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  1. Yes, ARMA AI uses TRUE artificial intelligence that is not pre-programmed with places to hide in a fight.  This is the main reason why ARMA is so CPU intensive.


    I've seen them behave exactly like humans hiding behind obstacles and leaning out to shoot and changing position if under fire.

    I've also seen them just standing around while others nearby are being shot so it does vary.

  2. There should be a 'Hints' box that appears top right of screen to tell you which key to press for the required action.

    Otherwise scroll the mouse wheel to see the list of actions. (Note they are context sensitive so can change depending if you are near something that has interactions)


    ARMA is complicated but go slowly through tutorials and you will discover its potential.

  3. If you want the full flying experience then HOTAS or cheaper combo stick is the way to go.

    Certainly with the advanced flight model (AFM) you can fly with more control than with mouse and keyboard.


    If you are somewhat familiar with how a helicopter flies then go straight to AFM otherwise start with the basic mode but change to AFM as soon as possible so you don't get used to basic.


    ...and TrackIR is AWESOME!!!! ;)

  4. NightIntruder

    So you're saying you prefer if BI continue to work on improving ARMA3 rather than devote most of their efforts on ARMA4...?

    They have said that they are keeping a few people working to tweak ARMA3 for the next year so not exactly abandoning us are they.


    Hoping they can fix the fallen trees lack of viewblock...


    I'm glad they're concentrating most efforts to new engine and game for the next chapter in the 'Operation Flashpoint' evolution.

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