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  1. Can't find a link. Forget it, I thought you did mean that there is a VBS2 video.
  2. Eda Mrcoch

    Operation Flashpoint: secrets and oddities

    Kolgujev is based on Tenerife, so it has to be of volcanic origin.
  3. Eda Mrcoch

    Vote for jumping?

    Well, the option would be "Yes, but make it realistic", but I don't see how this would be possible. The movement in computer games is quite a tricky problem (you can for example - maybe in all FPS games - run backwards from stairs without falling) and it is one of the aspects which I consider most unrealistic. That will probably never change till we ascend to virtual reality.
  4. Eda Mrcoch

    How shall we celebrate Arma release?

    Five years? How do you know that it is so soo... OK OK, I'm shutting up. Ok guys, I'm going to drink a beachhead for you, starting right away.
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    I somewhere saw OFP:E player numbers according to bandwidth, maybe we can roughly approximate numbers for PC for new netcode? -ArmA would probably be more demanding -Bigger missions with scripting +We can set dedicated server
  6. Eda Mrcoch

    Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning

    I was a bit sceptical at first, but this is GREAT! It only pisses me that I can't understand Finnish and I'm not quite acquainted with ST/B5 universe so probably I missed a lot of jokes.
  7. Eda Mrcoch


    The interesting thing about Chernobyl is, that the ecosystem there is quite healty and shows in fact more biodiversity than before the catastophe. Mutated organisms that have trouble to reproduce and seems to be pushed out by healthy (yet radioactive) population. Guess mainly everyday human presence has the biggest negative impact on nature. For example long-time used military training grounds have even higher count of endangered species than nature reservations in same region (the research took place in Grafenwoehr and Hohenfels in Bavaria).
  8. Eda Mrcoch

    Gameplay Improvements

    The latest xbox interview indicates that there will be leaning in the OFP:E He's talking about AI. Mirrors would be nice for vehicles, so we can do better in 1st person. If it is possible to make reflective water in DXDLL, could it be relatively easy to make engine support mirrors ? (I DO know shit about DirectX so correct me if I'm wrong) Edit; I'm not asking for features, just thinking loud, it would be nice surprise for ArmA.
  9. Eda Mrcoch

    Urban Dead

    This game is scary. The other players comments like "don't go outside there are about 15 of them" even make it up. Me like. I'm definitely thinking about creating MMO Zombie mission for (JIP supporting) ArmA .
  10. Eda Mrcoch

    Dolby Digital and Sound channels for ArmA

    Seems there is reworked sound engine in OFp Elite according to this interview, so ArmA's sound system will probably be changed too.
  11. Eda Mrcoch

    Urban Dead

    My fat and cowardly fireman (just to break the stereotypes) Ferneto Mrcoch, is now hiding in Scorse Cinema of Peppardville (78,43) after yesterday's arrival to Molton sobbing uncontrollably. The order to depart to Molton came two days after he was caught with fire marshal's wife ...eh... playing billiard. He first encoutered a man who he asked where the nearest bar is. The guy seemed to be more interested to his tiny portion of brain matter which resulted in unfortunate axe incident (after some slashes zombie ran away scared and so did him). In brief search of police dept he found a pistol with one bullet, still wondering how to use it (also two shotgun shells whose he tried to eat). Then he ended with some three people in barricaded cinema. He is now out of action points and with hurling stomach full of stale popcorn he ate beforehand... Crying. "Why did they do this to me, I was always more of an office guy... I'm not a f***ing action hero... Mommy!" If you have plan forming a Flashpointers alliace please let him know to save his sorry fat ass. You know, firefighter (okay, more like this one) is always useful. P.S. So you're all around Blythville, right?
  12. Eda Mrcoch

    New Screenshots

    Wow, good idea. I think you could be right with that So perhaps ArmA is about a Middle-east conflict I doubt it. It goes with BI naming policy, the've always used biblical codenames for islands: Malden - Abel Everon - Eden Kolguyev - Cain Nogova - Noe (Noah in Czech) The island might indeed be inspired by Middle East, but the name Sarah is probably not the clue for this speculation.
  13. Eda Mrcoch

    Internet Tracking

    Google is quite good for that. IMO you have search the name with combination of information you know about the person. For example: I tried to search "the architect" with "flashpoint" (you're posting on Flashpoint board so I expect you play it). I found probably yours post here. From that I discovered that your name or nick is Bob (preferably nick, because you have your real name in these forum profile set as Chris), and that you're connected to Net with ADSL, your OS and so on. I then searched again for "bob" and "the architect" and "flashpoint" and I found out your homepage (you should inculde it in your profile here IMO ), where I found your location in forum profile. So I know your birthdate, some names (Chris, Bob), location (Norwich in England) and some other minor info. I could probably dig some more things if I wasn't lazy. BTW: Is there any chance that your lastname begins with "W" ? I admit it is silly amateurish stuff I did (never tried something like that before), but from the start position that is that I know your nick and that you play Flashpoint (and that I'm drunk as hell) it is not so bad. Everyone leaves traces on the internet. Google is IMO good start. The problem is you'll find mostly internet related info. If you ask for "Sam Fisher stuff" then can't help you. Edit: LOL EiZei, you got me
  14. Eda Mrcoch

    In The Balance

    ...and then 28 days later... Oh fuck, FDF airforce saved you. Ok, it IS interesting, but when reality comes knocking on your door the shit is quite different. Let me be sceptical: we're always prepared for yesteryear problems. The funny/sad thing is that no catastrophe is repeatable.
  15. Eda Mrcoch

    ArmA Tools

    Do Panzers Dream of Armored Sheep?
  16. Eda Mrcoch

    Guess the name of the game

    I actually got that through googling the quote, but that's cheating so I didn't respond. Just out of curiosity from what version of Netware is the game? I remember we abused our school Netware network with NetWars (curse my alliteration philia again), but there was nohing called Snipes.
  17. Eda Mrcoch

    wind and other environmental things affecting play

    Well, in case of multiplay I am all way for it. Why? Because everykiddo wants to be sniper. If you include ballistics affected by wind, sniping would be left to professionals. Same opinion about increased realism in regard to vehicle simulation. Powerful weaponry should be more difficult to handle.
  18. Eda Mrcoch

    Enemy In Sight - the next OFP "clone" ?

