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  1. You can't, because that isn't a script, it's a description.ext, and you can't use it for scripting.

    But there is the line:

    playerRespawnScript = "onPlayerRespawn.sqs";

    in main config. Default respawn scripts are in ca.pbo -> data -> scripts.

    Interestingly, there is no one named "onPlayerRespawn.sqs" (just seagull and respawn as other unit).

    I believe, that if you put "onPlayerRespawn.sqs" with code removing the weapons in your mission pbo it will be executed on player respawn (just the same like old OFp's onPlayerKilled works).

  2. Nvidia Forceware 100.59s are out!
    Just out of curiosity, which are these important things new in Vista that justify its hardware demands?

    I'm not trying to be ironic, I've just didn't yet heard of any of these things, except for maybe new UI Aero, which I do not count as "the important stuff".

    What I like about Vista:

    - Slick Interface

    - Fast response

    - Usage of all ur free ram for system cache

    - General User Friendlyness

    - Proper optimized 64-bit implementation (Altough I must admit I do not have use for 64-bit at this time biggrin_o.gif)

    - DirectX 10 (But not really useful atm tounge2.gif)

    - Very Stable (Except when ur full of alpha/beta drivers :P And I must add that XP is very stable aswell with proper drivers and systems wink_o.gif)

    - I'm always interested in new options, buttons, features, monitors etc. etc. I love how the Task Manager is Expanded :

    Well, the stability is probably not a thing demanding powerfull hardware (unless half of the system resources are used for pre-emptive error checking tounge2.gif) and like you said, properly managed XPs are quite stable too.

    I do not see, how proper implementation of 64-bit should increase resource demand too. Still not anything really important from my POV.

    It seems no Vista for me, until I am forced to use 'em.

  3. But about Vista... I am really disappointed that alot of my older machines and laptop will be unable to cope with the requirements BUT the good thing is that XP requirements were mostly bogus whereas the reason Vista is so demanding is in the fact it does A TON more very important stuff. I guess it is on par with Macs now since alot of Macs were really beefy(and expensive) to cope with OSX. It's a double edged sword.

    Just out of curiosity, which are these important things new in Vista that justify its hardware demands?

    I'm not trying to be ironic, I've just didn't yet heard of any of these things, except for maybe new UI Aero, which I do not count as "the important stuff".

  4. what makes you assume sarani troops would be less trained than US troops? i can even say the opposite as sarani troops are in a known environement, while US troops are actually in a foreign place.

    Not to mention that if you play as OPFOR, skillEnemy would probably affect the US and vice versa.

  5. I know BAS had a display in there choppers that viewed the map and your rough position on it.

    Mabey its also posible to make that into ArmA.

    It should be even easier to implement since we have worldName command so addonmakers doesn't have to resort to (in ArmA defunct) object id hack.

    Anyway, you can always use

    in multiplayer .

  6. So what your saying is that if i take a computer with no OS installed and put my Armed Assault disk in that it would run? rofl.gif Every program thats ever been made is made to run on the OS it sits on top of. Last time i checked were taking about Armed Assault and not other programs which use affintiy to asign what goes on each core.

    I was obviously talking about applications under Operating Systems supporting multiprocessing which are for example every Windows since NT 4.0.

    If you think that VISTAâ„¢ will magically make singlethreaded application like Arma use multi cores, then... Go and buy 'em as fast as you can after release. icon_rolleyes.gif

  7. OS doesn't matter in this case.

    The ball is on application's side of court. If it is multithreaded, it can harness more cores, but if it is not, the OS scheduler can't do, like you said, anything than switch cores inefficently (no matter if you got WinXP Home, WinXP Pro, W2K, Linux, anything...). No hyped VISTA can save you if the app cannot distribute its load to more threads. So it is only ArmA's matter, not WinXP's. There are tons of multithreaded programs that can use dualcore nowadays.

  8. When I input my score to ArmaMark pages I get "No clearance" instead of my name, therefore I can't seem to upload pic with my results too.

    I also don't get why you can select your viewdistance. I do believe that ArmaMarks sets its own viewdistance for each benchmark, so its quite useless.

    Nice page though.

    On normal:


    On my playing settings:


    C2D @ 2666

    2048 MB RAM

    Ati 1900xt 256

  9. I bet those who have their copies of Armed Assault are pretty busy playing than posting here on the forums biggrin_o.gif

    Have read only of one guy who got it (except for reviewers). He was indeed busy - spent the day by reinstalling over and over again unsuccesfully. Also, his system has been turned to unusable by the powers we are not allowed to discuss here.

