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  1. Nice idea, but without the "Tomcat" it will be a low priority ;)
  2. Sorry dude, you will need to wait a little bit more :D
  3. Thanks for these words Ant the Gord. It is always a pleasure to see someone with such experience and a good memories to our prehistoric Mods. :) And to keep you and the rest of the community updated, here are another screens from our "under the development" Homeland map.
  4. Yes, as mentioned many times in the past, our map is based on a real location in former Czechoslovakia.
  5. Hey folks, here is another update of our progress on the map structures ( houses, villages, city ... ;) ) On the screens below, you can look inside the main army barracks located just near the CSLA air base
  6. Two more in-game videos from testing of our landscape Homeland ;)
  7. Another short video from our last MP test
  8. Hi Donbass, currently there is no exact transport plane in our roadmap, but later on we would like to re-born the L-410 Turbolet plane from OFP modification.
  9. We are going back to the typical Cold War era as was mentioned somewhere in the past (CSLA vs. US), AFMC faction is now „sleeping“. Traditional forces are now our focus and later on, if there will be a free time to play with something unusal, AFMC may be released as some UN forces.
  10. Thanks for your support REFORGER88. We know about this difference between A2 and A3 versions. Decision to keep A3 version also in Arma 3 modification was done once we observed in multiplayer battles that the CSLA APCs BVP-1 and 2 has an advantage once they are unloading its cargo. This cargo is always covered by the opened back doors, while in M113A2 there is no protection and the cargo during unloading is not covered from sides. Therefore, due to MP balance we are using those M113A3 versions with "protective" extended fuel tanks.
  11. Hi all ... M113 APCs are in-game. This means all "older" variants from A2 modification as Service (DTP), classic APC with MG turret, MEDEVAC version abd M163 VAD system. Between these you can find the new model of M113 HQ version with extended chasis and 6 wheels per side. More details and screens will came later on ... as always :)
  12. Short video from last MP test on the south-east area of Homeland
  13. The base has been updated ... few more screens later on
  14. Look at the that Birmingham runway - BHX runway It's not a short strip together as "our" runway. It's only a different angle of view and focus which is causing this unusuall view.
  15. If you think the "wave" on the runway ... it's correct. I mean real ;)
  16. Evening on the base ... on the CSLA airbase
  17. It's too early to confirm which weapon systems for all CSLA planes will be available.
  18. As MiG-29A was a multirole plane, also in A3 will be available in basic 3 configurations + 1 "empty" configuration for dynamic loadout as this feature will came with DLC Jets.
  19. That's fantastic to see here somebody who was a "part" of Cold war era. It's too early to confirm that A3 modification will contain campaign with such content/number of missions/sub-stories/etc. as was for A2
  20. Hey guys ... what to say? :) Just ... the border has raised over the Homeland
  21. Actually the last video-cut from MP testing
  22. kaject, those videos are from our internal MP tesing - it's marked at the begining. They are clearly not assigned as a promo videos to show some awesome super HD gameplay. And this is for sure something different as Jeza is doing.
  23. As souldrinker wrote - it's in-game feature of A3. If I remember, you need to have a map and a GPS in your equipment - then this minimap is available.
  24. After a short break here are some in-game videos from MP testing of Homeland map + CSLA addons. All of the shown addons and portions of map are still in WIP.