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  1. Vanilla ArmA 2 CO - version: 1.62.95248 HDS '13 - Road Furniture Pack (Unreleased)
  2. http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a313/ElliotCarver666/lol-2.jpg >100kb! ...We'll make the ITV news with content like this :31: Great job! 'Go raibh maith agat'
  3. 'FOB дельта' Ace, Arma:CO, Csla, Thirsk
  4. Elliot Carver

    Arma 2 Addon request thread

    'Urination' (to be used with USMC)
  5. Elliot Carver

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    Working tools - to mod within a sensible non-community destroying time frame. Maybe provide them as a dedicated DLC.
  6. Elliot Carver

    Ragdolls = In .... Realistic wounds ???

    Its a tough line to walk, striking a balance between nanny state splerts of tomato sauce and gorecore postal blood baths. For me id like to see the balance met with realism. More emphasis on units dealing with casualties, team mates covering and rescuing team mates, bandaged wounds and different rules of engagement for medics. A key area for me is better damage mapping and damage values. I shouldn't be able to kill someone by shooting their right foot and someone with 5.62 lodged in their left eye shouldn't be smiling and talking to me ...
  7. Elliot Carver

    ArmA 2 Player Occupation

    hugh hefner Architect
  8. Hey well at least my right hand can talk to its left its good to know we'll all get a chance to play this :) thanks
  9. Elliot Carver

    WIP: Stuff you are working on 2!

    Its alright :) Uk mechanics garages, especially the older ones tend to be built like that in rural areas (where i live anyways lol) Ive been using these pics as inspiration for the walls and roof: http://static.howstuffworks.com/gif/build-pole-barns-1.jpg, http://www.haynesmotormuseum.com/commercial-services/images/haynes_049.jpg Hope that makes sense ^^ oh and to quickly point out ... the removed word was not 'black', thank you :)
  10. By denying access to what promised to be a great modification you have effectively closed CWR and by acknowledging what you are doing today as 'right' would give those who sought to destroy this community victory. Choosing who 'can and cant' use something in this community as if it is yours to control is not a direction i wish to see this community, that we all have been building for the past 10 years, be taken. As you can stop me from using your modification, i can stop you from using mine. Sadly i shall uninstall CWR and ban all CWR developers who helped create this mod from using my 'High Definition Scenery' mod (HDS) and all its addons past, present and future. This shall be written into my mods Terms and Conditions and will stand until CWR reverses its decision to 'go underground'. I hope others will consider doing the same for the sake of the community and the future of the game ... Carver :( edit: Read your own front page post: "Cold War Rearmed 2 is a complete community project. There is no "elitism", no limited signup." ... disgusting
  11. Elliot Carver

    WIP: Stuff you are working on 2!

    lo folks Running about in-game you could be forgiven for thinking everyone was <blatant racism removed>, you go into a house and anything not structurally vital appears to have been taken by the 'fleeing refugees' including the kitchen sink. So whilst confined to the laptop, moving house i'm working on a 'proof of concept' mechanics garage building that will be perfectionistically detailed and built inside and out using real life building methods whilst maintaining a playable frame rate. Yes that object in the roof is an immersion water heater complete with pipe work leading to radiators and sinks. At least civilians will no longer be cold! (in game pic, HDS11mod work)
  12. Elliot Carver

    WIP: Stuff you are working on 2!

    Gateway Farmers Barn Seaside Village Some HDS11 WIPs Vanilla ArmA2:CO 1.57.76815
  13. Elliot Carver

    custom object damage

    Thanks dude, ill take a sneaky
  14. Hey folks, Im struggling to get custom object damage models working on a custom island. The damage model works fine when placed in the editor but when added through visitor it just rolls over when destroyed. From what i understand i need to add info to the islands config? Had a good search around for a fix but come up trumps so wondering if someone could point me in the right direction :) cheers
  15. Elliot Carver

    Lads, need a hand with first addy

    I've got it set to "Open Gate" in the string table (see below) and it does appear. Ive just double checked the memory lod and its all there the Door_Achse, Door_Knoph and Door :) LANGUAGE,English STR_HDS_Tur,"Gate (3m) Openable" STR_HDS_Wall,"Gate (3m)" STR_HDS_OpenDoor,"Open Gate" STR_HDS_CloseDoor,"Close Gate"