more difficult than on foot since there is variable speed and geometric manoeuvring limits for example.

    Something must have gone wrong with the algorithms as its been updated.

    I can imagine it must be a nightmare to debug since the situations it has to deal with are so varied.

    After all, even some humans can't drive properly in city streets :face_palm:

  4. @krycek: I think ARMA1-2 may have coped better with more AI, its probably because they had less 'brains' :icon_bash:


    To all who complain about ARMA performance:

    While it may be true that its not the best optimised, show me any other game with the scope of ARMA that can have 300 soldiers running, driving, flying around fighting to survive :shoot:

  5. There is a very simple test to see the difference between CPU and GPU capability of your machine. (Roughly)


    Go into editor and place your character anywhere then check fps.  This shows the maximum performance your graphics card (GPU) can handle. 

    Try adding AI groups and check fps while increasing their numbers.


    FPS will start to drop as more assets are in the mission because CPU handles AI and all other game logic.  When the CPU is overloaded it will reduce your fps no matter what your graphics are set to.

    Well made missions will only spawn enemy AI around the player and remove obsolete clutter regularly.


    Mods may have data that is not optimised or scripts that can affect performance.


    The other consideration is when playing online your bandwidth and server load can affect fps or cause lag/stuttering.




  6. Welcome


    'Ports' generally refer to Router firewall ports and port forwarding not physical connections.


    ARMA can use any USB controller (as far as I know)

    Remapping is done in control options, key bindings.

    (ARMA has a LOT of key bindings and some are doubled up for different situations so can be a pain to set up to your taste)

  7. First, hi and welcome princecharles


    I can certainly recommend the X52 as I used to have one and it was great.  Very smooth action and plenty of buttons to define. The X56 is very good too I'm sure.

    I've since 'upgraded' to an X65F which is great for limited desk space as it doesn't move but does take some getting used to. (May be hard to find one now)

    To be honest I think any joystick with throttle combo would work. (separate pedals for the full effect)


    I recommend using the 'Advanced Flight Model' setting in difficulty parameters.


    If you can afford it, I would also suggest to look at TrackIR for enhanced immersion.  It REALLY helps when flying helicopters and I use it with infantry as well.

  8. 1 hour ago, instagoat said:

    An explosion sufficiently large should also damage the tank, not just the crew, especially vulnerable auxilary parts. Blow off slat armor and ERA fixtures, destroy gun turrets and tracks. Is there any real world data suggesting how large an explosion needs to be before the crew inside feel it? A tank blowing up is a pretty huge explosion, typically.

    A tank is designed to withstand direct impacts from high velocity shells.

    A vehicle exploding next to a tank or any indirect explosion would do little damage to its structure other than mounted machine guns etc.

    It would take a HUGE explosion to kill the crew.

  9. You can play Co-Op with humans against AI, PvP with all humans OR a mixture of both where up to four factions can fight with humans and AI on each team.


    As Harzach said, ARMA is a true sandbox game.  This means that it has a load of assets (weapons, characters, vehicles etc) and with the built-in editor you can make almost any mission you want with them.

    This means that there are LOTS of free missions available for SP or MP.

    You can make your own to play by yourself or with friends online.



  10. In the game there are tutorials and missions to learn how to play.

    It does have quite a steep learning curve but that also makes it more rewarding.


    Once you learn the basics then you can try online and set up games for friends to join.


    Plenty of videos out there to get an idea of gameplay

  11. The sliders control the sensitivity response for each axis.


    The graph shapes at the top show the sensitivity curve at that part of the slider. (left-middle-right)

    Generally they should all be in the middle or slightly to the left of centre to be about linear.


    The sliders to the right control the amount of deadzone for each axis.

    You want those as far to the left as possible without having random inputs showing.

  12. As Rich said, its the medical symbol.


    What it means in the game is that you are injured and have a med pack ready to heal yourself.

    You can click the middle mouse button or Enter to start the healing process or hide the symbol with Backspace. (I think Right click on mouse will also hide it but not sure if that's standard)

  13. On 08/02/2018 at 6:56 PM, Gus Bravo said:

    I am stuck under a house. Where do I report it too and how do I get out?

    This does happen sometimes. Usually with rocky areas.

    You can sometimes get out by crawling to the edges and standing up but probably have to restart the mission or respawn.

  14. Thats very strange. Normally its the other way around.


    Check your settings again in launcher and in-game.  There must be a restriction in the KOTH server like viewdistance or something like that.

    I presume you've checked with/without mods.


    AI do chew up more CPU than PvP so my guess is to look into a more powerful CPU (I haven't checked specs of AMD Ryzen)

  15. Related to this, would it be possible to stabilise the players view when in a vehicle?


    It always strikes me as unnatural and immersion breaking that your view is locked to the vehicle  since real life is nothing like that.


    Ideally the rotation of the vehicle would be damped to about half and delayed by 2 or 3 seconds.