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  1. Excellent work Rock et al, these are gucci as. BZ fellas.
  2. Eddie T Head

    USS Nimitz (CVN-68)

    You need to use the setpos command to get objects/aircraft/men on the deck. Put this setpos [(getpos this select 0),(getpos this select 1),18]; in the object's init line, and then play around with the positioning.
  3. Eddie T Head

    Prince Harry IS in Afganistan

    He's an officer in The British Army, doing the job he chose to. Selfish and idiotic? I don't think so. And tell the families and oppos of the lads and lasses that have died it was all for no reason, please. As for the 7/7 bombers, they obviously had a closer affiliation with a couple of countries other than Britain, or they'd have no reason to carry out a "reprisal", as you put it.
  4. Eddie T Head

    British kit mod for arma

    Where did the extra seats come from in the Sea Lynx?
  5. Eddie T Head

    British kit mod for arma

    Is the driver of that "432" wearing a Cap-Comforter?
  6. Eddie T Head

    Project: UK Forces

    RKSL are working hard on some brand spanking new Harriers.
  7. Eddie T Head


    A 51 and 82 might be more appropriate.
  8. Eddie T Head


    This stuff isn't Project: UK Forces though dude, only the weapons are from P:UKF (The OFP weapons, ported to ArmA) I'll leave it for one of their members to explain in more detail.
  9. Eddie T Head

    Irish army

    I've still got the IrDF Weapons Pack and modern Troops (albeit in an unfinished state) if you're interested.
  10. Eddie T Head

    World's Smallest Mod (M24 Desert)

    You can find them all in the Biki: See Here
  11. Eddie T Head

    Irish Interim troops

    They're Pilatus PC9's
  12. Eddie T Head

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    RockofSL, very nice looking Jungley Seaking there
  13. Eddie T Head

    Irish Interim troops

    The troops and weapons will be released......... The AFVs and helicopters won't be.
  14. Eddie T Head

    Irish Interim troops

    No mate, he's gone AWOL from our project.
  15. Eddie T Head

    Irish Interim troops

    Sorry fellas, real life took over a bit, just trying to crack a few small problems and then we're done, I hope