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  1. Daimaju

    Take On Mars - Soundtrack

    Thanks for making it that easy! All I did after all was pressing a button! :D
  2. Daimaju

    Take On Mars - Soundtrack

    Thank you. I extracted it from the game files via the launcher in the mean time. ;)
  3. Daimaju

    Take On Mars - Soundtrack

    [h=1]403 Forbidden[/h] :(
  4. Daimaju

    Robalo's ACE configs

    Great news, we are looking forward to this! ;)
  5. Tested it on a dedicated server with two shooters. We had no issues except the clear target message was always there after shooting at the target. But clearing it, worked fine. Good to see it working now!
  6. That was fast, thank you! I will report back after testing it with multiple players in MP...
  7. Mmhh, could you guys load the complete code up? I tried the changes without success, script seems broken now... (clearing a target doesnt work)
  8. Daimaju

    Robalo's ACE configs

    Most excellent! Can we already expect a release soon? :D
  9. Daimaju

    Robalo's ACE configs

    @Robalo, thank you for your work! I don´t want to steal your time, but would it be possible to release a "standalone" config for the L115A3? We want to use this baby with ACE - but we dont need/want the whole UKF weapon pack, so... Maybe? :o Have a nice day!
  10. Daimaju

    Flight dynamics (important issues)

    nightsta1ker really seem to know about this stuff, I just hope BIS will listen and fix the issues...
  11. Daimaju

    Task Force 141

    NEWS Hey Guys! We have a new TS3 Server. [FOB WINCHESTER] IP: Additionally, we are working on a small, international Event which could interest you. Details will be posted later this week! Respectfully, Commander, TF141
  12. Sorry, I wasn´t aware of that...
  13. Wow, long time no update. Any news? Progress?
  14. TASK FORCE 141 „EYES on TARGET“ Hello Community! The TF141 is a german mil-sim clan (simulating the ) and searching for new operators. If you speak german and are interested in SF operations like reconnaissance, targeting, hostage rescue, sabotage or hunting high value targets, you might want to check us out. In the past we participated in the GWAC (German War Ace Campaign), and have been very successful by providing target information/reconnaissance and lasing targets for air strikes, calling in artillery strikes or immobilizing the enemy with long range sniper fire. (GWAC clip: )What do we offer? A Bunch of, mostly, nice people ;-) A Gameserver (Task Force 141 by serverline.de) NO need to pay for the server or homepage Tactical gameplay Coop and PvP Operations Gamemaster guided trainings and exercises (Virtual Training Space) What do we want? We are searching for the quiet professional who is motivated and interested in teamplay. It does not matter if you are new to ArmA/Mil-Sim or a veteran, just if you fit into our ranks and if you have fun with us. Personal requirements: Must be 18 or older Speak German fluently Technical requirements: Armed Assault 2 & Operation Arrowhead Headset Team Speak 3 E-Mail Account ICQ (optional) So, if you want to check us out, just contact us! ;) Sunshine (CO) E-Mail: Taskforce141@freenet.de ICQ: 138217812 www.tf141.de
  15. But for what? A rangecard tels you 500m= X.X Moa/mil In the crappy ACE SightAdjustment tool you just have to enter the range. You can make adjustments by moa, but its totally inaccurate. I think somebody should contact the ACE guys and ask them to change the SightAdjustment thing... at least for sniper rifles.