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  1. Same thing happend back in the CWC days of OFP where we had the ability to delete objects from the map that wernt placed in the editor (as in already on the island before hand) but BIS removed it because of cheaters taking advantage of it in MP or somthing.

    The problem was, that if you had deleted the object, it stayed deleted after you had loaded another mission on the same isle (as the island is loaded only for first time).

    I would quite like to have the option to delete map objects back (some engine flag should be set that the static object were edited, so the island would be loaded again).

    names for Waypoints and triggers so they can be moved. That would be very useful. AND the ability to create waypoints.

    I do think dynamic waypoints/markers/triggers are in VBS, so we'll hopefully get it.

    The other things I would like to see the most are in-mission-pbo-embeded addons (useful for simple disposable addons, like faces etc), better AI script manipulation, Get/Set pitch and addon config limitations removed: multiple gunners, characteristics of ammo specified not only by magazine but also by weapon (like AK mags in RPK, also with model changes for different warheads for RPGs and such) etc., you all know what we've been whining about for years. <- this not exactly scripting/editing, but it is close to it.

    Edith: I forgot about extended inventory manipulation commands: like counting and setting ammo in magazines that are in inventory. New dialog options (dialogs without cursor, dialogs that doesn't stop normal player input). New versions of Damage/SetDamage commands, where you can get or set damage on different vehicle parts. Animation related commands to determine if soldier is standing/crouching/lying, hatch control etc. Better string manipulation.

  2. they always do that games companyes make for both console and pc and they exactly the same but the graphics are not as good for console.

    You probably missed my point. OFp Xbox is not the same game as ArmA, it is merely optimized original Flashpoint (with JIP and some other minor improvements). The goal was to adapt original Flashpoint for Xbox and that is what it'll be. No more, no less. Read the announcement.

  3. As Balschoiw said it, the optimalizations for Xbox led BI to create ArmA. So ArmA is bigger, better and uncut Flashpoint for PC. We will have new content, better graphics etc, but even if that was achieved by Xbox optims', it is designed for current PCs with vastly superior performance!

    That means there is no way back, you cannot squeeze ArmA (unless it would have been heavily castrated) into Xbox, it simply overgrew it. Some engine improvements yes, but not the whole game. Case closed.


  4. lookie

    I'd kill for posters like that smile_o.gif .

    Oh, and wearing the poncho at parties would really make me hot with the gir... maybe not...

    a Tshirt would be nice tounge2.gif .maybe even something with emblems (flashpoint logo, czech flag, ranks) you could saw on them smile_o.gif

    Does anyone know if this is still on sale? Either as a whole or individually? It sounds from Placebo that it isn't anymore from BI, but does anyone know if they sold it through anyone else who may still have it?

    Odds are it was a promotional gimmick from BIS's coconspirators at Cenega.

    It was limited edition distributed only in Czech rep. Had been hopelessly sold out before I even got to games store (about week after release). smile_o.gif

  5. That's only because I happened to be looking for Ramstein a couple days ago, and discovered that you won't find it searching for Ramstein, you have to look for Kaiserlautern instead.
    Yeah, I eventually found it through Kaiserslauten.

    I have to confess, I was cheap about the volcanoes. whistle.gif

    OK, find me a... ICBM... muhahaha... (ok, any missile/carrier/silo would suffice - but NO spaceships)

  6. Can't use the software (win98), but on maps.google I got this:


    Compare to CZ map

    Original google satellite map (Couldn't get better zoom, maybe is it possible with GoogleEarth ?)

    Where'd you pull that address from? Everywhere I've looked has an address that doesn't match that one, they all match to this place :


    Medvidek's homepage. I'm pretty sure that your pic shows maybe CZ publisher's (Cenega, former JRC) or offices BI shares with them (or even older BI place).

    Actual developers are in Mnisek pod Brdy.


    ^ effort to infiltrate still continues

  7. @ June 27 2005' date='21:37)']

    just wanna tell ya to be careful and check it yourself

    Quote[/b] ]Virus erkannt: Trj/Downloader.CEE Antivirus-Schutz 06/27/05 21:23:08 Desinfiziert Pfad: ..., steel panthers, main battle tank.exe
    (i renamed the exe myself)


    Tested with NOD32 2.5, latest virus definitions, nothing found. Guess it's false alarm by your antivirus, it's highly improbable that they would release trojan.

  8. I think the sim-community has a bright future compared to a few years ago. Sure its darker now than 8 or 10 years ago, but I think (and hope) we might aswell see those times again as more people grow tired of the mindless games.

    The point as I see it is that 10 years ago, the computer gamers were quite a different community. Nowadays, everyone has a computer, so market strategy is to sell shallow, mass products oriented on mentioned "average Joe".

    It will never change to better, as the gaming industry already grew up to the size of movie or music industry, and like in movie or music we have to pick the few pieces that are worth it. The only difference I see is that with the current state of technology, music or movie can be made alot cheaper than it used to be, so enthusiastic and creative amateurs can do it.

    For simulator games field as for other non-so-profitable genres I see equivalent in strong fanbase, upgrading already existing games with new content. And seeing how wonderful Flashpoint community is, I now surprisingly came to optimistic conclusion too.

    Heil to the Addonmakers, Missoinmakers and Modmakers! notworthy.gif

  9. Hello and welcome to the forum. smile_o.gif

    As you're new here, I have a little advice for you, read please forum rules before you post. Don't take it bad, I mean it as friendly advice and you of course have a legitimate excuse that this is your first contribution, but moderators do bite.

    As I see, you edited your first post (it tells me that you know how to do it), so I do not know why you added 3 more posts, you should add that to the older post. Adding more posts, just few minutes apart, while on one answered, is taken as spam IIRC.

    To your question: Flashpoint's sequel is probably not in the stage where we can talk about concrete weapons. If you want to suggest something like this, then the OFP2 - SUGGESTIONS forum would be more appropriate. Also it would be wise to use forum's Search if there is some "weapons" or "aircraft" thread to which you can post such idea.

    By the way, even contemporary OFp can be edited and scripted to produce wide range of ordonance effects, from simple dumb bombs to tactical nukes (see Chain Of Command's Tomahawk pack for example). xmas_o.gif