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    Rate the first episode!

    Some valid points there. - I did wonder why they were set up in camp Maxwell with all those lights so obvious. Stratis doesn't have a good sized cave to use as hidden camp which would have been ideal for this situation. - Killing the VIP would have been better as a night op. - Advancing though a valley seems logical if there is cover. - AAF air not attacking you: Maybe they were assigned to seek & destroy hard targets only? (would have been impossible to complete if they did engage your team) - Main town mission was a bit easy. There could have been more random enemy patrols. Yes, it could have been better but still fun ;)
  2. Ideally there should be two attack orders. One where the soldier will advance to the enemy contact and one where he will hold position (behind cover) and try to track the enemy contact then engage if he has good line of sight.
  3. EDcase

    Double your FPS

    Thats interesting a probaly worth a post in the bug tracker. Don't forget that the AI activity is also very imprtant. Lots of AI doing nothing will have less hit on fps than a smaller group in combat (or driving). Their 'thinking' is what takes CPU power....
  4. The only real difference between OS is the memory allocator used by default. Unless Win8 has a breakthrough type that works amazingly with ARMA then it won't make much difference. The crap that runs in the background makes more difference and the newer Windows run more and more shit in the background so I would guess that Win7 is probably better out of the box... You still need to kill any unecessary background tasks and services.
  5. EDcase

    Double your FPS

    SP runs VERY well so MP is the problem but the people complaining about poor fps are probably in Wasteland or some other mission with lots of scripts which are probably not well implemented. I play Domination and have 30-40 fps no matter how many players there are.
  6. I agree in principle but I don't think its easy to fix. In real life unit cohesion is reduced in prolonged combat situations. If an AI returns to formation after engaging an enemy, the squad leader would send him off to attack the next target anyway. Perhaps there should be a parameter for maximum radius an AI can move autonomously from his squad. IE you can order him anywhere but he won't wander or engage further than that distance.
  7. I don't think it matters (I would be interested in an actual test) The important thing to remember with both is to reduce the 'schnickschnack'(©JumpingHubert) crap to make it as lean as possible. (A bit of a joke with windows-system-hog software)
  8. EDcase

    Rate the first episode!

    I gave it 8 No bugs for me and enjoyed it. Only complaint would be: too short ;) To be honest I'm not that interested in campaign missions because it gets played once or twice but the majority of gameplay is MP. Anyone who plays SP only is missing 99/100 of ARMA potential. I think BIS should spend some time developing a few good Co-Op & PvP scenarios. Perhaps some editor modules so less scripting is necessary.
  9. Performance is good for me. Startup line: -nosplash -skipintro -world=empty -nologs
  10. Me too. I was getting them only recently with the last Stable build and now had a few with the new stable update (Campaign version) I'm not using any addons but the server I play on is using CBA, MMC_Sandbox and JS_JC_F18
  11. EDcase

    Is this color normal?

    Might sound strange but turn brightness down to 0.5 (minimum) You might have to raise Gamma to compensate a bit. The last image you posted looks all distorted. It looks like the effect you get when using a pirated version....!?!?!?
  12. This is great Axek! Do you think it might be possible to have a full AAR system like VBS2 where a whole mission can be played back? That would be a game changer... ;)
  13. EDcase

    ArmA 3: A 32-bit Game

    Hi, I suggest to search the forum. This subject has been discussed to death... Long story short: Its harder than you thing to make it 64bit and there would be NO performance increase.
  14. BIS have tried to make shooting more interesting/challenging by adding the weapon sway and more recoil than ARMA2. I do like these things in theory but they are too high at the moment. Part of the problem is that your character gets tired too quickly and this makes sway much worse. Even just walking makes you character out of breath!!!! The recoil shoud also reduce with lower stances. (only sniper stance (sitting) and prone reduce it at the moment)
  15. EDcase

    Firing Mode Reset Glitch

    Vote: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=7395#bugnotes
  16. EDcase

    Multiplayer broken

    Same for me on stable branch. Its just a delay and it does come up after about 30secs. New profile does not help. Deleting MP cache does not help
  17. You can't. A rough breakdown is: All settings in video options affect GPU. Number of AI and scripts affect CPU View distance affects both And don't forget your hard drive which has to stream the terrain, objects and texure data.
  18. Yeah! Found the ticket for it: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=1533
  19. EDcase

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    I'm using BadBenson's texture enhancement and that's already a great improvement over vanilla look. Try it out: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19524 Why can't BIS just do that as standard...?
  20. EDcase

    Searching for TrackIR5 ArmA3 profiles

    PM me with your email address and I'll send you my profile to get you started. You can edit it from there. (I set mine very sensitive) I use the standard metal clip attached with an elastic to the headband of my headphones. Works very well.
  21. EDcase

    Complete Noob

    ezeasyez: Go through the included single player missions and get familiar with the controls. Once you have a good grasp of movement and weapon handling and completed all the missions then head into multiplayer. Ask around and someone will help you out. Once you've done the above, you're welcome to come to 'Dadds Army' server and if I'm there I can talk you through the basics of online play. Mine reads exactly 10Gb
  22. EDcase

    Stuttering after upgrade

    Try adding '-nologs' to the startup line in Steam
  23. A friend and I had this problem on our regular server. We ended up deleting the game files in Steam options then re-loaded / installed and haven't had the problem since. Probably not what you want to hear...
  24. EDcase

    Double your FPS

    I think people here are being a bit harsh on the guy. He was obvioulsy very excited by his findings and wanted to share with everyone.
  25. EDcase

    Weapon Sway Tweaking

    Well, when you've been running with several Kilos of kit on your back and then try aiming it will sway quite a bit. BUT it should be steadier the lower the stance. (For game play sake at least) Perhaps the problem originates from the time it takes to get exhausted and recover. In ARMA3 you only have to run a few metres before your character is exhausted and that causes massive sway. Then it takes quite a long time to recover and return to normal. (steadier) As a trained soldier you should be able to run further before getting that tired. At the moment even walking and tactical pace will get you exhausted. Thats just wrong