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    Political Change

    Ok, then describe the different modes of production that define those societies. Monkey - monkey see, moneky gets Anarchosyndicalistic monkey - monkey see, monkey gets, other monkeys get pissed that they didn't saw first and they call up a meeting Antiquity - Roman see, Roman gets Feudalism - peasant produces, king gets Capitalism - man produces and sells, other guy buys - as a byproduct Spokesperson gets the internet although he is dying of hunger like other 99,8 % of population Cyborg enslavement - human produces, cyborg gets. BSOD. Chemocracy - You take a pill. There is no pill. Ur-Quan Masters - can't see through slave shied, sorry Cthulhu eats all - self explanatory All as scientific as it can get. (of Atlantis I cannot speak, they're watching)
  2. Eda Mrcoch

    Political Change

    No, it is this way:Monkey->Anarchosyndicalistic monkey commune->Atlantis->Antiquity->Feudalism->Capitalism->Cyborgs enslave humanity->Chemocracy->Ur-Quan Masters->Cthulhu eats all You can optionally skip the cyborgs if we break enuf computers. That is the historical nu-determinism which is The Science! Prove the opposite.
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    FBCB2 Type System Available for ArmA?

    CoC CEX (beta) http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....04;st=0
  4. Eda Mrcoch

    Digital molecular matter

    Just my OT thoughts about the advancements of artificial intelligence. It takes years filled with education and sensory stimulation to nurture just one intelligent human (plus lots of patterns are kind of "preprogrammed" by millions years of evolution) and still your chance to fail is quite high. Therefore I do not believe in creating strong AI in foreseeable future. Computing power itself is not enough. Even if we copy neural pattern from newborn child one-to-one (not discussing the ethical side of that) we gonna end with deprivants. Adding the senses is not enough, the urge to reproduce, hunger, physical abilities, sleep (love?) etc. have to be realistically simulated. And after all that you end with artificial intelligence that has the same characteristics and flaws we do. Well, maybe in 22nd century the need for for AI kindergarten teachers is gonna rise.
  5. Eda Mrcoch

    The sbct weapons squad

    http://wish.htmlplanet.com/images/stryker-co.jpg Yup, we've been trying to determine this a few weeks ago and came to conclusion that it is solved ad hoc depending on the CO. There is actually no free seat for platoon's medic and FO. More here - http://www.strategypage.com/militaryforums/2-13483.aspx
  6. Eda Mrcoch

    Multiplayer AI warping?

    MinErrorToSend parameter in arma.cfg (or whatever it is named)? On LAN where bandwidth is not an issue you should perhaps try to setting it to smaller value than default. more here - http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/basic.cfg
  7. Eda Mrcoch

    Gaming console - recommendations?

    Wow, I thought there is some kind of NDA that you can't say this publicly, but you are maybe even more powerful than I thought... /runs away scared
  8. Eda Mrcoch

    British teacher imprisoned for naming

    The point is that she did not name the bear. The kids did it. How do we (or the court) determine that she even knew it? Is there any more info about this? I believe the one who taught the kids religion is to be responsible for that his pupils did something considered blasphemous.
  9. Eda Mrcoch

    VFAI - AI Extension

    I think it would be good idea to check if the soldier is set captive in the main loop. This way, missionmakers can simply disable the vfai for not-to-be-armed civilians or prisoners. In the present state, we have to extract the script and run it for specific units only. And with the weapons list being acquired dynamically through new ArmA config commands it would be perfect. Also, I do not want it run for player controlled AI. I hope that if the addon is only serverside it will run exactly that way as the AIs in player's group are local to his machine. Will test that sometimes this week.
  10. Eda Mrcoch

