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  1. Thats amazing work m8. Respect
  2. EDcase

    Welcome to Glasgow

    Not been there but looks amazingly detailed
  3. Try a different channel Some missions have Side or Global blocked to reduce spamming the comms.
  4. EDcase

    AI must have better autonomy.

    Yes, ARMA AI uses TRUE artificial intelligence that is not pre-programmed with places to hide in a fight. This is the main reason why ARMA is so CPU intensive. I've seen them behave exactly like humans hiding behind obstacles and leaning out to shoot and changing position if under fire. I've also seen them just standing around while others nearby are being shot so it does vary.
  5. Yeah, I did open all those ports in/out windows for both machines but not sure in the router. Will try again tonight
  6. I have same problem connecting to a non dedicated server. A game run on a friends computer. Connects fine but just stops just before getting in. I think its to do with ports. I presume you have to ope ports in Windows firewall AND router firewall? Are the required ports 2302-2303 UDP out only? (We can both join the same dedicated server no problem) Cheers
  7. EDcase

    Can't Join any game.

    Try temporarily turning off Windows AND Router firewalls.
  8. EDcase

    Bohemia Interactive Mníšek Studio

    Sorry mate just had to do it ;)
  9. MCC addon will allow you to change viewdistance among many other things like time and weather in any mission. You'll only be able to run it on your own server as it could easily be used to cheat in MP.
  10. EDcase

    What causes this?

    I've not seen that before either
  11. To prevent cheating most missions will have a set viewdistance. In some there will be an options menu where it can be changed and possibly grass too. If the mission you're playing doesn't have those options in the mouse menu then addons is the only option IF the server allows them.
  12. There should be a 'Hints' box that appears top right of screen to tell you which key to press for the required action. Otherwise scroll the mouse wheel to see the list of actions. (Note they are context sensitive so can change depending if you are near something that has interactions) ARMA is complicated but go slowly through tutorials and you will discover its potential.
  13. Looking very good! Can't wait to fight for my survival ;) (Maybe a Terminator next )
  14. Its one of the many 'stances' available. I've changed most of my key mapping but I think this was the default: Hold CapsLock and press W,S,A or D
  15. EDcase

    Bohemia Interactive Mníšek Studio

    So that's what you've been up to instead of playing... We'll have to sneak in and find the ARMA4 secret plans ;)
  16. EDcase

    Reduced Haze Mod v3.1

    Looks good
  17. Yeah, great idea and very well done so far! To make it work will definitely need rideable horses and stage coaches. Will be keeping an eye on this Good luck.
  18. EDcase

    Just another ARMA 3 review

    Great to hear! It only gets better the more you play ;)
  19. Not only does he deserve it but BiS needs him ;)
  20. OMG!!!!!!!!! could it be true.....................................................? (quits work early to check)
  21. Shooting through fallen trees isn't so much of a gameplay issue. AI seeing you through a fallen tree as if it wasn't there IS... (Of course I'd welcome a fix for the physics geometry as well)
  22. EDcase

    Bohemia Interactive Mníšek Studio

    Good work pal. Still can't understand your Scotch typing....
  23. If you want the full flying experience then HOTAS or cheaper combo stick is the way to go. Certainly with the advanced flight model (AFM) you can fly with more control than with mouse and keyboard. If you are somewhat familiar with how a helicopter flies then go straight to AFM otherwise start with the basic mode but change to AFM as soon as possible so you don't get used to basic. ...and TrackIR is AWESOME!!!! ;)
  24. NightIntruder So you're saying you prefer if BI continue to work on improving ARMA3 rather than devote most of their efforts on ARMA4...? They have said that they are keeping a few people working to tweak ARMA3 for the next year so not exactly abandoning us are they. Hoping they can fix the fallen trees lack of viewblock... I'm glad they're concentrating most efforts to new engine and game for the next chapter in the 'Operation Flashpoint' evolution.