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  1. As I said before ... nothing is lost ... it takes time for now.
  2. Thanks for your comments kju. In most of them I agree with you (in team, we already discussed about similar themes) and some thoughts and ideas can be developed further, but it's for a long debate in another thread or PM (or sitting with a beer :p). ------------------------------------------- Now let's go back to yesterday's release. I hope no one lost the notice about the special bonus PDF document which contains the flowchart of our SP campaign '89. So if you have an fancy to embark again the campaign, but with a different story, look into this little bonus. PDF document is installed in the core directory (@CSLA) and its called CSLA_Campaign_89_flowChart_EN.pdf. Feel free to ask us about any details.
  3. Nothing is lost ... if we decide that the public release will take sense, we will release something. :rolleyes:
  4. Few reasons were described upwards. Another few very truly words were written by the NightIntruder.PS: after 3 years of donation we had 30€ on our account ... what a support :D This will not cover any of our surveys which we are doing few times a year for collecting of all very detailed data for all models from our Mod. Anyway' date=' it doesn't matter - we are doing this for own pleasure ... Another example: counter for download of Mod (in ver.2.25) hits number 3160 ... and the reactions (positive/neagtive) in the oficial thread? ... maybe 15-20? ... mostly from 2-3 people Yet another example: once the A2:CO Mod has been released, we opened SP/MP mission competition. Number of entries after 6 months? ... 2 missions ... :D (anyway, they are included in Mod as we promised) The prizes for the winners were paid from our own pockets - we planned to support the community with caps, t-shirts etc. ... who else did this (from the Mod/Addon makers)? ---------- Post added at 12:10 ---------- Previous post was at 12:05 ---------- We were thinking about this, but after the hype over the (I don't want to say these words :)) much worse addons ... it's food for thought.Do you remember if CSLA Mod has been nominated in the past for any Community Awards?
  5. As far as I know, not.Let's say, PV3S was used in many versions across the CSLA and then comes a lot of variants of Tatra and also Ural and Zil trucks. Probably there wasn't any rule or prescription which types of trucks should be used by which type of brigade/division etc. When I was in the army (Slovak Armed Forces) we had in the late '90 a lot of Tatra trucks and for example two PV3S which were used for daily duty and another very old Ural and Zil trucks were used to transport radar systems in case of any excercise - they were a standard part of radar site.
  6. Thanks to all "few" for the support :D We don't said that we will completely stop our activities with modding, but looking back (also to our small PR campaign: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?90067-CSLA-Studio-work-in-progress-thread/page56) there's no motivation to do any releases for the community.:confused: The trend what we see, is that someone will do a pre-beta release of "stupid" retex or low valuable import from OFP-Arma1-Arma2 and then the hype and activity over this release is incomprehensible in compare to our releases - when we are always trying to do everything in a best way (models, mission, campaign, bonus stuff). ---------- Post added at 09:46 ---------- Previous post was at 09:43 ---------- Some missions are already prepared in various states, but it's not enough to relase them to keep the TOP quality of CSLA Studio. Sorry. ---------- Post added at 09:51 ---------- Previous post was at 09:46 ---------- No, there are no marking on trucks according to the divisions etc.Different visible marking is only on the SpecOps - paratroopers, depth recon ...
