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  1. If it will brings to game as much as Resistance did, then it would be worth it (for adequate price of course). Lets wait for cost and what improvements it will have and then decide. Until that this speculations are pointless.

  2. This is propably irrelevant for most of you out there, but Cenega (the publisher of OFp in Middle/Easter Europe [Poland, Czech rep. etc] closely tied to BIS) has been bought by major Russian publisher C1.

    I just imagined what it would be if Flashpoint 2 was released only in Eastern Europe. :evilslavicsmile:

  3. How about :

    Virtual Battlefield Systems: Armed Assault!

    That sounds cool, doesn't, you guys do own the name the VBS name right?

    I agree (but without that corny exclamation mark). wink_o.gif

    Some derivative or subtitle of VBS would be the best. Pinpointing that the game is based on military training simulator would also help a lot in advertisement campaign. xmas_o.gif

  4. Well, the file you need to see is resource.bin (cpp). (look into FDF's one for example).

    I don't know if it is possible to add custom scripts to the command menu commands (action = "[] exec ""blah.sqs""") as in standard dialogs. But propably no, better you ask some dialogs expert.

    P.S. Here is resource UI index which you might find helpful.

    Edit: I've fiddled around a bit with the resource and it seems impossible.

    However, there is a way to replace some command menu orders with those radio-activated (radio Alpha-Juliet) but that'll force you to sacrifice some of radio channels (deleting them from radio menu). Then you can use fake "orders", actually activating radio triggers.

    And it will, of course, not work with unit-specific orders through standard F1-12 selections, but whole squad orders such as formations, might be created.

    Scripted detection of standard actions/commands seems not to be possible...

  5. ... but in sweden there´s something called "växelvis framryckning" and ...

    Bouding Overwatch?

    Though this was suggested a few times among with ability to split your squad into independent fire teams. As far as I can remember some of your ideas about close combat can be also found here.

    Dunno if this belongs to here, but I would like to see to have possibility to make something like AI plug-in addons with configs/scripts which then could be integrated into general AI system allowing community to make their own "set of tactic rules and doctrines" for armies round the world.

    Edit: Ow, I was a bit slow. Now in Barons's remark about British army you can see some example of things I meaned to describe in last paragraph Sorry my silly English. crazy_o.gif

  6. They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. - Benjamin Franklin, 1755

    P.S. This topic is too paranoid even for me. wink_o.gif

  7. That asks for somewhat like 3D preview with visible trigger boundaries (colored tresspassable fences maybe tounge_o.gif). Adjusting exact shape to your needs could be tricky in 2D (e.g. if you need to make trigger area covering specific non-square building).

    That leads me to triggers with specified z-axis interval (for marking second floors, flight levels and so on).

    Maybe there should be a new pinned thread, concerning non-scripting editing suggestions (triggers, WP, markers etc), or should this topic theme fit in "Improved Unit Editor" ?

  8. MCAR's limitations:

    -Kills are not recorded. This is because the player does not kill the unit - the missile does!

    Could this problem be solved by CoC UA method? Dunno how it exactly works, but IIRC the fired ammo is not deleted, but actually setposed to somewhere and then used for final "hit".

    Maybe this would not be possible because of too short lifetime of bullet simulation (Car class cannot use shells, am I right?).

  9. If it hasnt been for money the world would be a much better place. But for all this you need ultimate resourses.

    Terrible enought we all live on a very small planet with almost no resourses (It is better places if we could get there)

    Thats why no idelogy isnt working. Money.

    I'm sorry to disappoint you, world will never be much better place. There is no universal solution.

    Capitalism is no ideology. Yes, it it mostly about money. That's why it works (it is nowhere near the ideal but it works). It wasn't invented, civilisation naturally evolved into it because of human character. And like a human character you can't improve it by some radical changes. It could be made to better through everyday toil but only by small steps.

    Communism also works. It works suprisingly well. But you have to be an ant. wink_o.gif

  10. Solution 1:

    Maybe higher ArmorStructural value could make boat more resistant to bullet hits (while it'll be less resistant to indirect damage from grenades etc)?

