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  1. EiZei

    WWII Mods?

    So we can expect to see the alpha release when game 2 comes out?
  2. EiZei

    Patch 1.02 Released for Czech and German ArmA

    ZIP is sooo 90's. Can't wait to try the new heli flight model.
  3. EiZei

    Finnish Defence Forces Mod

    And you know they deliver.
  4. EiZei

    Medieval 2 Total War Demo

    The devs are saying that the patch will be released today (or tomorrow, depending where you live when this post was written ). They claim that among the many things fixed the AI should now practice less "let's stand on the bottom of this valley and let our enemies shoot at us until we run out of men or they run out of arrows" type of tactics. Â
  5. EiZei

    The Middle East part 2

    Quite odd that they would rate Iran's electoral process and pluralism lower than North Korea's though. Either a typo or Iran actually scored that low. Check out of the methodology section for the questions used to formulate the score. Considering that the "total" score, which is calculated as an total average of all the subscores, matches id say it's not a typo. And frankly, any methodology that seems to lead to the conclusion that Iran's pluralism is significantly worse than North Korea's, Belaruse's or Zimbabwe's would seem.. rather erratic. By comparison Pakistan got a 4.33 which almost makes it a "hybrid regime."
  6. EiZei

    AT/ M136 / RPG7

    As far as arma's problems goes having AT4 hardly registers, this at least can be fixed with little effort by the community.
  7. EiZei

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    So you just signed up just to post this? I smell an another conspiracy..
  8. EiZei

    Codemasters still working on OFP2

    You mean the WW2 Online that looks similar gfx wise to OFP? (infact, I'd be tempted to say it looks worse. Sure its got higher res textures, but the models ) And the HL2 mod (Day of Defeat maybe?) which is essentially a corridor shooter? I believe he is referring to this. Personally I think it's just a load of hype.
  9. EiZei

    The Middle East part 2

    Quite odd that they would rate Iran's electoral process and pluralism lower than North Korea's though.
  10. EiZei

    The Middle East part 2

    So.. god's a neocon? We're fucked. But on a more serious note.. something here tells me that all they got was some form letter based on some mailing list and that people running these things would be PR-savvy enough not to knowingly support somebody this openly nutty.
  11. EiZei

    MP Mission name standard

    I really don't see why the old working "co 8 somemission.island.pbo" standard should be replaced. The order is especially important since people usually have their missions sorted alphabetically and type of game and the maximum amount of players are much more relevant than the name of the mission or it's maker, for example. EDIT: Well, seems that lolsav said all this before me already.
  12. EiZei

    The 5-Minute Mission Maker

    The script itself mentions that it hasn't been written nor tested in MP. Knowing how even simple scripts seem to fail to work in MP I don't have much hope for this either.
  13. EiZei

    Combat Mission: Shock Force

    This thing keeps on looking better and better.
  14. EiZei

    Armed Assault FAQ

    its not included jet, but maybe a patch will add it I think that was mentioned when talking about game2, not arma.
  15. EiZei

    Artillery in Arma, how to use?

    Id still hazard a guess that one round should be sufficent to kill a regular-ass BMP though..
  16. EiZei

    Artillery in Arma, how to use?

    Yup, those cannons are pretty much useless as is it would seem. Either im doing something wrong or those things have less AT power than a single RPG round.
  17. If I am not mistaken those bombs wont work without a laser designated target (though im not saying it will work with it ). If this some kind of a scripted event you might want to look into spawning bombs as objects randomly.
  18. I did that all the time with OFP 1.96 w/ FDFMOD and worked every single time in MP.
  19. EiZei

    ArmA Photography

    Not for 3 months at least.
  20. EiZei

    Confirmed release dates and countries.

    I don't know everyone elses feelings on this statement but I take it as a lock that BI intends to have ArmA in the North American market. That should shut up those that are wondering if there will be a North American release. Thanks Placebo Was there supposed to be any real doubt to begin with?
  21. EiZei

    Your ideal PC to play ARMA?

    GFX adapter it would seem so far.
  22. EiZei

    Cheats Allready out for AA

    Doubt ill be seeing them on our private server anytime soon..
  23. EiZei

    When the night falls

    Added a short summary.