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    The Iraq Thread 2

    Vietnam anyone?
  2. EiZei

    British citizen arrested by fbi

    Of course then you would have to figure out the _precise_ schedule of the air force one and get near the airfield. Not too easy nowadays I reckon. Shooting down a regular passenger 747/A380 would be much more realistic. Not exactly a pretty sight when one of these suckers go down in full load, 555 passengers.
  3. EiZei

    Invasion 1944 demo v1.2 + campaign

    Mirrors should be set up BEFORE the release, or at least provide a bittorrent alternative, 30KB/s is kinda slow.
  4. EiZei

    Your iq?

    124 Your Intellectual Type is a Precision Processor. Then again, my native language isn't English so I might have missed a couple of questions.
  5. EiZei

    Fia mod

    Unclearly? Â
  6. EiZei

    Attention addonmakers!

    Wrong thread.
  7. EiZei

    Not another mp5!

    Ill be damned if anyone ever bothers to use this addon in his/hers mission.
  8. EiZei

    Desert caves

    I _could_ provide some advert free webspace just as long those files are not gigantic.
  9. EiZei

    Attention addonmakers!

    Hell, even the behemoth FDFmod didnt come with a installer, why should some <10MB addon? :P
  10. EiZei

    Finnish defence forces mod 1.0 released!

    Jus told me to post this for him so.. Quoted from ofp.info: Download link