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  1. EDcase

    No Women=Disturbing

    Don't care about female soldiers :P BIS has to concentrate on important things/fixes before wasting time on character mods. Whats the difference between male and female characters really? You want to wear lipstick while going to war!?!?!
  2. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1461411552/elite-dangerous Who remembers the original? :D Would be awesome to see what David can do with the latest PC hardware... £20 gets a digital copy (I'm one)
  3. When there are multiple versions of A2 content how will it work for missions? So you will need to download several versions of the same vehicle/weapon/unit for different missions to work?!?! ...Please tell me that's not correct.... :butbut:
  4. EDcase

    newbie question

    Need more info. You can download many SP missions but you still have to select a mission you wish to actually play. You can't make new threads but you can post in existing troubleshooting ones. To report problems you should use the feedback tracker
  5. EDcase

    ArmA 3 and GeForce Experience

    It recommended stupid settings: full res with all effects off. So I uninstalled it Its better to pick your own settings. Start with things low and go up from there. Note that multiplayer is less dependant on GFX settings. (ie. lowering settings does not get much better fps)
  6. EDcase

    Grenade Implementation

    This conversation is funny because there was exactly the opposite argument in ARMA2: "Need a single button to throw grenade rather than having to select it first" :D The most important thing I want to see is a way to vary throw strength. Its so annoying to have an enemy on the other side of a wall and not being able to short throw over. Instead it goes over the whole property. Holding the key for strength would conflict with cooking. I think strength is more important. And I agree that there needs to be an animation (delay) before throwing but only a couple of seconds for gameplay sake.
  7. EDcase

    FPS Drops and Texture Problems

    For NVidia users... Just installed latest drivers: 331.82 Getting better fps and can hear fans working harder.
  8. DEFINITE +1 !!! Someone screwed up not allowing free head rotation at least. 6DoF freedom would be amazing. I wish we had that in all vehicle positions but I guess its too much work for BIS so we'll have to rely on mods as usual.
  9. EDcase

    ArmA 3 and GeForce Experience

    Wrong. I have a GTX580 and I can run most things on Ultra or Very High. Just not at full 1920x1200.
  10. Since no ToH features relating to helicopters themselves have been implemented I doubt any of the script commands will be. (Still hoping we'll get the flight model...) I think only the clouds made it from ToH.
  11. No probs. Yes, I meant by accident. I've been called to dinner while playing and left it running either in a game or in the server list. (A little note for people who want to leave ARMA running without stressing your computer: TAB to desktop and your comp will be happy waiting)
  12. Problem is you can just leave ARMA running and clock up hours without actually playing...
  13. That's a mighty big attitude for a newcomer. The point of ARMA is that you can CHOOSE how to play. Since the AI are not capable of driving efficiently (and probably never will be) then a compromise must be accepted. ...and if you don't like it, don't use it.
  14. EDcase

    Weapon sway

    This thread is getting side-tracked... The title is: Weapon Sway To discuss Recoil, use a different thread please.
  15. The problem with surround sound in ARMA3 goes much further than the conversations tho. When near to a sound source it becomes monural and you loose all sense of direction of the sound. ie. Standing next to a vehicle engine or soldier firing. (Don't look at the screen and spin your character around)
  16. Yes, and it should have been left to bleed out and die...
  17. Sorry but all this arguing and this whole thread is pointless... 1. BIS are NOT going to change major game mechanics for ARMA3. Its just too late for that. 2. Almost everyone is complaining about poor fps and you are now talking about adding 'simulation' of wound ballistics?!?!?!? LOL, forget it. For any game bullet damage must be reduced to the minimum computation. Caliber, velocity, armor, hit point... Thats about it for variables
  18. Only some missions allow you to change character. If you checked key bindings for switching character and they don't work then its not possible in that mission. Go to the editor and place a few characters. The first will always be 'player' (just press Enter) With the others, select 'playable' in the 'Control' parameter drop list. Then 'Preview' and you will then be able to change to different characters.
  19. EDcase

    Hardcore insurgency

    Just had to log on to say: "Brilliant" !!! Thanks for making A3 version.
  20. EDcase

    No women at all

    People asking for female characters have no idea how much work that would entail. Since the difference between male/female would be purely cosmetic its not worth the effort to make new models, skeleton, clothes, attach points etc. BIS could create a female head/face to choose but the bodies would remain the same to eliminate problems.
  21. EDcase

    Helicopter yaw, FM in general

    Perhaps you can ask the instructor the max speed for latteral flight in those aircraft. I've only flown an R22 :(
  22. EDcase

    Helicopter yaw, FM in general

    The Commanche was/is the ONLY helicopter in the world that could fly sideways or backwards that fast. The tail rotor effect for the other copters in the game feel correct.
  23. EDcase

    when will new arma 3 content be out?

    I also miss the 'old classics' I don't really want to install ARMA2 and use All-in-ARMA I'd pay for a good port of ARMA2 content as a DLC.
  24. EDcase

    Helicopter pedals animation

    Don't look at your hands and feet while you fly ;) Animations would be nice addition but low priority.
  25. EDcase

    Helicopter yaw, FM in general

    FM = Flight Model: How the helicopter behaves according to physical flight characteristics. ie. if it flies arcadey or realistically. Currently ARMA3 is somewhere in the middle but closer to arcade than sim. I would also LOVE to have TakeOnHelicopters FM as a difficulty option. Animated pedals etc. not so important for me.