    Political Change

    My stance as I live in European nanny state is quite the opposite. Guess everyone wants what he doesn't have. What you call equal opportunities in your post is more like "positive rights" i.e. "right to have something someone else pays for". That is quite a different thing than equal opportunity. As for the health care, most of countries have mixed system with government funded basic care and private insurance. Canada is quite an abomination (as is US in the opposite sense). So let me put it blunt. If I refuse to employ someone on the base I am racist/sexist/homophobic/hate blonde people, do I have the right to do it? Can I make a free subjective decision (I am talking about private enterprise, not government funded)? If you're against the private enterprise itself you do not have to answer as it is then pointless. About the gay marriage, it happened in my country and I think it is wholly different and good thing. The difference between this two examples of what may be called discrimination is fundamental. Permitting gay marriage does extend the freedom, forcing someone to employ one he doesn't want constricts it in my opinion. Why would that make them more responsible? Two terms means that they'll make populistic claims and waste money to get re-elected (as seen thousand of times). One term is like the old saying "After us, the flood" (Luis XV.). The number I believe is okay is zero. Hope you do not believe that the retired representatives return to the pre-politics standard of living. Even if they would be forced to have minimum wage while being on the term, there are thousands of opportunities to suck the money from state's tit if you're in the power. That is one thing we can agree upon. However I do count people living from taxpayers money as non-contributors. That makes us both non-democrats (in the sense of universal vote rights). As you probably have figured out I am kinda on the "worse than nazis" side from page 2. The chance of some simple worker being catapulted from worskhop to office is non-existant. It would be the one who got money from the state "for that idea of his" and then used them to get to the power. No, you would be more than that. No risks, all money from the stupid taxpayers but not yours. That is one of the main reasons of why state owned means of productions failed to produce dignified way of living for its citizens - absolutely no responsibility. The state supervising authority (which would be massive) can be easily bribed. There is only one way to ensure that you're responsible for the company and that is that you own it. If the state owns it, it is same as above. I fail to see why would anybody trade if they do not have anything from it. Again I ask, who would determine the prizes (one product/another product ratio)? Market is filled with zillions of variable products now and I do not see major of transactions being bartering product for product. Money is also commodity - that is why I used the soy beans as an example that currency is inevitable. It simplifies things. If I have the peas and car producer do not want them, what shall I do? I need to exchange them for something else and then hope he'll want it. But only thing i can get in my commune for peas are soy beans for example. He do not want soy beans. He wants bananas. So I either travel the world to find some car manufacturer who wants soy beans or peas, or travel the world to find someone who will give me bananas for them etc. Madness. After a short time people will find some other commodity to use as a currency. And voila - your hated money are back. The amount of credits workers earn would be based on what? You're not digging out labour theory of value from its grave, do you? Well, it is not capitalism fault that religion interferences with state. The Soviet bloc was certainly not capitalistic and they had Marxism-Leninism as the state religion for example. The problem is that you're taking US-centric issues and then applying them to the capitalism as the whole even if they are in no relation to it (gay marriage, separation of church and state, racism etc.). We should separate these two things.
  11. Eda Mrcoch

    Political Change

    So let us start from the beginning. 1A) Please explain your definiton of equality. Does that mean just equal rights (voting, speech, etc.), or equal wealth distribution (which I can see being achieved only by taking from one and giving to another). In modern capitalistic democracies the first part is I believe covered fully, the second part to some extent (medicare, education) too. 1B) No discrimination. Quite a vague one too. Does it include only bussiness and employment, so I am effectively forced to make contract with someone I do not want to - reasons (that might be biased or not) aside? That is also kind of like it is now in most states, even though it sometimes leads to absurd endings. Or does this in your definition extend to marriage, taking hitchikers or making cartoons of other social/religious groups for example? OK, I'll read your other posts, which are probably explaining it in detail. I apologize I did not catched much as I was overwhelmed by things Spokesperson wrote. Almost all career politicans started as community representatives. I do not believe term limits from 4) would make much difference. The instant man does have control over other's lives makes him prone to corruption. To the rest I will return as I read your other posts in detail. What does the term community worker exactly mean? I am not able to run as a representative if i am for example pensioneer or rentier (if that is possible in your society) or unemployed (if that is possible in your society - yay for slavery! )? You contradict your own "no discrimination based on class" point. May or have to? How is the exchange on individual level then conducted? 2 485 789 424 soy beans for a car, or 2 soy beans for a car? Who is going to determine? Market (:evil capitalist grin:)? Central Commitee for Determining Values of Things by Comparing Them to Other Things? What if I do not have soy beans, but peas. Can I compare their value to a car by using the soy bean base? Wouldn't that make soy bean a currency? That is how it is in most of capitalistic democracies (not all states using market based economy are democratic of course).
  12. Eda Mrcoch