    Seems like something brown and fan are involved.

  10. I really don't think after 5 years of development we should be getting an OFP with new graphics and some basic optimisations.

    Just to note, ArmA developement time has not been 5 years. I believe 2 is more accurate number, maybe even less.

  11. "Bohužel co se hraní týče, byl jsem nucen snížit detaily na minimum a rozliÅ¡ení na 800x600, abych se dostal alespoň na 25 snímkům za vteřinu (na té samé sestavě - Athlon X2 4400+, GeForce 6800GT 256 a 1 GB RAM - běželo třeba takové Just Cause bez problémůwink_o.gif."

    I'm german, and not able to translate passages by myself. It seems that they used the system above ( Athlon X2 4400+ Gf... and so on). And I think the lines before mean that they played with minimum details and a resolution of 800x600, what would explain the low quality of the Screens.

    The important thing to note is that the preview + pics are based on the old GC build.

  12. i cant typé pRopéR1y éách tíMé í pRéss á kéy it Dóés sóMéthíng StúpíD, whén i pRéss L it LógsóFF, whén i pRéss é it goés to "My cóMpútér" étc étc í hávé to c+p woRDs to typé this, pLz héLp, iM nót jóking ppL sad_o.gif

    edit: restarted pc, alls fine now smile_o.gif

    Well, when read in Czech aloud, this is really hilarious. rofl.gif

    You got English KeyBorat, right? MAybe it swaps to something else?

  13. Can someone just translate the damn text? mad_o.gif

    I'm sorry, I tried. sad_o.gif

    Nice. xmas_o.gif

    Mine try:

    Quote[/b] ]

    5: Carlos, I don't think that the lady was here to haze the RACS rednecks. In any case, she is here again. Saw her yesterday in Ortego.

    4: Wasn't that Gordon from the second platoon whom she questioned, incidentally?

    7: Yeah, it was him. To hell with him and his second platoon. They are now sitting on their butts in California hitting the chicks boasting on how they're war heroes.

    They're probably talking about the TV reporter? (coz as we know, campaign cutscenes will be made like a TV news)

    okay, blackdogs is more accurate nener.gif

  14. If languages are still handled like they were in OFP, then converting a version with German text/subtitles/labels to English is as easy as having a bilingual person edit the stringtable.

    Do not forget the briefings. If they are handled as in Ofp you also need to unPbo campaign/single missions and add a generic birefing.html for every mission translated to English. If you want to distribute the translation then, you gonna need some .bat that unpacks and repacks them.

    Not to mention the worst case scenario, that the German .exe build may not allow other than "Language=German" in cfg file (so you'll have to actually rewrite German text to English) which will later fuck up multilingual missions that will show to you in German.

  15. There's been a new preview from Invex (in Czech).


    Apart from the old news, they dissect the shadows system: different shadow techniques for trees, moving objects and such and ambient shadows that can be dynamically affected by, for example... The flashlight! Also there gonna be a knife ingame. Acording to them, Invex version was quite unstable. That's about all.

    (it seems to me, that we who are going to get it in November will be in similar situation like when OFp 1.00 was released and we were "gammatesting" it for US 1.20 release icon_rolleyes.gif )

  16. If someone really wants to risk it and order from some Czech on-line store (remember, you'll get version with Czech text! ), here are listed some.

    I haven't checked if they send abroad (afaik vltava.cz offers it by snailmail and patro.cz by snailmail & DHL), but you may try to ask them by e-mail:


    e-mail: direct@jrc.cz Other contacts


    objednavky@patro.cz or any of the first seven e-mails (lets hope they'll forward it to someone who speaks English tounge2.gif).



    These are the biggest Czech on-line stores (and none of them, sad fuckers has a word of English on their websites).

    The price in Czech Republic is about 900-1000 Kc and 1600-1700 Kc for Collector's Edition; which is about 30-35 € and 55-60 € for CE respectively. With added delivery price it'll cost you 50-100% more (for the normal edition).

    But here I warn you again, except for English audio you gonna get version with everything (stringtable, briefings manual, installation etc.) in Czech! So don't send me whining PMs for translated stringtable. icon_rolleyes.gif

  17. Placebo: will the previously mentioned CZ/DE/PL/RU/SK boxes have english speech in Campaign/Commands or will speech be localized, too? Thanks in advance.

    Dunno about the other countries, but CZ version will have english audio with Czech subtitles (still this doesn't tell if there will be option of selecting english text - probably not).