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  1. Something that's been bothering me for a while


    What happened to helicopter rotor dust???

    Used to be in ARMA2...


    I got an addon for it but only works on the Huron 🤨


    ...and I should need an addon.

  2. 1 hour ago, Tankbuster said:

    And there are no records of all in one coolers working faultlessly for years, apart from mine?


    And mine.

    Had an i7 6700k @4.2gHz with a Corsair H60 for 3 years.

    No problems rendering for 8+ hours at a time or playing ARMA for a couple.


    After about an hour playing on ultra settings...



    We must have been lucky 😛


    Sorry Groove_C but you shouldn't discuss things you don't have any experience with and you're certainly very biased.


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  3. There's obviously something screwy with that test. 

    I have the H100v2 (non Pro)

    My i7 9900K @5gHz  gets to around 63 Deg on full load.

    That's Blender rendering for an hour OR playing ARMA for an hour.

    The difference with my setup is that the radiator is mounted at the front not top.  I guess it DOES make a difference...

    ...And as far as noise goes... I haven't noticed any.


    I certainly won't be replacing my water cooling any time soon...

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  4. Your spec list is messed up.


    Its been said a million times if you care to search...

    ARMA is a true simulation therefore you need a powerful machine to run well unlike all the other games you can play at 60fps.

    Try in the editor to see the effect of AI numbers.


    Playing online is complicated because other peoples poor bandwidth can affect the server and fps too.  So always test in editor to find what your machine is capable of.


    Arma will play smoothly with 40fps and above.


    AI will chew up your CPU so if you limit their number you will get better fps.

    Viewdistance is the biggest stress for the GPU so lower it for better fps.

    • "any wizards out there that some how put their middle finger up to the universe and has achieved more than 60fps at a stable rate please let me know as this has gone on for too long..."

    Yes, I can confirm that an i9 9900k with RTX2080 runs ARMA round 90fps on Ultra settings.

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  5. On 2/5/2019 at 5:23 AM, beno_83au said:

    Seeing the original OFP demo on a PCPowerPlay CD, back when developers/publishers released game demos before the full game came out. So that was all that was available for a while, and i played the shit outta that demo. 

    Same with me.

    Got every version after that right up to now... (I usually bought 2 copies so I could play with friends on LAN)


    'DeltaForce: Joint Operations' and 'Vietcong' shared my OFP game time for a while.


    ARMA3 is my only game for the last few years.

  6. Hi and welcome back.


    I too started with OFP (played the demo for several weeks before its release)

    But I never put it away and progressed with every iteration up to now.

    Didn't get into the addon/scripting side though.


    Its been a bumpy road at times with it getting frustrating enough to stop me playing for a few days at a time but I always came back to it.


    Currently ARMA3 is quite good even with a few of the old AI bugs/problems.

    The AI are challenging with a well set up mission.


    Not sure if BAS are still around but there are a few good groups out there.


    Good luck and enjoy...

  7. 2 hours ago, Jezuro said:

    I think it's time to introduce something to prevent the asset destruction by teammates. I must admit that the behavior of some players has taken me by surprise. I should have expected the worst.

    Yes, unfortunately anything to do with the internet has to follow the rule:

    "Hope for the best but plan for the worst"

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  8. I was quite surprised and disappointed by the assets spawning method as its so open to abuse where players can steal them.  Is it not possible to lock vehicles/weapons which would allow the purchaser to decide if it remains locked or unlocked for others.


    Unfortunately its very hard to eliminate all forms of dick behaviour in games but team killing should have well established methods of punishment.   Blank screen for a period of time for each kill, kick after 3 consecutive blue kills, ban after 3 kicks.  Or vote system for the victim to punish etc.

  9. While I agree on some things, this is kinda pointless since ARMA3 will have no further development.

    Some of these have also been requested for many years (eg better damage model) but not possible even when development was ongoing.

    Hopefully ARMA4 will have all the improvements requested over the years.  We'll have to wait a few years to see how that goes.


    So we have to try and enjoy ARMA the way it is for some time...

  10. Does anyone know if it would be possible to make a mod to record a game like the 'After Action Report' (AAR) in VBS?


    On the server this would record the position and action of each unit in an area around the player including players themselves so that the game could be played back later.


    This would be amazing for recording videos capturing the actual action of a game from various angles.


    Could even have an impact on ARMA in E-Sports...