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  1. I would add that the CPU will need to be seriously overclocked (up to 4GHz+) so it doesn't bottleneck the GPU Always best to install ARMA on a separate drive to the OS. (Preferably on SSD of course)
  2. EDcase

    I need help with FPS!

    Things to try: Don't use latest NVidia driver (I tried it and performance was much worse). I'm using 361.91 Don't install 'NVidia Experience' crap Make sure you don't have 'Vertical Sync' on Has to be said, your system is very unbalanced. You have a very strong GPU but a weak CPU so you will get limited improvement from the graphics card update.
  3. EDcase

    is Arma 3 a AAA title?

    I guess as stated its down to budget and units sold but if you consider hours played and support dedication then its a different category. Its completely unique in the military sandbox genre. I've been playing since 2001 so looking at hours played its AAAA to me ;)
  4. I think it has improved a bit since ARMA2 and I hope now that Apex is done they can work on it a bit more. AI are not affected by grass and I think their line of sight to enemies uses low poly ground geometry so they see too well when prone.
  5. EDcase

    thinking of upgrading GPU for arma 3...

    I just upgraded from a GTX580 to GTX780 and I can set graphics a bit higher but viewdistance and number of enemies is still dependent on CPU so I wouldn't go too crazy with the GPU unless you upgrade the CPU as well. The GTX780 is a good match for an i7-2600k running at 4gHz Up to 50fps in demo missions. (4k viewdistance, not all set to Ultra but looks good to me ;)) (Multiplayer is more dependent on your bandwidth and server power)
  6. EDcase

    Basic help for newbie ...

    Most questions answered already but here are mine... Keep at it. Its daunting at first but this detail is what makes ARMA so rich with gameplay.
  7. ^ That sounds really cool but certainly not a casual MP game mode since you will need a good size dedicated team of players to make all the logistics work. I can see this being popular with experienced clans but not public servers... that would be a mess.
  8. Yep, just got a bunch of reset emails :D Luckily the last one worked. I guess the issue has been resolved...
  9. I can't remember password and when I submit 'Forgotten Password' request I don't receive an email. (yes, checked 'Junk') (It does recognize my email because I can't make a new registration with it) Anyone else have similar situation? / fix?
  10. EDcase

    Aiming Deadzone Bug

    Yes its been broken for a long time I posted a bug report before it went offline and still wasn't fixed. In fact there are 3 problems: 1) Zoom you mentioned 2) With dual mode sight, switching to scope centres view as well. (this is very annoying) 3) Mouse sensitivity is higher in the deadzone which makes it harder to use. (especially with mouse acceleration ON) I've had to stop using it since then :(
  11. EDcase

    Will you keep buying ArmA games?

    The series (OFP>ARMA) may not be perfect and you have to get used to the 'quirks' but it still provides unique gameplay unlike any other game. I've tried many of the other fps combat games but they all got repetitive and boring very quickly for me. So yeah, ARMA will keep me happy for another 15 years ;)
  12. tomhighway: If players are in squads then the group (green channel) will separate them for clearer comms. Vanilla comms works ok with the various channels but it would be great to get at least some radio beeps/clicks. It would be fantastic to get a more comprehensive radio system option in vanilla too.
  13. EDcase

    What I dont understand about Arma

    As domokun said, yes there are PvP and TvT games ranging from capture the island (CTI) to King of the Hill (KoH) BUT... you should consider playing against the AI. The AI are much better than most other games and still quite challenging.
  14. EDcase

    Arma 3 Apex - Thank You Team

    Yep, have to add my congrats to the team! The island is a work of art. Truly immersive with the sound scape. Spent my first few hours on the campaign mission wandering in a daze and getting killed while looking at everything :D (Pity the AI can see through more vegetation than we can) I haven't even tried all the new equipment yet. Definitely worth the wait.
  15. The right click to load items does not seem to work properly after the last update 1.6 Items must be dragged into the appropriate location window. Dropping items does still work with right click.
  16. EDcase

    Oculus Rift & Arma 3?

    I really hope that ARMA becomes more compatible with future VR headsets without all the faf. Not quite on the same level of immersion but an in-between is what I've been using for a couple of years... TrackIR and a Samsung 3d TV. Head tracking works great with TrackIR and the Samsung does a 2d->3d conversion which is fake but still works well enough to be convincing. (I still don't know how it does it) This means playing at full 1080p and an added benefit of this method is that ARMA runs at normal fps. (I think other manufacturers of 3d TVs like LG have this 2d->3d option as well)
  17. Exactly this. The thermals aren't implemented realistically so its like a 'Battlefield' perk. Because of the above vehicles are over effective as well but at least they have a slight disadvantage of being easier targets. May as well equip everyone with thermals and play in B&W. Of course its free choice how people want to play but I certainly won't play PvP/TvT with them available. If BiS fix the daytime environment temperature/signature then it will be more realistic and enjoyable.
  18. EDcase

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Agreed. There should be noticeable reduction in ambient light when overcast. To me there's too much ambient light (Non directional) which makes everything too bright.
  19. EDcase

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    I hope BIS will be able to bring back the warmer colours for sunrise and sunset (golden hour)
  20. EDcase

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I haven't had this problem (yet) I tested using the 'System' Maloc in startup settings and had a similar result that after 5-10mins fps went down to unplayable (1ish) So make sure you are NOT using System Maloc (memory allocator)
  21. EDcase

    Ideal setting for an Arma game.

    Its a bit late for this question no? Personally, I'm OK with the near future setting the way its been done in ARMA3. I did miss the contemporary equipment but thankfully they're available as mods. So its all good...
  22. EDcase

    BOHEMIA Please Tell Us You Have Fixed This

    Nick, Its obvious you have to increase the terrain detail above LOWEST. The position of trees, rocks, AI etc are based on the hires ground so that everything is in the same place for all players. Lowest setting of terrain has to truncate a LOT of data but the objects still have to match the higher res positions for all players.
  23. That's awesome!!! Something I always thought ARMA needed was to have bodies vanish (in a red mist?) if they were very near a large explosion. (eg satchel or artillery) Is that something you can (want to) do? Cheers
  24. EDcase

    HTC Vive and ARMA?

    I'm not anticipating VR at all with ARMA unless there's a breakthrough with fps. (which aint likely)
  25. EDcase

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Great work so far guys!!! Personally I don't care about the authenticity of the uniform stitching etc :rolleyes: Are you planning to do all the major vehicle assets? (That's a huge amount of work!!! :o ) Good luck