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  1. Ah, OK. I saw an AR-15 sight like that but maybe it was moded or an old version.
  2. Milkduster, the new textures are great but something that always bugs me about the open sight rifles is the center post. I guess its probably alot of work for such a small change but any chance that you can edit the meshes like this...?
  3. EDcase

    Sprint and Animation fixer

    Hehe, I was kinda joking with my motto... Even though ARMA has its problems I still think its the best game around and its the only one I play. Â ARMA2 seems to have improved alot of things so I'm gona love it even more
  4. EDcase

    Darker Ironsights

    Another vote for darker rifles. Â Not an expert here but shouldn't the center post go to a point? I think that would be a really great if you can do that too.
  5. EDcase

    Sprint and Animation fixer

    I wasn't thinking of instant change to rifle but a quick drop of the launcher (throw it to ground) and then use the normal rifle in hand anim (maybe a bit faster). Â Its just to avoid the time to put away the launcher. Â Its true that you don't want to do this all the time when changing weapon so it would have to be a specific option/button. Â Since I have no idea of coding I duno how that could work. Of course there is no throw or drop anim so its a silly idea I guess. Â (Perhaps to use the GEAR anim sped up?) I also vote for changing mag while walking and maybe running but not sprinting. Â This would make ARMA more fluid especially for CQB. Hopefully it'll be better in ARMA2... (new motto)
  6. EDcase

    Sprint and Animation fixer

    Hi again, As reload while moving probably isn't possible until ARMA2 how about?>>> Would it be possible to change from LAW (or RPG) to rifle quickly? Perhaps by dropping the launcher to make it realistic. So annoying when you've fired a rocket and some guy walks around the corner. So you put away the launcher and change to rifle as he lines you up in his sights... BANG ... never enough time Cheers, Ed
  7. EDcase

    United ArmA Community

    How about to have a server list of approved mods that can be used and uploaded to clients.
  8. EDcase

    Sprint and Animation fixer

    Thank you Sakura-Chan !!! It really makes ARMA behave like a new game. Â Seems more responsive than before. No more running up to a corner to just keep going (to my death) Cheers, Ed
  9. EDcase

    Semi/auto change mode

    +1 agree on separate "weapon mode" and "weapon cycle" buttons.
  10. EDcase

    "Off-road" Vehicles

    I would vote to make the offroad vehicles faster cross country but more bouncy and so harder to contol with an increased chance to roll over. Â The ground textures that depict rocks on the mountains should result in more slowdown than the grassy plains. (in fact these rocky areas are a bit more bouncy to drive over) On a side note: A feature that would help the realism alot would be suspension compression when turning. Â I don't know how hard this would be to implement considering ARMA already uses suspension effects on vehicles but not while turning.
  11. I would think that using 2 separate installs would be OK but you'd have to check the legal text... As for using both on a local network, no, that will not work.
  12. Thats good software but $800 might be a bit steep for just creating faces And of course you only need to create a map not the geometry to use in ARMA. All you need is camera and photoshop.
  13. EDcase

    Blob shadows?

    I think its the trees & bushes shadows that are the CPU eaters. Â How about blobby shadows for them only... Even individual polygon mapped shadow for each tree would be alot faster than current shadow rendering. Of course main FPS killer is transparency mapping of foliage. Â If BIS can improve that then it will help alot.
  14. EDcase

    Gameplay Vs Graphics (3 months on)

    I'm pretty happy with ARMA overall but I hope BIS can sort out the foliage lag... As far as addons go there will always be a range of quality dependant on the makers. Hopefully it should easier to create quality addons when the tools are out.
  15. EDcase

    Is the horrible vehicle steering optional?  UGH!

    +2 vote to remove auto centering. (and also get rid of the forced head turn when steering)
  16. EDcase

    ArmA is just ... awesome!

    Its just beautiful It would be even better if the bush fps issue could be improved somehow but it still looks great with medium settings and the gameplay is unique. Thanks BIS and keep up the great work. (looking forward to Game2 )
  17. EDcase


    I think this poll cannot give an accurate view of how people arrange the devices because there are too many variations. For example I use Saitek X52 so have throttle on left then keyboard then stick but I have mouse on separate lower desk shelf. It will be interesting to see how many people use TrackIR tho.
  18. EDcase

    The relation between a man and vehicles

    Its just not possible with the current engine. The script method allows ONE person to shoot outside by constanly updating their position to match the helicopter. Â It does NOT allow them to move around in cargo and this method is NOT going to work in MP with lots of people in various vehicles. I agree it would be nice to have this ability and JO was great but in real life soldiers do not move around in cargo. Â They are strapped in until insertion. Some people would like to have more refined animations of people getting in and out of hatches etc but this would also slow the pace of the game so be happy with what we have and we'll see what GAME2 offers... (and who knows what Flashpoint2 will be like)
  19. EDcase

    TrueView v1.0

    ah, thanks... Well, if its possible to look while in scope mode using TrackIR, would it be possible to enable this using keyboard & mouse?
  20. EDcase

    TrueView v1.0

    Hi RG, Have to agree with everyone that this is the way ARMA should have been. Â (perhaps the zoomed in view could be a bit more...?) I noticed on the video that you can freelook while in scoped mode with the point sight. Â I can't get that to work. Â Is that a TrackIR only ability? I use LeftAlt to look which works well because when its released the view snaps back to front. Cheers, EDcase
  21. EDcase


    Holding right mouse button (default for Hold Breath) when in scope mode does steady the aim. Â It gets less effective the longer you hold. Note: you will hear yourself breathing more heavily as if you were running. Â Funny since you are supposed to be holding your breath but tells you if you are holding too long.
  22. EDcase

    1.08 performance increase!

    Going from v1.05 to v1.08 the biggest difference is the viewdistance... my god how can it be possible... Â Haven't had much time to play but noticed a couple of things that are a bit annoying: - Unable to look around when using a mounted gun (eg. M2 on Hummer,Abrams,static etc.) -I thought I read that freelook would be possible when in scope mode (sights up). Still the best game in the world!!! Fantastic work BIS,please keep em coming BIS Â
  23. EDcase

    Is this a bug/bad install, or am I just an idiot.

    I think this is one of the issues that has been fixed in the upcoming patch. (1.08)
  24. Since its only used in single player missions its great to get somewhere quicker.
  25. EDcase

    Complete List of ARMA Commands

    Great work CodeSkyWolf, One note about MP commands: #vote admin (name) can also be used by players. Duno if this option can be turned off by original server admin.