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    It doesn't feel the same

    I think A3 is much better than A2 in general. -Yes, things feel different and AI difficulty settings does need tweaking to find your personal taste. (There are also some very good AI improvement mods) -The healing and dragging seems to work fine in servers I go to. Not sure if they're using mods but its certainly possible in A3. -Graphics and movement/stances are much better than A2. -Fatigue needs getting used to and may need tweaking but it adds to the gameplay so that people have to choose their loadout more carefully and not be Rambos. -We now have recoil which is annoying at times and possibly needs tweaking but again adds to gameplay. (I think A2 was a bit too easy to hit targets) -Yes, vehicle weapons are a bit copy/pasted but that's a visual thing which doesn't affect gameplay. Soon we will have better helicopter flight model and shooting from vehicles... Remember that A2 had a few years to develop so give A3 time to mature as well
  2. I agree with Tyl3r99 (OP) that more should be done to reduce the need for scripting in general. For example why can't Bis incorporate scripts into modules and just have editable parameters? Even if it has to be compiled before playing I think it would be worth it. I've been playing since OFP and I can't believe we still need to use scripting just to change unit loadouts.
  3. I've also had time to get used to the new system (Stable branch) I think it just needs a bit of tweaking to be just right. The distance to move before becoming exhausted should be extended overall. Combat pace or moving with sights up (looking through) should be the same as walking. ie very little fatigue. Maximum sway should be reduced a bit. Its very annoying when moving through a town where you turn a corner to face an enemy and you try to shoot him while your weapon is swaying wildly around until he kills you with 1 shot. (Yes you will say that I should pace myself and pause to recover from exhaustion after running every few metres but NO, it should not be swaying THAT much) My problem is the AI. They spot and kill you through bushes/trees and GRASS. Can't you reduce the size of grass a bit so we can see more than 0.5m while it gives no concealment to AI. I remember the fun sneaking up to or past AI in OFP and ARMA1. It worked MUCH better because they did not spot you if you stayed still. Perhaps because they were simpler minded back then...?
  4. EDcase

    any news on weapon resting?

    VTS_Weapon Rest works brilliantly!!! Why can't BIS do something similar or even buy that mod and make it standard!?!?! BIS has made a unique and ground breaking game series but unfortunately its clear that they don't have the programming capability to fulfill its potential.
  5. EDcase

    Boring Ragdoll System (1.24)

    Sorry I don't understand I am using stable branch at the moment. Are you saying they have changed it in Dev because as far as I know its not in there yet either.
  6. This has been bugging me a lot. Only seems to have started doing this since the last patch (1.24)
  7. EDcase

    Boring Ragdoll System (1.24)

    Not sure what you're expecting but I think you may be disappointed. The 'inertial system' they are talking about is just to slow down your turn speed depending on stance and weapon weight. I agree that even though its not entirely realistic, the ragdoll sim should be given an initial push in the direction of projectile impact where its power is relative to caliber. I also think that soldiers within a large explosion (ie. satchel, HE, arty, etc) should vanish in a red cloud There should be a push to the ragdoll outside the vaporisation zone which is relative to distance. At the moment the effect of explosions on ragdolls is very small.
  8. EDcase

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    Don't be abusive or you will be reported. Agreed.At the moment BiS is catering to the minority of hardcore military players who want very slow gameplay. Maybe they are more verbal in requesting these things....?
  9. I use a gradual ramp up from 0 which makes head movement MUCH smoother. BIS should fix the deadzone problem which affects the mouse acceleration.
  10. EDcase

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    Weapon sway should be toned down in general. Even completely relaxed there is too much sway. (I certainly don't sway that much holding a rifle) Being out of breath should have a penalty, I agree, but the sway is too severe and the movement unrealistic. It should be almost completely vertical only. And being wounded makes you so ineffective and movement so slow that people respawn rather than try to get healed. Maybe the sway could come in waves with the pain... It would have been great to have a wounded walk animation that looks different from a normal walk. Going back to movement speed... The sprint when completely unarmed is the speed the sprint should be even when moderately loaded. Weight carried should just affect the distance you can sprint. VERY important: Combat pace (sights up while walking) should NOT be tiring.
  11. EDcase

