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  1. EiZei

    Please bring back....

    So why cant you just simply do an addWeapon? Personally, I would prefer some cheaper civvie/guerrilla weapons and couple of generic insurgents to go with them.
  2. EiZei

    Your ideal PC to play ARMA?

    Nope, that X1300 wont cut it.
  3. EiZei

    Your ideal PC to play ARMA?

    Why would anyone go single core at this time and age, the cat tells me thats not a good idea . Price? And being an dualcore owner myself (4600+), the gaming performance isnt that impressive really with current games.
  4. EiZei

    Your ideal PC to play ARMA?

    If you are going single core go AMD. (and please use model designations instead of gigahertzes, those do not mean that much these days)
  5. EiZei

    Finnish Defence Forces Mod

    I would like to see that ingame  Me too, AFAIK that is the most significant piece of frontline equipment not modelled in the original FDFMOD and has been requested constantly ever since 1.0 came out.
  6. EiZei

    The Iraq thread 4

    Obvious: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/6203727.stm Should come as no surprise considering even TBA have abandoned the "when they stand up, we will stand down"-mantra.
  7. EiZei

    AT/ M136 / RPG7

    I dont it's really fair to complain about some undocumented obscure weapon class that obviously isnt finished.
  8. EiZei

    Demo today....WOOT

    Im sure BIS's future is depending on mastakillah89's camel dogfight server and its 5 regular players..
  9. EiZei

    Peformance on demo compared to full game

    It adds all those fun little blur effects (like when looking through a scope). For many it seems to be quite a FPS hog.
  10. EiZei

    Demo today....WOOT

    Uhh.. WINRAR can open zip files as well? And the .partial there means you probably didnt download it completely or grabbed the wrong file.
  11. EiZei

    Finnish Defence Forces Mod

    Yeah and T-72's. That would be awesome  I thought all T-72s are replaced by Leopard 2A4s? FDF mod 1.4 includes almost all of the most important FDF equipment from 1939 to about 2004, which allows you to create a huge range of scenarios, not just modern and near-future settings. I would be happy if this would be the case for the new FDF mod too. Whaddayamean 1939? Im still waiting for my 1918 civil war units and some cudgel rebellion action.
  12. EiZei

    Demo today....WOOT

    So, compared to OFP ArmA has shrunken testicles, bigger breasts and occasional bouts of roid rage?
  13. EiZei

    Demo today....WOOT

  14. The official campaign has too many "here's a stryker and 8 dumb AI guys for you, now go kill some rusk^H^H^H^Hsahrani commie bastards at points a and b"-type of missions im afraid. EDIT: Appropriately enough, the last line of spoken dialogue in the campaign was.. "Shit."
  15. EiZei

    Medieval 2 Total War Demo

    He has'nt discovered them yet. And yeah, if you have played RTW the interface is almost identical with medieval theme, which is'nt excatly a bad thing.
  16. EiZei

    RIP Turkmenbashi

    So, Pinochet, Uncle Slobo, Stroessner and Turkmenbashi kicked the bucket this year. Castro and Saddam are also reaching their end as well. Not a bad year at all.
  17. EiZei

    should you be able to move and shoot in ARMA?

    Somebody needs a hug.
  18. EiZei

    The Illuminati

    So uhh.. is it the jews or the reptilians?
  19. EiZei

    should you be able to move and shoot in ARMA?

    I think this officially proves that you do not indeed read other people's posts.
  20. EiZei

    should you be able to move and shoot in ARMA?

    You know, adversial games without respawn using things like spotters, fire support, combined arms, mortars or.. god forbid.. teamplay are entirely possible and, in fact, quite challenging. In fact id say even more challenging than this:
  21. EiZei

    WWII Mods

    Ill just hope that FDFMOD manages to get the ww2 stuff on ArmA someday.
  22. EiZei

    should you be able to move and shoot in ARMA?

    In case you didnt notice real warfare has quite a bit of "camping" in it, you might want to try a game that has a little less realistic approach.
  23. EiZei

    Game 2 delayed

    When game 2 will come out the 00's will be retro movement.
  24. EiZei

    Helicopters in AA

    Im lovin' the new flight model, nothing more to add.
  25. EiZei

    Arma online distribution by SPROCKET

    Guess their connection across the pond isn't too great then, I got constant 130KB/s (the maximum for my connection).