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    Please fix the Memory Crashing

    Could be worth trying a different memory allocator... In the ARMA launcher click on Paramaters > Advanced tab and find the 'Malloc' option Try one of these at a time: tbb3malloc_bi tbb4malloc_bi jemalloc_bi tcmalloc_bi nedmalloc_bi
  2. EDcase

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Visuals looking good in general. I agree with previous comments that shadows and unlit sides of buildings need to be darker. Underwater shading looks better to me. But needs particulates in water. Why isn't that ON by default? Will smoke get any improvement? At least soften the sprite edges so they aren't so obvious. In ARMA1&2 they were spherical and shaded which looked better.
  3. Going to scope mode resets to centre of normal view
  4. EDcase

    Panavia Tornado AWS

    Looking very impressive! Can't wait to go for a spin ;)
  5. Select 'Collecive Raise' and move the throttle in the direction you want for power. Do the opposite for 'Collective Lower' If it records a direction movement you don't want then just delete it after moving in the correct direction. ...and you're not getting 0-100% ?
  6. EDcase

    Mouse Steering - a plea for sanity..

    I must be the only one who likes it as it is :P
  7. EDcase

    Sound update ruined this game...

    I do think the new system is improving but I really can't understand how people can like the WAY overdone reverb on distant shots. It sounds like they are coming from a tin can. I guess the sound boys were so excited by it that they put it on max ;) It needs to be toned down a bit.
  8. I also have reduced fps after Eden update :( Hope they can look at optimization at some point. EDIT specs: 8Gb ram i7 2600K @ 4.4gHz GTX780 3Gb Windows 7 Was running very well before update and its not terrible now but noticeably lower.
  9. EDcase

    Major sound bug in all ARMA games!

    I can help with the Windows 10 crap... Let windows do all the updates (restart) and then using the RUN window: WUSA /UNINSTALL /KB:3035583 This uninstalls the Windows 10 upgrade reminder
  10. EDcase

    Accuracy in Gunnery

    What Jackal326 meant was the zeroing on the scope was too high. Many of the scopes only range to a minimum of 300m. Use 'Pg Up' and 'Pg Dn' to adjust the range. (Some scopes cannot be adjusted)
  11. That's the way it SHOULD be. Run in the direction you are looking...
  12. The wheezing noises could also be your character being too fatigued... If you're doing lots of running then stop for 30-60sec and see if it gets better. (This will also improve your aim with less weapon sway) It is a hard game to get into at first because its scope is so enormous... And that's what keeps it interesting to play for years instead of the 'other' games which get repetitive and boring after a short time. Stick with it and things will get easier/clearer. Think of ARMA as a true sandbox. Its contains the models for characters, vehicles, landscapes etc. The missions are just a collection of those things with various options that can vary enormously. You can call artillery, evac, air strikes etc ONLY if the mission maker includes these options. You will also be able to make your own ;) Go though the included missions to get an idea of whats possible and how each thing works before going online. Good luck ;)
  13. EDcase

    Can't turn with sights up

    Yes, I noticed this too. It works if you reduce the level to about 60-70% Bis have changed the way aiming deadzone works which I like but its broken when on maximum.
  14. I've had some bad experiences with AI spinning around and killing me with one shot almost instantly. (Much faster than any human could for sure) The main problem with determining AI behavior is the huge variation in mission AI settings. (Forget AI mods) We need to test with one mission which has adjustable variables for all AI params to record their behavior. What annoys me the most is AI spotting players through grass when prone and there is NO line of sight through the terrain. Their vision is obviously not affected by grass and they use the lowest ground LOD. You can see the effect if you set the ground detail to 'Very Low' and you'll see objects behind the crest of hills and bumps.
  15. EDcase

    Game recorder thoughts?

    I know its probably too early to answer this but it would be amazing if there were a game recorder similar to the After Action Report (AAR) for VBS2 Essentially this allows a replay of a game to be viewed in realtime from any angle including free camera. For me the interesting aspect would be to record a PvP match and then capture and edit footage from the replay to make a competition programme for web or even TV. If ragdoll were a problem then it could be dissabled for the replay. As far as I understand, the recorder would capture character health?/position/rotation including weapon direction and fire state. This would then be played back and semi simulated so the ballistics might not match exactly to the original game but the characters would have information about their hit status so that wouldn't change. Its obviously possible since VBS2 has it but it may not be so easily applicable to ARMA3. Can any Devs comment? Cheers,
  16. EDcase

    AI can see through tree tops?

    AI cannot see though the main density of tree canopy or bush but the view block shape is smaller than the outer branches/leaves (to simulate seeing though leaves etc) The problem is that at the edges of the viewblock they can see perfectly but us humans still have to see through the leaves and branches so we have a major disadvantage. The other problem of course is the AI seeing 'through' the ground. If you are prone on a rise above an AI he will spot you LONG before you can see them. This is of course because the grass only blocks your vision but also the AI is using low poly terrain to determine line of sight so you would appear floating slightly above the ground. (You can see the effect with terrain set to 'Very Low' and observing the distance. I wish BIS could fix these problems because they are a major annoyance when fighting AI.
  17. EDcase

    A few questiions.

    There should be a voice chat indicator bottom right of screen. It will come up with the name of the person talking and the colour represents the channel. White = Global (All players in the server) Blue = Side (All players of the faction/side) Green = Group (All players in a squad) Yellow = Commanders (All squad leaders) Orange = Vehicle (All players in the current vehicle) Direct = All players within radius of speaker. You can mute players. Go to player list (can't remember default key) in map screen and there will be a mute option when a player is selected.
  18. EDcase

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Yeah, I wish this would get some attention too. Quite worrying for Tanoa as well... Also AI spotting enemy 'through' ground because they use low res version for vision testing.
  19. Roccat Kave 5.1 Headphones (3.5mm jack version not USB) Works well for me.
  20. EDcase

    Arma 3 - End Game Multiplayer Livestream

    Check your 'Difficulty' settings to make sure 'Auto Aim' is OFF Also I noticed that vertical mouse sensitivity is reduced by default so go into controllers -> Mouse and increase 'Y' (I think). Move mouse in circles to test if weapon movement feels right.
  21. EDcase

    Arma 3 - End Game Multiplayer Livestream

    Looking good but I'll be joining a server with 3rd person DISABLED :P (Are there any plans to improve grenade throwing???) We must have throw strength
  22. EDcase

    ArmA 3 Performance Tweaks and Settings Guide

    That's a problem with firewall/router not game settings. Check router ports 2302-2306 are open. (Do a search to make sure which are needed) Arma server list does block internet access for some time even if I cancel it. Try joining from the Steam server list (no search option tho)
  23. Hmm. Run 'Task Manager' Performance tab 'Resource Monitor' Then start playing ARMA When slowdown happens check all the info tabs for CPU, HD, Ram etc and see if anything is taking over from ARMA
  24. I've noticed GPU usage is much higher since 1.40 update so would certainly be worth checking temps. Symptoms match GPU overheat throttle down.
  25. [h=1]"Does anyone kind of feel like buying the Marksman DLC was a donation?"[/h] - Nope