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  1. I think that's an ambient sound generator.
  2. EDcase

    Logitech sound bug

    I've got the G633 and no problems... A friend has same and no probs either. Make sure you have the latest software/drivers
  3. EDcase

    ArmA won't start, just hang

    Anyone who has the same issue, try making a new profile
  4. Yes you can play with more cores but does it show usage on all cores?
  5. EDcase

    Smoother Animations v4

    Looks great! Can't wait to try it out...
  6. I thought ARMA could only use 4 cores maximum
  7. EDcase


    Can you port stuff and then 'tweak' it so its no longer exactly the same?
  8. EDcase

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    I think its a bit early to be talking about ARMA4 but no harm in talkin right...? It would be great for A4 to cover ALL the eras of 20th to 22nd century and possibly beyond. This would allow for any historical conflict and scenarios of complete asymmetry. Imagine WWII soldiers fighting against a smaller group of current forces for example. I don't think that each era needs loads of weapon variants and many have already been created.
  9. EDcase

    Public server trolling

    Totally agree with the above and I would add that anyone getting kicked more than 10 times should be automatically added to a banned list.
  10. EDcase

    headphone / headset for arma3

    Logitech G633 Excellent 7.1 headphones with sound quality and comfort. You can clearly hear direction of sounds in-game which is more immersive and less frustrating to determine the direction of attack. £35 from Amazon warehouse :D Amazon Warehouse sells returned goods which are fully working but may show some signs of use. A friend and I purchased these and neither have any marks at all.
  11. EDcase

    Arma freezes and nothing

    SSD will make the game smoother when moving fast. ie in Heli or Jet. (streams terrain and texture data faster) In ArmaLauncher: Tick 'Extra threads' and all inside Tick 'No Logs' Tick 'World' type 'empty' (game will load faster) Do not tick 'CPU Count' Do not tick 'System memory limit' Do not tick 'Video memory limit' Do not tick 'Memory allocator' Then... Make a new player profile. You will not loose anything with your current settings but will make a new profile with all settings reset and auto detected. (You can manually copy keyboard shortcuts from your old profile afterwards)
  12. L'Etranger's "VTS weapon resting" worked so much better than the current system. Now there are many occasions where the weapon snaps to a strange angle, behind the rock or mainly not at all.
  13. Actually, ARMA started as Operation Flashpoint in 2001. So its been going for 16 years I remember watching this video when ARMA2 came out in 2008.
  14. Yes very annoying. Following Feedback Tracker entry
  15. Congrats to everyone at BI !!!! Been playing almost exclusively since 2001 and it never gets old even tho I am Still a few annoying aspects but kudos for keeping it alive and kicking
  16. EDcase

    The AI enemy detection is broken

    I agree the AI spotting has some problems: My suspicion is that the AI are using low resolution terrain geometry to determine line of sight. Other issues: AI share your position exactly between them. They can spot and identify you with only a tiny portion of you visible. Trees do not block AI vision as much as human vision is blocked. (I suspect the viewblock geometry does not extend as far as the foliage so they can see through the outer edges) Fallen trees do not viewblock at all.
  17. EDcase

    Please fix VTOL power curve

    For joystick users, check in settings/controllers select joystick and click modify. Then click on the linear curve to assign. Nothing will change but hit OK then go back out and try it...
  18. EDcase

    New Player bug?

    Make sure the ARMA folder isn't write protected. Should be in documents folder
  19. Yes, this is just to let you know you don't have Jets DLC because its active on the server. You don't need to do anything. If you want to get rid of it then the server must not use any DLC content in the mission
  20. Don't be afraid to remap keys to your liking or what you're used to in other games. Create a new profile in the main screen and then you'll be able to go back to vanilla keys if you wish. Play all the included single player missions first until you are completely comfortable with controlling your character then try some multiplayer games. Follow people around to get a feel for the mission. Remember that ARMA missions are true sandbox so they can be very different in how they are set up and play. Public servers are often chaotic so don't let that put you off. If you want more organised games (usually Co-Op) then look at the SQUADS page to join a private server.
  21. EDcase

    Help for someone new to Arma games

    On top of all that good info its important to remember / realise that ARMA is a true sandbox game. This means that any mission (server game) can have its own rules and ways of doing things as well as limits on weapons available etc. Most options (like HALO and armoury) are mouse menu options that come up in certain areas of a base for example. Rearming is generally an option that comes up in certain areas but could also be spawn options. I would suggest to play all the single player missions to get fully comfortable with controls / keys. Don't be afraid to edit the key bindings if you wish. Its time consuming but worth making it really familiar. ARMA has a steep learning curve as you've discovered but that also makes it more rewarding and keeps it interesting so stick to it and you'll soon get past the frustration to the full enjoyment.
  22. After moving the weapon to look around (looking for targets). Going into sights/scope mode goes back to character straight ahead view instead of the weapon direction.
  23. EDcase

    How's 2017 ArmA 3 ?

    Yeah, I'd say its good now. Still a few annoying 'quirks' but nothing terrible (for me)
  24. EDcase

    Completely lost

    Sorry to hear you're having problems. Unfortunately from what I can see in a search, the CPU seems to be very under powered as it only has 2 cores. The .rpt should help
  25. EDcase

    Bad ArmA Trends

    I don't care about proper uniforms etc. Bad ARMA trend: Playing in 3rd person