  7. Latest version of CSLA Mod for Arma 2: Combined Operations has been officially released. This release closes another chapter of our work. We will no more come back to this version of Mod, because we found that the interest of the community for an CSLA Mod has decreased significantly. Also, this led us to the fact that for the final edition of Mod, we canceled planned second campaign and additional vehicles for AFMC and FIA (various versions of M113, LAV-25, BTR-50, ...). Anyway, in this final release, you will find an improved MP COOP mission Protectors in version with CSLA playable slots. This mission includes several new playable slots available for partisan units FIA - if players will occupy these slots, they can significantly and actively mess up the tasks for "normal" CSLA players. Info about this version of the MP mission is also linked to another novelty - a completely new characters of FIA guerrillas. They have a new fatigues (pattern is called MLOK) and they are also available to carry any type of backpacks, which doesn't allow the original game. This latest version of the Mod is completely full package of addons and other additional stuff (reference guides and manuals), so you don't need to apply any patch - just run the installer which will take care of overwriting of old PBO files. As in previous release of Mod, was published also a huge campaign '89, the updated version is also included in this last release. We did there a lot of corrections and adjustments, so we hope that you will return to the campaign again and try it "survive" it again, but for example with another end of the story. If you will be in any kind of troubles in a campaign, you may look into the installation directory of Mod and there you may find a very detailed campaign flowchart, which clearly shows the flow of missions. As an additional bonus to the latest edition of Mod, you may also find (in the installation directory) a small ZIP archive, which contains various versions of DVD cover. And what will happens with CSLA Mod in Arma 3? Given the minimal interest/community support for our work, we consider to do a radical solution - we will do all Mods only for our private purposes and our own pleasure - as we are already doing now. But who knows ... maybe something will change in the meantime :) Download links: http://www.moddb.com/mods/csla/downloads/sla-for-arma2combined-operations-ver-226 https://mega.co.nz/#!wJAFgDZI!dHYODMLYdSEI5hBLT0lnx0X2EWh6v5pO11KYgt5D8yA http://uloz.to/xYDDktiQ/csla-a2co-ver226-setup-exe https://webshare.cz/#/group/4jc1rI471j/ https://webshare.cz/#/file/3yr3X63Em6/csla-a2co-ver226-setup-exe https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0ZKyCUTt3QZWEhETkVURXNDdWM/edit
  8. CSLA Mod for A2:CO ver. 2.26 has been released! http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?164081-CSLA-for-A2-CO-(with-campaign-89)&p=2680146#post2680146 Time: T-10 days - in-campaign screenshot (Trojan horse) Time: T-9 days - in-campaign screenshot (High tide) Time: T-8 days - in-campaign screenshot (Northern sector) Time: T-7 days - in-campaign screenshot (Grozovy Pas) Time: T-6 days - in-campaign screenshot (Corridor) Time: T-5 days - in-campaign screenshot (Fox hunting) Time: T-4 days - in-campaign screenshot (Dragon Rising) Time: T-3 days - in-campaign screenshot (Sectors) Time: T-2 days - in-campaign screenshot (Crossroads) Time: T-1 day - in-campaign screenshot (Inglorious Basterds) Time: T-0 days - in-campaign screenshot (Brothers in arms - Flashpoint)
  9. Countdown expired ... impact in time T-?
  10. It's a standard game feature. CSLA Mod doesn't require any version of ACE.
  11. Any additional words/sentences may cause that the pictures will lose the point. ;)
  12. Hi Kommiekat, no, it's not in my plans to update this campaign because the story is situated into the 200?. From my point of view, to create a completely different campaign should be easier than this ;)
  13. Hello folks! Something is coming ... countdown has been launched.
  14. @petr213: Campaign contains 3 different stories. Through which story will player continue is on himself (decisions during executing of assigned tasks, different advances through the missions etc.). Except to these 3 different stories, there is a few "side" missions which are available again according to the actions performed by the player. This means, you are able to play this campaign at least by the 6-times. As soon as the final patch for the campaign and for whole Mod under the A2:CO will be released, we will publish also a detailed "walkthrough" for the campaign. Cheers, EMSI
  15. Release date of first version for A3 isn't still known yet.Our team is too small and our families (and especially small kids) are our priorities. ;)No worry, we will inform the community as soon as any related news will be ready. ---------- Post added at 07:59 ---------- Previous post was at 07:52 ---------- For sure, as A3 is supporting the changes in soldier's gear and clothes, we will probably try to "call back" the gas masks.Usage of bayonet is a question for now.Of course, we were able to add it on the rifle also in A1 or A2 (as there was only in gear waitng for meaningful use), but there is still no functionality for him. So we still have an open "back doors".
  16. Our Mod is always released with missions (SP/MP) - it's standard.