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    Sound using hardware acceleration?

    Hi Ed ;), I believe thats a problem with FRAPS.
  2. EDcase

    Sound using hardware acceleration?

    Thanks Dwarden. Duno why BIS went that route but I trust they had good reason. Cheers, Ed
  3. EDcase

    Sound using hardware acceleration?

    ...so ArmA2 CAN use hardware sound? Or it only works with a ludicroulsy expensive sound card, thanks MaddogX.
  4. EDcase

    Sound using hardware acceleration?

    Sok Odjob. Thanks garack666, Been searching and found a few posts related to 5.1 problems and bugs. But doesn't answer the question of whether ArmA2 will use hardware or software decoding.
  5. Thats for games NOT coded to use multi-threading (like ArmA1) ArmA2 is written to use 2 or 4 cores.
  6. EDcase


    This is because the terrain/objects data cannot be read from the hard drive fast enough which means you need to defrag or get a faster drive. Its best to install ArmA in its own partition or even better on its own drive.
  7. EDcase


    Keep it consistent people otherwise results won't be comparable. Post higher spec score after the main one if you want. For the test set to... Everything on NORMAL fillrate 100% Post effects LOW 1680x1050
  8. Now, you see.... THIS is why BIS have such a hard time making this game! They're trying to make the worlds most accurate military combat simulation software and we're reducing it to animal mania with portapotty munitions!!!! (JK, in case someone missed my tongue in cheek sarcasm) ;) Love the flying ship. And this one
  9. EDcase

    Tribute to bohemia & arma2

    I'm going to chime in here and say "I can't wait to get my hands on ArmA2!!!" From the youtube vids there were unfortunate early bugs with AI. (Pitty Morphicon published so early and must have been against BIS wishes but thats greed for you) As far as CTDs and other game running problems, those cannot all be blamed on BIS. The variation of hardware and multitude of driver combinations means that there will innevitably be compatability problems fro some unfortunate people. Having the latest and greatest hardware does have a downside :P The prompt .01 patch has improved the AI already. I hope the 505 release will be even better. There are going to be niggly bugs and some more serious ones but BIS will keep improving an already great game. BIS fan...? Yes I am...!
  10. I prefer the OFP style. Just pure info in military terms rather than trying to make up a sentence. All AI reporting contacts should be relative to the player for simplicity. Would that work in MP? For contacts within 200m the distance described using Clock face direction like ArmA. Beyond 200m a compass direction and distance in steps like "Under" or "Over" | "200 meters" or "500 meters". For distant refrences how about talking in "Clicks"? Enemy | man | 100 meters | at | 12 O'clock Enemy | T72 | over 500 meters | to the | Northwest instead of Enemy...man...to our...front....far In my opinion most of the ArmA2 comms sound good like the "move to.." etc. Some of the voice acting could be better like the sounds of pain are a bit weak and the yell for "corpsman" sounds more anrgy than in pain. Its mainly the target reporting that needs improvement. The comms sound awkward because the voice accentuation varies too much and it sounds worse than OFP/ArmA because its trying to say more. I also think it could be improved generally by reducing the pause between clips like when he says "in front of.....us"
  11. EDcase

    Bullet Stray

    This might help people to distinguish between bad shooting and FADE (read info) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pv5D7uHgoyM
  12. EDcase

    Bullet Stray

    What solved it for you Richie?
  13. Should be 19th June even from GAME. They probably can't be bothered to update the website.
  14. EDcase

    Video recording

    There is also ZD Soft Game Recorder. Anyone compared to FRAPS? Which is better?
  15. EDcase

    ArmA2 crash to desktop

    BSODs are not caused by software (ArmA2). Its usually a communication problem with hardware so its down to drivers. Try updating DVD drive firmware.
  16. Hmmm, I've never heard of anyone using the right mouse button to fire. By default ArmA is set to hold breath/zoom when holding down the right button so see if you can change that to something else...
  17. EDcase

    Arma2 crash on launch

    Something that has come up a couple of times is make sure you have the latest firmware for your DVD drive.
  18. EDcase

    Arma 2 - Dont start :(

    Corrupt DVD? :( You won't be able to see the files as they are all archived. Sorry to hear about your problem. Must be the definition of frustration. Hopefully will be resolved...
  19. EDcase

    ARMA 2 Launch Plans

    Thank you Maruk and well done BIS team. Even though there will be complainers most of us appreciate your efforts. I hope your rewards are above expectation.
  20. And don't forget that the German version is not the same as the full 505 release and will need to be patched.
  21. EDcase

    6DOF TrackIR in planes/heli

    Thanks lecholas, Yes, I'm using 3 point model. Ah, I didn't know it had to be activated within the mission. I'll have a look. Thanx
  22. EDcase

    Will ArmA 2 support FreeTrack?!

    I never said it was new tech but its the first time a VR headset has been available with head tracking aimed at consumer level (cheap)
  23. EDcase

    6DOF TrackIR in planes/heli

    How? I got it but can't find how to get it to work... (Freetrack works fine its just to get all 6DoF that I can't figure out)
  24. I vote keep the same system as ArmA1 No online registration pls.
  25. EDcase

    Will ArmA 2 support FreeTrack?!

    Not to hijack the thread but it would be great if ArmAII could support this:http://www.vuzix.com/iwear/products_vr920.html Not very hires at 1024x768 but this is where the future really is...