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    Operation L****k removed

    Oh my...
  2. Eda Mrcoch

    911 road to tyranny

    They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. - Benjamin Franklin, 1755 P.S. This topic is too paranoid even for me.
  3. Eda Mrcoch

    Trigger options

    That asks for somewhat like 3D preview with visible trigger boundaries (colored tresspassable fences maybe ). Adjusting exact shape to your needs could be tricky in 2D (e.g. if you need to make trigger area covering specific non-square building). That leads me to triggers with specified z-axis interval (for marking second floors, flight levels and so on). Maybe there should be a new pinned thread, concerning non-scripting editing suggestions (triggers, WP, markers etc), or should this topic theme fit in "Improved Unit Editor" ?
  4. Eda Mrcoch

    Project mcar public beta release

    Could this problem be solved by CoC UA method? Dunno how it exactly works, but IIRC the fired ammo is not deleted, but actually setposed to somewhere and then used for final "hit". Maybe this would not be possible because of too short lifetime of bullet simulation (Car class cannot use shells, am I right?).
  5. Eda Mrcoch

    Custom mimics??

    So it is possible to make closed eyes for sleeping anim? Yay!
  6. Eda Mrcoch

    Capitalism and communism

    I'm sorry to disappoint you, world will never be much better place. There is no universal solution. Capitalism is no ideology. Yes, it it mostly about money. That's why it works (it is nowhere near the ideal but it works). It wasn't invented, civilisation naturally evolved into it because of human character. And like a human character you can't improve it by some radical changes. It could be made to better through everyday toil but only by small steps. Communism also works. It works suprisingly well. But you have to be an ant.
  7. Eda Mrcoch

    Ai firing on armored vehicles

    Solution 1: Maybe higher ArmorStructural value could make boat more resistant to bullet hits (while it'll be less resistant to indirect damage from grenades etc)? Solution 2: Make 2 ship classes, first one with low armor, second, derived from the first would be the actual ship. Make some accuracy trick (accuracy > 4 or acc = 1000 ? dunno) so it'll be recognised by AI as the low-armored one. Both examples are only theoretical, I never tried them. Xcuze my bad Eghlish.
  8. Eda Mrcoch

    Bible code? i'm sorta alarmed

    Scary! My schoolmate, who believed he is reincarnation of Jesus also said it'll happen in 2012, which is really an interesting coincidence (maybe his indulgence in magic mushrooms also played a part in that, but...).
  9. Eda Mrcoch

    Csla 2

    Any chance we will see the promised patch today?
  10. Eda Mrcoch

    Swear words

    "We train young men to drop fire on people but their commanders won't allow the to write 'fuck' on their airplanes because it's obscene." Sorry, couldn't resist. I don't care much about swearing, for me is much more important to hear a lifelike conversation, I played CZ version with a bit scamped Cenega translation so I can't judge the US/EU version, but for me, the soldiers was talking like boyscouts... BTW: This one is propably one of the longest unpinned threads here, which makes me no surprise.
  11. Eda Mrcoch

    Smokes, food, and random conversations

    IMHO, the amount of time to implement this, while make it behaving realistically, could be spent for more important things. 50% of things suggested in this forum would be easy to make, if BIS gives us more in-depth scripting and lots of them are possible to script even in OFp. I do think that it is better if BIS concentrates on crucial things and gives us the instruments to make not so important extras such as this. Frgive my silly Engrish I may still be drunk a bit.
  12. Eda Mrcoch

    Ofp2 lepsim?

    CZ: Volove, piste to do ceskyho fora! EN: Volove, write it to Czech forum!
  13. Eda Mrcoch

    Should i use wav, wss or ogg?

    Is .wss comppressed? For me it looks like a wav with different header.
  14. Eda Mrcoch

    Zombie addon!!

    I do think that selection called "zamerny" defines where AI aims (you can try searching, there is at least one thread about this if i remember). It'll require editing all the models though.
  15. Eda Mrcoch

    Need something translated

    , I hope you didn't try to eat it. BTW: I tried to look for some technicals of PNV and found these pictures of PNV-57 in action: Two trees Three trees The guy from this page also used these goggles with a flashlight using infrared filter and he says it is really an adventure, cause you have about 30° FOV, seeing to about 30-40m (Maybe the silly putty is for the bulges you'll get from bumping the trees). BTW: How much did you paid for them?
  16. Eda Mrcoch

