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  1. EDcase

    Helicopter camera

    Ah, thanks Oukej
  2. EDcase

    Tank drivers interior

    We live in hope....
  3. EDcase

    Helicopter camera

    So you are going to remove the FoV change altogether? Thats good because the current change at 25kph is awful. Better not to have any at all.
  4. EDcase

    Jets dlc showcase problem

    All I can think of is to try playing with Windows sound settings...
  5. EDcase

    Jets dlc showcase problem

    You can't move until the intro speech is complete. If you can't hear any dialogue then change/reduce the channel count in Audio settings. Also might be worth verifying game files in Steam...
  6. EDcase

    How to improve visibility range?

    It is confusing at first but makes sense... View Distance in Video settings is the default for when you are in the editor or any mission which does not specify a limit. In MOST missions (especially MP ones) the view distance is controlled by its own options and overrides the ones in video options. This is to ensure that all players have a similar experience and limits the advantages of more powerful machines especially for PvP.
  7. EDcase

    Are some players cheating?

    LoL, thats what I meant :D Settings priority 1) Server setting 2) Mission 3) Game options
  8. EDcase

    Good missions for A3 coop newbies?

    I like 'Liberation' which is CTI so maybe a bit big for you but its persistent so you can jump in and out at will. Has elements of RPG with base building and earning weapon systems. It has many parameters to tailor the difficulty and it really feels like a living mission with civilians including vehicles, enemy reinforcements and patrols etc.
  9. EDcase

    Are some players cheating?

    Setting terrain to 'Very Low' will remove the grass (and make the ground look shite) They do it to increase fps and see people trying to hide in grass. Many servers/missions have their own settings which override your game setup. A properly made mission will not allow the very low setting to be used.
  10. EDcase

    A serious question to BIS developers

    This probably won't help you but at least I'm trying ;) Have you tried with mouse acceleration ON? I know most gamers don't like it but I can't understand why. Its completely automatic sensitivity... Of course if you're not used to it then it will feel really awkward but its worth giving it a chance to get used to. As for aircraft, I would suggest a joystick rather than mouse anyway.
  11. The signature check is an option for servers so its possible they had it turned off before. Have you tried several different ones? Does it show a green dot for the servers in the list? Only other thing I can think of is windows firewall or router settings. It is strange that it used to work but its possible for things to change unexpectedly with windows updates etc.
  12. "Signature check failed" is related to mods. If that is still the error reported in chat when you get kicked then there is some mod active which does not have official signature file. Try creating a new Profile?
  13. EDcase

    my keybind keep reseting

    Make sure all the config files are set to read/write enabled. In Documents/ARMA3 Right click > Properties Or try adding a new Profile
  14. EDcase

    Jets DLC Official Feedback

    Max ingame viewdistance is 12k so the limit you are experiencing is because its restricted by the mission maker
  15. Play through the example missions until you are comfortable with the basics of movement and equipment usage. Then you can venture online... DON'T learn to fly in online games ;)
  16. Coming from OFP, I also used to use the manual method and hated the idea of being forced to use Steam. ...but I've had no problems (so far) and along with the launcher it has made ARMA easier to configure and start up. So I'm a convert to Steam and Launcher. ...but there are still things in ARMA that bug me: (tickets on bugtracker are ignored) AI spotting through tree foliage and grass. Aiming deadzone broken when switching between scope modes.
  17. I agree the LOD popping is so annoying (playing mainly on Tanoa) This has always been a problem in ARMA.
  18. EDcase

    Please help a noob reload

    You're welcome. We just want to share the fun. (...and ARMA is quite quirky...)
  19. EDcase

    Please help a noob reload

    It can be difficult to find the right mags for your weapon. (They may not be compatible even if the caliber is the same) Arma remembers how many rounds are left in the current mag when you load a new one so if you get back to the used one then it will still have only a few rounds left. - Check the reload key binding is correct... - You can check what is compatible with a weapon by clicking on it in the inventory and anything that can be mounted on or ammo will show in grey. There is a mod to 'repack' used mags into full ones I'm but not sure how compatible it is with the latest game build. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19692
  20. I really like where this lighting improvement is going!!! It always bothered me how bright the interiors were. I do think the example is a tiny bit too dark. Technically the floor outside the light pool would be darker than the upper right wall because the light would bounce up. The problem is that people will have different settings on their monitors which will bias what they see.
  21. Yes, I would love to see that fixed as well because it affects the use of TrackIR with deadzone too.
  22. OK, this is getting away from the point. The problem is: If you are prone and crawling towards an aware prone enemy AI, they will ALWAYS spot you before you can see them because they see through the grass. That's the main issue
  23. Try doing that if they're aware...
  24. Hey Angus, I've just got the BT Smart Hub and now I can't join my friends server. Strangely I can join if he sends an invite BEFORE I start Ama!?!?! I've opened 2302-2305 UDP Made IP static but won't let me enter IP outside DHCP range. Turned off UPnP Any ideas? Cheers, ED
  25. AI spotting may have been improved but they can still spot enemy (player) much too easily when prone in grass. Try to crawl prone towards an AI. They will ALWAYS spot you before you see them! And its far enough away that sound shouldn't affect their detection. Some bushes do obscure their sight but others do not even though they should. The problem is that AI can identify you as enemy even if they only detect a small portion of you. They also fix on your exact position as soon as you start firing at them. Humans take much more time to pinpoint a distant shooter.