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  1. I read some people had a problem starting the game and was fixed by installing latest DVD firmware. The drive might be having problems with the disc protection that is checked on startup.
  2. EDcase

    What a MESS!!!!

    Hahaha, he was expecting to show off with his setup and forgot that the latest hardware can have potential driver issues... 12Gb ram !?!?!?! :Oo: hahaha
  3. True, the damage radius should reduced slightly. Also not all choppers that crash should explode. I think mainly they crumple and possibly catch fire..... THEN they might explode too. ;)
  4. EDcase

    Better cockpit viewing

    ArmA doesn't support all 6 Degrees of Freedom so NO, TrackIR will make no difference. As a side note... IT SHOULD HAVE ALL 6 DoF !!!! ;)
  5. EDcase

    Rotor collision

    LOL, that might be going too far for ArmA ;)
  6. EDcase

    Better cockpit viewing

    Sorry I wasn't clear or you read too fast. I know about freelook (ALT) For example imagine you are piloting the Cobra and you are landing. You want to see if there is a tree or object below you. You press ALT and look left and right but you can't see down because the cockpit is in the way. If you could lean and move your head left or right (up to the glass) THEN press ALT to look around you would have a much better view bellow and behind the helicopter. It wouldn't allow you to see directly below but would be ALOT better than it is now.
  7. EDcase

    Autokick for Teamkillers

    Yes, it would be great if the lean button would move your head/camera to the side of the cockpit so you can look down and back. Back on topic. There are some great ideas here that I'm sure would help. I can't understand why BIS hasn't implemented anything in all this time (from ArmA1 development on) The TK forgive system in BF2 works well I think. For TK'ing too many times without pardon the screen should go black (with a message like "Time Off") and no sound for 1 or more minutes and a kick for repeat offences. That should be built into ArmA2 for all MP modes. As said in previous posts, many legitimate new players will be put off straight away by the current state of MP games and that will hurt sales through negative feedback to friends etc. Joining a clan should not be the only way to enjoy MP games.
  8. Many of us have stated that we would like grass etc to be rendered in scoped views/ binocs etc. The fact that its wasn't done in OFP or ARMA might suggest its harder than you think. I still hope it may be sorted in a future patch.
  9. EDcase


    Well, in the ready position you do move your head forward and have the sights up to your eye (without contact of course) If you mean the zoom on the background then yes, that is not totally realistic but I think that compensates for the lack of resolution compared to the human eye. If you didn't have that or the right button zoom then you wouldn't be able to hit anything. The zoom amount can be changed with a mod so maybe there will be one that you prefer.
  10. EDcase

    New To ArmA2

    Hi and welcome, If you want more realism than standard shooters then you'll love it.... Bear in mind that there are bugs but for such a huge game most if us don't mind a few niggles. Plus BIS are very dedicated and follow up with updates and patches to fix things. No trip flares or parachute flares in the game that I know of but there will be LOADS of mods soon so maybe in future ;)
  11. I think countermeasures would be good as long as they are not 100% effective but getting the percentage right is the hard part.
  12. EDcase


    It looks correct proportion to me for holding the weapon in a sighted fire position.
  13. EDcase

    Rotor collision

    I see your point nedley but if the rotors could take a bit of a hit without damage and only a major contact would destroy them it would add so much more realism. It shouldn't make landing that much harder as they already have collision detection you have to watch out for them hitting things anyway.
  14. EDcase

    Rotor collision

    Thats good at least but these things should be in vanilla game and therefore a bit more efficient than scripts etc.
  15. EDcase

    Muzzle smoke is cheap

    Yep, I've been commenting the same thing. I'd rather it wasn't there at all for small arms and much smaller for machine guns. There are already several posts regarding this so it may get locked.
  16. Yeah, better to wait. You can still play it as is so avoid downloading and installing two patches...
  17. Re-install DirectX? Should be on the DVD Or check graphics card drivers. Check in "Troubleshooting" section.
  18. EDcase

    Rotor collision

    Yes, sorry. Bit confused here. The rotors do have collision detection but they just bounce off things. What I'm talking about is when they get hit they need to stop working/turning. Edited first post to make it clearer.
  19. EDcase

    Kamov Rudder

    That would be silly ;) I duno what the yaw rate to forward wind speed ratio is for the Kamov but I think BIS got it at least quite close to reality.
  20. EDcase

    Rotor collision

    There is collision for the helicopter body but not for the rotor blades. The rotor assembly can be damaged by shooting it but the blades themselves have no collision damage.
  21. EDcase

    Muzzle flash needs variation.

    Maddog, there are loads of sound libraries available that don't cost alot. I guess BIS must have some but maybe they need to get some different ones ;) It would only take 3 variations of the flash to look better. (Even 2 would help alot) Sorry if this is stupid but what about animated GIF? Just randomizing the size would also help (and is more realistic). I'm affraid another thing that bugs me alot is the muzzle smoke. You don't get big puffy clouds that go out several feet when firing small arms. Machine guns it should have smoke effect but bit more subtle. I guess I'm alone in this opinion but I wish it could be reduced or optional :rolleyes:
  22. EDcase

    Keyboard problem?

    Can u try a different keyboard from somewhere?
  23. Has anyone used VoIP in ArmA2? Maybe its better?
  24. EDcase

    TrackIR full 6DoF implementation?

    Regarding player advantages there is a simple solution. As with MP games now certain options like Veteran mode, no crosshair or target helpers can all be forced on or off so everyone plays the same. So the extra axes or even the use of TIR in certain missions could be defined by the server. Equally a server could be set up for only TIR users.
  25. Just out of interest... A reminder of where the engine came from...