    Need something translated

    The solution... Duh, I have to say that it looks like archaic Czech from fifties - at least archaic for me , for example I saw the word "automobilni" for first time in my life. And my English is not much good, I used dictionary quite a lot, so there might be some mistakes (at least finding appropriate english word was a little horror for me) the title: Content list PNV-57 first line: No. - Name - Pieces 1. Automobile infrared scope PNV-57 with HV (VN=Vysoke Napeti=High Voltage) power supply on hood ("hood" in the meaning of cap - that things what tank crews wear on their heads). 2. Ifrared filter in rubber socket 3. Filter socket corresponding to std. no. 4-... 4. Connecting cable corresponding to std. no. 3- 5. Equipment notepad (propably, pristroj means equipment but zaznamnik could mean either the notepad thingy or recorder but I don't think it is the latter) 6. Dust-cloth A5 size 7. Screwdriver 2.5mm 8. Screwdriver corresponding to std. no. 4-... 9. Kenotron CBK-1 (WTF is it? - propably this) 10. Spanner corresponding to std. no. 4-... 11. Spring corresponding to std. no. 4-... 12. Bolster corresponding to std. no. 4-... (boring, isn't it?) 13. Can with putty 14. Lens cap I hope it helped you a bit but I don't have the slightest clue what could you possibly use it for. That's about that.
  17. Eda Mrcoch

    Best single player missions

    Munch studios' Hawk In Nets & Hawk In Shadows. The later is actually a little old minicampaign. Not many people know them, but if you try them, you'll see what outstanding amount of work was put in them. Hawk in Nets has IMO some of the BEST cutscenes ever.
  18. Eda Mrcoch

    Rag doll effect

    I think this was discussed quite a few times in Game Physics thread. You should realize that ragdoll effects are CPU intensive and if you take scale of OFp into consideration (tens or hundreds of soldiers present on battlefield simultaineously) it would propably lag computer a lot. But if the release date is about 2005, who knows what will be possible.
  19. Eda Mrcoch

    Coc unified artillery 1.0 released

    Great job CoC! Maybe too much realistic and professional for us military-dumb people. I have one question though. You stated that addonmakers can add new UA compilant artillery pieces and it does not require to modify original .pbo. So why did you made UA with all the vehicles in one big pbo instead of making core engine and vehicles separate? If I understand correctly, it means that if someone would like to use some other UA compatible artillery he has to d/l 11MB .pbo (not mentioning the documentation) with addons that he doesn't want. Is there any chance to make something like "CoC UA lite"? I mean only the engine without additional models. (Please excuse my poor parody of English.)
  20. Eda Mrcoch

    Csla 2 news

    Any chance of CSLA2 being JAM-compatible?
  21. Eda Mrcoch

    Realistic military callsigns

    What about using empty string for one of them in description.ext & adding a desired name manually to each transmission? LOL
  22. Eda Mrcoch

    Running and shooting at the same time.

    AFAIK only o_wp.pbo addon has different checksum for Polish/Czech version because BIS put different stringtable in it. All other data files should be the same.
  23. Eda Mrcoch

    Cant patch to 1.92 heeeeelp plz

    The 1.92Beta adds only a "FLASHPOINT192BETA.EXE" file to your folder, am I right? So it'll be not so hard to get this file from somebody...
  24. Eda Mrcoch

    Woodland hummers

    I have read the comments at .info and i am sick of them. Just because some envious asshole said Marfy won't release his work, people started bitching at him. Marfy never stated that he'll not release his addons, in fact he has stated many times on different CZ forums that he WILL. Would you people bother to ask him before spreading bullshit like this? I've read many of his statements about why his work takes so much time to complete. It i becasue he want it best quality. And i mean BEST! He put a lot of work to search for historical facts to ensure his addons will be true representation of reality. After MAAC stopped to cooperate with him, he alo has to do all the work including coding himself. And is a working person, doing it in his spare time. It's sad when I see what amount of hate and cruelty are people able to put in their comments because someone said "Hey, did you KNEW that this arrogant **** won't release it? Lets flame him!". It goes up to comments practically saying that it is GOOD to steal his work. I've never expected something like this mass psychosis can happen in what I thought was a mature and supporting community. Read comments at .info and you'll know what I mean. Please excuse my poor English.
  25. Eda Mrcoch

    Ai thread

    I don't think it is caused by effectiveness of unit, rather I think AI simply targets the unit which shot first (which is player in 95% cases). Try let the shooting to AI and you'll be propably targeted last.