    Arma 3 , project the cave

    Good job Buckaroo. ;) Going to be a whole new depth to the game ;)
  12. EDcase

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    Thoughts about new update: AWFUL Sorry but that's my opinion of how it plays at the moment. I understand the thinking behind the updated fatigue system but its just making the game frustrating and unplayable. With a loadout that's only half of max you can only sprint a few metres before your aim is like a drunk on a boat in a storm. You can't run between two rocks for cover and barely make it across a street before waiting a minute while you catch your breath. Honestly its like a military simulator for retired soldiers. EVEN in combat pace which is about the speed of walking and designed for CQB you can only manage a few metres before you're huffing and puffing!!!! All movement speeds feel slower than real life. Sprint is like a jogging pace, running is like a fast walk and walking is so casual that its only useful in cut scenes! Really, what the hell is the point of walking pace??!?! WHO EVER USES THAT???? I understand you want to make it more tactical and I agree but its still a GAME that you can bend the rules a bit and have these soldiers a bit fitter... I've been playing this series of games since OFP back in 2001 and this is the first time I feel like looking for another game to play...
  13. EDcase


    Add the command -nologs to your startup line in Steam. (A google search will tell you how) Make sure your Arma installation HD is thoroughly defragmented. It doesn't matter how powerful your machine is if it can't access the data fast enough. Ideally you should install Arma on a separate SSD or HDD from the OS.
  14. Kingjod: As SavageCDN stated, what you mention are missions not mods. If you want to find others your best option is just to look at the server list and jump into one you haven't seen before. I think those are the only ones that aren't military orientated. ronin516: All 3rd party mods have @foldername format. Bohemia official mods/addons do not.
  15. EDcase

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    I like the idea of stance indicator changing colour. (Not strong colour but pastels so not too obtrusive) - Doesn't add more clutter to HUD - Good to learn how fatigue affects you but easily ignored once you are used to it. - Doesn't give an exact % of fatigue.
  16. EDcase

    Hotfix 1.22 Killed my fps??????

    LoL, I just said it was strange that for myself and a couple of others it plays smoother than before. I'm not an fps junkie so I go by how well it plays rather than the numbers.
  17. EDcase

    Hotfix 1.22 Killed my fps??????

    Are you guys using Stable or Dev? For me and a friend in Stable branch PERFORMANCE has IMPROVED!!! We can run higher settings and the game plays perfectly smooth. Much better than before. So don't just look at the fps value.
  18. Apart from MP netcode improvement which is already being worked on... I'd like a bit more radio simulation for VoIP. Interference/noise linked to distance for small radios and signal blocking from terrrain. Similar to ACRE without the need for TeamSpeak. Radios don't need ultra high fidelity audio anyway. Also general sound channel isolation still needs work. Close sounds lose their direction completely which is wrong.
  19. Ah, didn't catch that. That's a pitty. Perhaps getting Steam to work should have been a higher priority then because my friends, myself and others cannot play MP now.
  20. Why remove GameSpy when it was working so well!?!? At least should have made sure Steam crap was working first.
  21. EDcase

    Hosting Issue today

    Another major screw up :icon_rolleyes: Did anyone at BIS check local hosting was working before dropping GameSpy?!?!?! :mad: EDIT: Seems GameSpy was shutting down so not BiS fault but they should have prioritized getting Steam servers working.
  22. Note about username: If you have the windows option 'RUN' in the start menu. Type 'cmd.exe' to open the command line interface. It should start in the folder c:\users\Administrator (where Administrator is your windows account username) Then if you place Fred's GMF.exe in that folder you can type: gmf administrator (use whatever name is shown in the c:\users\...)
  23. EDcase

    PLease improve the tracers

    Sorry but I'm also adding a vote not to change them. They could do with a color grade along the length but they should NOT be turned into cannon balls like the ACE video. Remember tracers are the width of a bullet and only look like large blobs to cameras or image intensifiers because of their exposure settings with bright objects in dark environments. To human eyes they are thin. (Increase post process glow in the video options and they will look more like the video)
  24. Even if fps hasn't gone up much that's not the whole story because it definitely FEELS smoother when panning(turning). There's certainly a benefit here and hopefully BIS can use this info...
  25. I didn't do a numbers test but it definitely FEELS noticeably smoother. Thanks Fred