    Political Change

    We have already determined and shown that the USSR was neither truely "communistic" nor "socialist." Therefore, your experiences in a post-USSR satillite are irrelevant...other than as living proof that the USSR form of government does not work. My post was aimed at Spokesperson who have stated that life in the whatcha-want-to-call-it-istic Soviet bloc was better than in the West. You, in the contrary say, that the theory is right, it was just badly executed. I strongly disagree with that and do think the theory itself is perverse, but at least there is possibility to discuss it with you. I see no point to try to do it with Spokesperson as his opinions do not correlate with reality as I perceive it.
  13. Eda Mrcoch

    Political Change

    I'm an internationalist, and as such it doesn't matter where I'm from. The question you should ask is which class do you belong to? If you say you're from a postcommunistic state and got the internet and play this game then you're likely no good representative of the people that live in your area. You're probably bourgeois and share their values/view on history. So it is really Mars.
  14. Eda Mrcoch

    Political Change

    As a person living in postcommunistic state, surrounded by people who had lived through that shit for most of their lives I do find some of the posts (namely Spokesperson's) utterly Martian. Sorry for being personal, but where are you from?
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    Campaign making question...

  16. Eda Mrcoch

    Campaign making question...

  17. Eda Mrcoch

    SEC Blacklist

  18. Eda Mrcoch

    One tweak that will change alot

    Could someone please put it on bugtracker? I don't have time to properly test and describe it in detail, but I would certainly vote for this.
  19. Eda Mrcoch

    problem with config.cpp

    Maybe <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">modes = {... should be <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">modes[] = {... like in original config?
  20. Eda Mrcoch

    NEW ATI out performs 8800 and is cheeper

    I'd wait for buying a new GPU till the die shrink to 65nm. Current graphic cards trend of high heat power hogs made with 90/80nm technology reminds me of similar situation in processor market which fortunately ended (not a long time ago) and is clearly a way to hell. CPU manufacturers eventually came to reason. Since ATI aims to make RV630/610s on 65nm late this year it seems that graphics card producers are hopefully going the same way.
  21. I got performance decrease about 20% in 1.05 too. Tried to disable one core on my C2D@2800 entirely (in WinXP you can do it by changing the "computer" driver from multiprocessor ACPI to simple ACPI PC) and the performance was almost the same (5% drop compared to dualcore), so dualcore itself simply cannot be a problem. If you try it and then have performance increase then something is wrong with your OS (try this patch for WinXP - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/896256).
  22. Eda Mrcoch

    Where are the girls?

    You speak the truth (Czechoslovakia doesn't exist since 93 ) Out of curiosity, a custom made campaign with children included with strong anti-war theme would be okay with you? (not that I'm planning something like that now)
  23. Eda Mrcoch

    European Politics Thread.

    Errm, the text in italics means what? Is it the conclusion the discourse have to lead to? Then where is the point of arranging a conference?
  24. Eda Mrcoch

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    Used to work in factory where they made these. In QA. I would advise strongly against buying anything form eMachines for anything other than simple office use. Interestingly, last month I talked to my friend who still works there and they've tested model with similar specs (IIRC P4 3 Ghz, 512 RAM shared with graphics card). It had Vista boot time 12 minutes, so they scrapped it. Go figure.
  25. This sets a global variable to signal that a shot has been fired.Then, in the trigger, you test for the presence of the unit, as well as for the status of this variable: * Activation: (select side) / Repeatedly * Condition: this && FIRED * On Activation: FIRED=false; hint "shot fired" Maybe I am missing something here, but doesn't the trigger get activated even in case when anybody (from the selected side) is present at the trigger area and any other unit with the evendhandler (that might be on the other side of island) fires? IMO there should also be condition if the unit that fired is in thislist of the actual trigger.