    I know how you feel. After those years OFp became my matter of heart too. But we have to be rational and don't let be overcome by this feeling, that would made us blind fanboys. I saw quite a lot of angry CZ fans commentaries on Tiscali forums "How do they dare to copy Flashpoint?" succeded later by scared prayerlike ones "It cannnot be, BIS game will be better! That is a fact!". It is a piece of software, not your old pal. If EiS is better than ArmA, then lets move to EiS.
  19. Eda Mrcoch

    Enemy In Sight - the next OFP "clone" ?

    Summary of the article (in bad English, I am too tired to watch my grammar). Seems interesting - something between ArmA and NextGG (lead designer compares it to Battlefield because of aspiration to realistically simulate larger scale, combined arms battles in contrast of small, guerilla like Flashpoint battles - I personaly never played BF, but I thought it is more limited than OFp, can someone clarify it for me?) It is not NOT dynamic (campaign with 30 missions or so, but with non-linearity). Three 100 square km maps (UK: Plymouth, Germany: Baden-Baden, Czech rep: White Carpathia) with real environment - they say they've used geographical data, satellite maps and even photographed the places. On the edges of the game area the map would probably be mirrored with modified texture and vegetation, so no boundaries. Featuring civilans, animal life (well, at least they mention dogs), all buildings enterable, items in interior interactive (thats no aliteration, just my poor english). Three difficulties, each affects players vulnerability to bullets and max carried weapons (4->2). Commanding your teammates should be in BiA style. AI is not completed, so no info. Vehicles should be realistically modeled. They announce that they've done research with specialists from NATO and other military experts about military equip available in 2006 (game should be set in 2006). Seems like standard developer propaganda. The reality should be subservient to gameplay. Previewer says that the engine even in tihs stage is quite sophisticated: vegetation affected by wind, deformable terrain, destructable objects, 5km view distance, day/night cycle, weather simulation, realtime lighting and shadows effects. It is said it is not hardware hungry even if it is not optimised yet. Sound/music - not completed (soundtrack should be made by BAFTA winners Digital Reality). Multiplayer is in works, they plan 128 simlutaneous players. MP variants are CTF, TDM and some non standard ones (too lazy to translate description), also 8 player coop. Game should feature simple and powerful campaign editor - nothing more about editing/mods in this article. The game is also in pre-alpha like NextGG. Release date - March 2006 IMO it may be ArmA killer if they introduce same level modability and mission editing. Graphics and dynamic terrain seems to be quite a advantage to ArmA. There is also an older interview from April, which has some interesting info in it (vehicles, physics, modability etc) and one more on Doupe magazine.
  20. Eda Mrcoch

    New preview

    It is merely creatively translated PC Gamer article compiled with older info. I found only two minor infos in it I was not aware of: Flashpoint Xbox will be released by CM and "Game2" will be available on DVD only.
  21. Eda Mrcoch

    Hacking And Taping ?

    This sould be scripted. Not a case for BIS IMO. But radio/radar intercept/jamming would be nice. As the sequel is set in 2010, there should probably be some electronic warfare thingies.
  22. Eda Mrcoch

    new scripting abilitys?

    The problem was, that if you had deleted the object, it stayed deleted after you had loaded another mission on the same isle (as the island is loaded only for first time). I would quite like to have the option to delete map objects back (some engine flag should be set that the static object were edited, so the island would be loaded again). I do think dynamic waypoints/markers/triggers are in VBS, so we'll hopefully get it. The other things I would like to see the most are in-mission-pbo-embeded addons (useful for simple disposable addons, like faces etc), better AI script manipulation, Get/Set pitch and addon config limitations removed: multiple gunners, characteristics of ammo specified not only by magazine but also by weapon (like AK mags in RPK, also with model changes for different warheads for RPGs and such) etc., you all know what we've been whining about for years. <- this not exactly scripting/editing, but it is close to it. Edith: I forgot about extended inventory manipulation commands: like counting and setting ammo in magazines that are in inventory. New dialog options (dialogs without cursor, dialogs that doesn't stop normal player input). New versions of Damage/SetDamage commands, where you can get or set damage on different vehicle parts. Animation related commands to determine if soldier is standing/crouching/lying, hatch control etc. Better string manipulation.
  23. Eda Mrcoch

    Operation Flashpoint Inspired Fan Game

    Yay! I've beat it. Wanna walkthrough?
  24. Eda Mrcoch

    What are you going to do?

    I'll read the manual. Seriously. I know it is perverted, but I like to prolong the torture of not playing it. It gaves me huge adrenaline boost, but it's still safe (as I already have the game waiting for me). Screw bungee-jumping.
  25. Eda Mrcoch

    OFP 2 Merchandising

    Does anyone know if this is still on sale? Either as a whole or individually? It sounds from Placebo that it isn't anymore from BI, but does anyone know if they sold it through anyone else who may still have it? Odds are it was a promotional gimmick from BIS's coconspirators at Cenega. It was limited edition distributed only in Czech rep. Had been hopelessly sold out before I even got to games store (about week after release).