    Solution 2:

    Make 2 ship classes, first one with low armor, second, derived from the first would be the actual ship. Make some accuracy trick (accuracy > 4 or acc = 1000 ? dunno) so it'll be recognised by AI as the low-armored one.

    Both examples are only theoretical, I never tried them.

    Xcuze my bad Eghlish.

  11. So killing people and bloody gore with body parts flying is allowed along with nuclear explosions and killing innocent people is permitted...

    But you can't swear.


    "We train young men to drop fire on people but their commanders won't allow the to write 'fuck' on their airplanes because it's obscene."

    Sorry, couldn't resist. tounge_o.gif

    I don't care much about swearing, for me is much more important to hear a lifelike conversation, I played CZ version with a bit scamped Cenega translation so I can't judge the US/EU version, but for me, the soldiers was talking like boyscouts...

    BTW: This one is propably one of the longest unpinned threads here, which makes me no surprise. smile_o.gif

  12. IMHO, the amount of time to implement this, while make it behaving realistically, could be spent for more important things.

    50% of things suggested in this forum would be easy to make, if BIS gives us more in-depth scripting and lots of them are possible to script even in OFp.

    I do think that it is better if BIS concentrates on crucial things and gives us the instruments to make not so important extras such as this.

    Frgive my silly Engrish I may still be drunk a bit.

  13. Prototype,

    I can make the zombies die only with head shots, but that will make the game useless with AI soldiers: they only target the body. End result is lots of AI soldiers being killed!

    Besides, I am making super tough zombies for the addon, with significantly improved "armour" biggrin_o.gif

    If you change the hitpoints, does that mean the soldiers can shoot at the head?

    I do think that selection called "zamerny" defines where AI aims (you can try searching, there is at least one thread about this if i remember). It'll require editing all the models though.

  14. I am wondering what the bloody hell the can with putty was for. I smeared it on my face thinking it was camo... didn't work. Glad it was just putty. Otherwise my face might be melting by now.

    biggrin_o.gifbiggrin_o.gifbiggrin_o.gif, I hope you didn't try to eat it. tounge_o.gif

    BTW: I tried to look for some technicals of PNV and found these pictures of PNV-57 in action:

    Two trees


    Three trees


    The guy from this page also used these goggles with a flashlight using infrared filter and he says it is really an adventure, cause you have about 30° FOV, seeing to about 30-40m (Maybe the silly putty is for the bulges you'll get from bumping the trees).

    BTW: How much did you paid for them?

  15. The solution...

    Duh, I have to say that it looks like archaic Czech from fifties - at least archaic for me tounge_o.gif, for example I saw the word "automobilni" for first time in my life. biggrin_o.gif

    And my English is not much good, I used dictionary quite a lot, so there might be some mistakes (at least finding appropriate english word was a little horror for me)

    the title: Content list PNV-57

    first line: No. - Name - Pieces

    1. Automobile infrared scope PNV-57 with HV (VN=Vysoke Napeti=High Voltage) power supply on hood ("hood" in the meaning of cap - that things what tank crews wear on their heads).

    2. Ifrared filter in rubber socket

    3. Filter socket corresponding to std. no. 4-...

    4. Connecting cable corresponding to std. no. 3-

    5. Equipment notepad (propably, pristroj means equipment but zaznamnik could mean either the notepad thingy or recorder but I don't think it is the latter)

    6. Dust-cloth A5 size

    7. Screwdriver 2.5mm

    8. Screwdriver corresponding to std. no. 4-...

    9. Kenotron CBK-1 (WTF is it? - propably this)

    10. Spanner corresponding to std. no. 4-...

    11. Spring corresponding to std. no. 4-...

    12. Bolster corresponding to std. no. 4-... (boring, isn't it?)

    13. Can with putty

    14. Lens cap

    I hope it helped you a bit but I don't have the slightest clue what could you possibly use it for. crazy_o.gif

    That's about that.